Graduate Students

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PhD Students

Name, Contact Field Supervisor(s) Research Keywords Research Region Year Entered Program
Nicholas AbramsAbrams, Nicholas
Socio-cultural AnthropologyBianca Dahl, Christopher KrupaConspiracies, labour activism, race, populism, