Graduate Students

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PhD Students

Name, Contact Field Supervisor(s) Research Keywords Research Region Year Entered Program
Nicholas AbramsAbrams, Nicholas
Socio-cultural AnthropologyBianca DahlRace; Citizenship; Witchcraft; Labour activism; Religion; Political anthropologySouth Africa2016
Hadia Akhtar KhanAkhtar Khan, Hadia
Socio-cultural AnthropologyTania LiRemittances; Value; Class; Gender; Economic AnthropologyPakistan2016
Aleksa AlaicaAlaica, Aleksa
Course Instructor
ArchaeologyEdward SwensonZooarchaeology, Human-Animal Interactions, Power and Politics, Isotope Analysis, Pastoralism, TemporalitiesPeru2013
Kristina AldaAlda, Kristina
Socio-cultural AnthropologyJesook Song, Hilary Cunningham (Scharper)Urban Anthropology; Post-socialism; Architecture; Post-industrial Landscapes; MaterialityCzech Republic2011
Laura BeachBeach, Laura
Sociocultural, MedicalKatie Kilroy-Marac, Krista MaxwellSettler-Colonialism; Indigenous Feminisms; Incarceration; Crime and Deviance; Health and Healing; Law and Legal SystemsCanada2015
Jacob BessenBessen, Jacob
Socio-CulturalValentina Napolitano, Andrea MuehlebachMigration, Hospitality, Catholicism, “the Mediterranean,” Abandonment, Kinship and Neoliberalism, Value Accumulation and ExtractionItaly2019
Tessa BonduelleBonduelle, TessaSocio-Cultural AnthropologyAndrea Muehlebach, Monica HellerMigration and Asylum Systems; Social Work; Citizenship; Race and Class; Nationalisms; NeoliberalismFrance2016
Lyota BonyemeBonyeme, Lyota
Social-Cultural AnthropologyJanice BoddyRace & Ethnicity; Diaspora Studies; Migration; Globalisation; Corporeality; Nationalism; Urban Anthro; AestheticsBrazil2015
Wesley BrunsonBrunson, Wesley
Sociocultural AnthropologyNaisargi N. DaveSociality, Spain, Barcelona, Literature, Otherness, Self & the Body, Cities, Memoir, Ethnographic Writing, Creativity, Activist Social Projects, IntimacyCanada, America, Spain2015
Walter CallaghanCallaghan, Walter
Medical AnthropologyKatie Kilroy-MaracPtsd; Mental Health; Gendered Identity; Military Masculinity; Stigma; Moral Injury; Subjective ExperienceCanada2014
Elisabetta CampagnolaCampagnola, Elisabetta
Course Instructor
Socio-cultural anthropologyTodd SandersPolitical anthropology, anthropology of work, transport, ethnography and archival research.Tanzania (mainland), East Africa2014
Kate DecterDecter, Kate
Evolutionary AnthropologyEsteban ParraFirst Nation Health; Aboriginal Health; Human Genetic Variation; Immunogenetics; Metagenomics; Environmental Genomics; First Nation HousingCanada, Indigenous Populations2013
Ferda Nur DemirciDemirci, Ferda NurSocio-cultural AnthropologyAndrea Muehlebach, V. Firat BozcaliIndebtedness; Work and Labor; Development; Political Economy; Capitalism; SubjectivityTurkey2018
Maya El HelouEl Helou, Maya
Social Movements, Queer StudiesAmira Mittermaier, Naisargi N. DaveQueer, Social movements, Feminist, Revolution, Middle EastMiddle East And North Africa2018
Nicholas FeinigFeinig, Nicholas
Socio-Cultural AnthropologySandra Bamford, Shiho SatsukaGender; Economy; Labour; KinshipJapan2013
Erika FinestoneFinestone, Erika
AnthropologySandra Bamford, Bonnie McElhinnyIndigenous Peoples in Canada; Childcare; Customary Care; Urban Indigeneities; Kin Mobility; Child Welfare in the Neoliberal StateCanada2014
Bronwyn FreyFrey, Bronwyn
SocioculturalJoshua Barker, Andrea Muehlebachplatform labour, STS, political economyGermany2016
Takanari FujitaFujita, Takanari
SocioculturalJoshua Barker, Waqas ButtCity; Building(s); Materiality; Architecture; Planning; State; Socialism; More-than-human; Ontological anthropology.Vietnam2018
Connie GagliardiGagliardi, Connie
Socio-CulturalDonna Young, Valentina NapolitanoChristianity and Religious Minorities; Materiality and Visuality; Sainthood and Marianism; Historicity; Affect TheoryIsrael/Palestine2014
Mathew GagneGagne, Mathew
Course Instructor
Socio-CulturalNaisargi N. DaveQueer Anthropology; Science & Technology Studies; New Media & Communications; Postcolonial Cities; Affect Theory; EthicsLebanon2012
Tiziana GalloGallo, Tiziana
ArchaeologyLiye XieLandscape Archaeology; Experimental Arch.; Groundstone Tech.; Lithic Raw Material Sourcing; Petrography; Use-Wear Studies; GISNortheast North America2016
Emily-Camille GilbertGilbert, Emily-CamilleSocio-CulturalHilary Cunningham (Scharper)Medical Anthropology; Urban Anthropology; Poverty and Inequality in Canadian Mixed- Income Communities; Food InsecurityOntario2015
Veronica GrigioGrigio, VeronicaMedical AnthropologyHolly Wardlow, Bianca DahlPublic Health; Interculturalism; Indigeneity; Amazon; HIV/AIDS; Gender; Mental Health; Traditional Medicine; Sovereignty; Science & Tech. Studies; Translation; Post-Colonial Studies; SubjectivityPeruvian Amazon2013
Natalia HandziukHandziuk, Natalia
AnthropologyEdward BanningSubsistence and Exploitation of Foodways; Urbanism; Rural Spaces; Craft Production; Domestic Organization; Regional InteractionJordan, Georgia2016
Miriam Hird-YoungerHird-Younger, Miriam
Course Instructor
Socio-Cultural AnthropologyBianca DahlDevelopment; Participation; Trust; Post-Colonialism; GenderGhana2016
Andrew HolmesHolmes, Andrew
Evolutionary AnthropologyDavid BegunPaleoanthropology; Evolution; Hominoids; Pliopithecoids; Anthropoids; Fossils; PaleontologyEurope2015
Ken HolyokeHolyoke, Ken
Course Instructor
ArchaeologyGary CouplandPrehistoric archaeology, Northeastern North America, Hunter-gatherers, Lithic Quarrying and Sourcing, Human-landscape interactions, Place-making, Wabanaki ethnohistory and ethnographyEastern Canada/Northern New England2017
Courtneay HopperHopper, Courtneay
Course Instructor
Archaeology / Evolutionary AnthropologyGenevieve DewarStable Isotopes; Paleoenvironmental and Dietary Reconstruction; Later Stone Age; Intro. Pastoralism; Migration; Social ChangeSouth Africa2016
Howe Bukowski, Nicholas
Socio-Cultural AnthropologyGirish Daswani, Simon ColemanSoccer, Evangelical Christianity, Pentecostalism, Relationality, Sociality, Movement, Revelation, Atmospheres, Affect, Globalization, English Premier League, Settler-ColonialismBritish Columbia, England, Nigeria2018
Sophia JaworskiJaworski, Sophia
Sociocultural and Medical AnthropologyJesook Song, Katie Kilroy-MaracEveryday Chemicals and Toxins; Environmental Health; Feminist Anthropology; Inhumanisms and New Humanisms; Experimental Methods; Visual Anthropology; CanadaToronto, Canada2015
Gyuzel KamalovaKamalova, Gyuzel
Socio-CulturalCassandra Hartblay, Janelle TaylorDisability; Kazakhstan; Central Asia; Stigma; Institutionalization; Care; Post-SovietKazakhstan, Central Asia2019
Chris KendallKendall, Chris
Evolutionary AnthropologyBence Viola, Michael SchillaciHybridization Genetics; Human Evolution; Primate Evolution; Neanderthals; Ancient DNA2017
Erica KiliusKilius, Erica
Evolutionary AnthropologyDavid SamsonHuman adaptation; evolutionary mismatch; sleep; circadian rhythms; health and disease; circumpolar populationsArctic2018
Keren KlassKlass, Keren
PrimatologyShawn LehmanPrimate Conservation; Behaviour; EcologySouthern Mexico2014
Klara KomzaKomza, Klara
Bipedalism, Biomechanics, Human Evolution, Foot Evolution, Skeletal Variability, Primate MorphologyBence ViolaEvolutionary Anthropology2017
Justin LangilleLangille, Justin
Sociocultural AnthropologyBonnie McElhinny, Andrea MuehlebachWater, Water Security, Stewardship, Activism, Visual Ethnography, PhotographySouthwestern Ontario, Canada2017
Louis-Vincent Laperrière-DésorcyLaperrière-Désorcy, Louis-Vincent
ArchaeologyMax FriesenContact Archaeology; Collaborative Archaeology; Zooarchaeology; Ichthyozooarchaeology; Experimental ArchaeologyNorth-Eastern America, Québec2019
Rachel LevineLevine, Rachel
Course Instructor
Social/Cultural, MedicalHilary Cunningham (Scharper)Human-animal relations; Income inequality, social exclusion, and health; Environmental disaster and dislocation; Dogs.2014
Yang LiuLiu, Yang
Socio-cultural AnthropologyTodd Sanders, Shiho SatsukaAlgorithm; Digital Data; Future; PoliticsNorth America 2019
Yasmine LucasLucas, Yasmine Sociocultural AnthropologyJanice BoddyPersonhood, Kinship, Identity, History, Traces, Affect Theory, NationalismPoland2018
Neda MakiMaki, Neda
Medical AnthropologyTracey GallowayIndigenous health; hospital-based care; health care delivery; addiction and mental health; autism and complex needs; residential schoolsNorthern Canada2019
George MantziosMantzios, George
Social-Cultural AnthropologyNaisargi N. DaveAnthrohistory; infrastructure; defacement; political aesthetics; austerity; historicity; Cold War ruinsGreece2014
Lindi MasurMasur, Lindi
ArchaeologyGary CrawfordFood and Society; Agricultural Production and Consumption; Human-Plant Interactions; PaleoethnobotanyNE North America; Peru2012
Stephanie MayellMayell, Stephanie
Medical AnthropologyKrista Maxwell, Bianca DahlTransnational Labour Migration; Migrant Workers; Kinship; Mental Health & Well-being; Engaged Anthro.; Canadian Agriculture; JamaicaCaribbean, Canada2016
Hannah MayneMayne, Hannah
Socio-CulturalMichael Lambek, Alejandro PazGender; Ritual; The Body; Public Space; Place and TerritoryIsrael/Palestine2014
Leela McKinnonMcKinnon, Leela
Evolutionary AnthropologyDavid SamsonEvolution of Human Sleep; Genetics of SleepPhenotypes; Social Networks; Evolutionary Mismatch; Health Disparities; Urban-rural Gradient and Industrialization; Indigenous CommunitiesEquatorial regions2018
Fernando Mercado-MalabetMercado-Malabet, Fernando
PrimatologyShawn LehmanPrimate Biogeography, Population Ecology, Landscape Genetics, Conservation ScienceMadagascar2017
Kevin NixonNixon, Kevin
Sociocultural AnthropologyNaisargi N. DaveQueer Anthro.; Transgender; Drag Queens/ Kings; Feminist; LGBTQ; Homonationalism; Multiculturalism; Urban; Performance; Critical Race Psy.North America/Canada2009
Sarah O’SullivanO’Sullivan, Sarah
Course Instructor
Socio-Cultural and Medical AnthropologyBianca DahlHIV/AIDS; Post-conflict Reconstruction; Stigma; Development; Vulnerability; Humanitarianism; Political Violence; SubjectivitiesNorthern Uganda2014
Celeste PangPang, Celeste
Socio-cultural and Medical AnthropologyNaisargi N. Dave, Jesook SongSocio-Cultural Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Aging; Disability; Gender; Ethics; Care; Queer AnthropologyCanada2014
Johanna PokornyPokorny, JohannaSocio-Cultural AnthropologySandra BamfordAnthropology Of Science; Science & Technology Studies; Laboratory LifeNorth America2012
Hannah QuinnQuinn, Hannah
Socio-Cultural AnthropologyHolly Wardlow, Cassandra HartblayDisability; Sexuality; Intimacy; Ethics; Consent; Care; Kinship; Crip Theory; Settler-Colonialism; Feminist Theory; MethodologiesCanada2017
Malcolm S. RamsayRamsay, Malcolm S.
Course Instructor
Evolutionary AnthropologyShawn LehmanPrimate Biogeography; Conservation Biology; Landscape GeneticsMadagascar2016
Sarah RanlettRanlett, Sarah
Course Instructor
ArchaeologyMichael ChazanUpper Palaeolithic Symbolism; Technology of Representation; Rare Mineral Raw Material EconomyWestern Europe (France)2010
Shozab RazaRaza, Shozab
Socio-Cultural AnthropologyTania LiPolitical & Economic Anthropology; Anthropology of Development; Social Theory; Agrarian Political Economy; CapitalismPakistan, South Asia2015
Marianna ReisReis, Marianna
Sociocultural AnthropologyAlejandro Paz, Francis CodyPalestinian citizens of Israel; anthropology of citizenship; urban anthropology; infrastructure; mobilities; urban renewal; bureaucracy; identity and belongingIsrael/Palestine2015
Kaleigh ReyesReyes, Kaleigh
Ecology, Diet, Evolution, Functional MorphologyDavid SamsonPrimatology, Animal Behaviour, and Ornithology in terms of Psittacines.Senegal, Uganda, USA, Canada2019
Sardar SaadiSaadi, Sardar
Sociocultural AnthropologyTania Li, Andrea MuehlebachSocial Justice; Kurdish Movement; Welfare State; Urban Anthropology; Autonomy; Municipality PoliticsTurkey, Kurdistan2014
Scheck, Paulina
ArchaeologyMax FriesenArchaeology of the Contemporary World; Arctic Urbanism; Assemblage Theory; Archaeological Theory; CyborgsCentral Canadian Arctic2015
Keegan SeligSelig, Keegan
Evolutionary AnthropologyMary SilcoxEarly Primates; Palaeoanthropology; Dental Morphology & Topography; Micro-CT; EoceneNorth America2017
Victoria SheldonSheldon, Victoria
Course Instructor
Socio-Cultural and Medical AnthropologyMichael Lambek, Francis CodyPersonhood and Subjectivity; Medical Anthropology; Anthropology and Philosophy; Vitality; Care; EcologyKerala, India2012
Eve SmeltzerSmeltzer, Eve
PrimatologyJulie TeichroebBehavioural Ecology; Leadership and Consensus; Group Decision-Making; Conflicts of InterestUganda2016
Ashley SmithSmith, Ashley
Evolutionary AnthropologyTracy RogersOsteology; Skeletal Histology; Trauma; Forensic Anthropology / ArchaeologyNorth America2014
Aakash SolankiSolanki, AakashSocio-CulturalFrancis Cody, Todd SandersSc. & Tech Studies; Anthropologies of Computing; State; Knowledge; Media; Software Studies; Data StudiesIndia, South Asia2017
Samantha SteadStead, Samantha
PrimatologyJulie TeichroebMaternal Physiology; Infant Development; Infant CareUganda2018
Taylor ThorntonThornton, Taylor
ArchaeologyMax FriesenLandscape; Community Archaeology; GIS; Spatial Analysis; Cartography; Remote Sensing & Geophysical ProspectionCanadian Arctic2015
Elliott TilleczekTilleczek, Elliott
Socio-cultural AnthropologyNaisargi N. DaveQueer activism; Queer anthropology; Digital Media; STS; Sensory Ethnography Canada & U.S2018
Janita Van DykVan Dyk, Janita
SocioculturalShiho SatsukaAnthropology of food; Temporality; Alternative food networks; Environment; Ecology and Biodiversity; Climate change; ItalyItaly2017
Devin WardWard, Devin
Evolutionary AnthropologyBence Viola, Mary SilcoxSkeletal Biology; Growth & Development; Bony Labyrinth; Phenotypic Plasticity; Developmental Instability; Lombard Italy; Bioarchaeology; Human OsteologyItaly2016
Sarah WilliamsWilliams, Sarah
Course Instructor
Medical AnthropologyJanice Boddy, Holly WardlowIndigenous Rights; Women’s Rights; Maternal Health; MexicoMexico2014
Joseph WilsonWilson, Joseph
Linguistic and SemioticSandra BamfordCritical Metaphor Analysis;Science Studies; Discourse Analysis; Artificial Intelligence; Institutional EthnographyOntario2019
Jessica WollmannWollmann, Jessica
Evolutionary AnthropologyMichelle Cameron, Bence ViolaBiomechanics, Skeletal biology, Human paleobiology, OsteologyNorth America2019
Emma YasuiYasui, EmmaArchaeologyGary CrawfordLithic Technology; Starch; Use-Wear; Jomon Period; Human-Environment Interactions; HokkaidoJapan2011
Antony ZelenkaZelenka, Antony
Sociocultural anthropologyShiho SatsukaIndigeneity; science studies; sovereignty & development; environmental governance; traditional ecological knowledge; infrastructure; toxicity; sensory studiesQuebec, Japan2018

Masters Students

Name, Contact Field Supervisor(s) Research Keywords Research Region Year Entered Program
Cristina A.R. McCoyA.R. McCoy, Cristina
ArchaeologyEdward BanningCultural Resource Management; Descendant Communities; Political Economics; Ethnography; Settler-Colonialism; Statecraft and Policy; Materiality: Indigenous Rights; Place-Making; Layered OntologiesOntario, Canada2019
Karyn AndersonAnderson, Karyn
Evolutionary AnthropologyJulie TeichroebPrimatology; Sexual Selection; Parental Investment; Natal Attraction; Infant CareUganda2019
Tyla BekeBeke, TylaArchaeologyEdward BanningNear Eastern Arch.; Arch. Method; Stratigraphy; Neolithic Era; Ain GhazalJordan2016
Darci BelmoreBelmore, Darci
Evolutionary and Medical AnthropologyTracey GallowayIndigenous Health; Public Health Policy; Health Services Access; Transportation; Climate ChangeNorthern Canada2019
Tyler CantwellCantwell, Tyler
ArchaeologyGary CrawfordPaleoethnobotany, Archaeobotany, East Asia, Jomon, Satsumon, Hokkaido, Human Environment, ResilienceJapan2019
Carly ChecholikChecholik, Carly
Evolutionary & Medical AnthropologyTracey GallowayFood Security; Double Burden of Malnutrition; Indigenous Health; Public Health Policy; Applied AnthropologyCanada, Northern Ontario2019
Natasha CuneoCuneo, NatashaSociocultural AnthropologyAlejandro PazSocial Media; Internet; Personal Branding; Surveillance Capitalism; Online/Offline Communities; Neoliberal SubjectivitiesNorth America2018
Tristan Frappier-BrintonFrappier-Brinton, Tristan
Evolutionary AnthropologyShawn LehmanLemur Conservation; Ecology; Forest FiresMadagascar2019
James GibbGibb, JamesEvolutionary/Medical AnthropologyBicultural Anthro.; LGBTQ+ Health; Adolescent Growth; Non-Communicable Disease Risk; DOHaDNorth America2016
Anam ZakariaZakaria, Anam
Sociocultural AnthropologyChristopher Krupa, Waqas ButtViolence, conflict, oral histories, inter-generational memory, diaspora relations, master narratives, state violenceSouth Asia2019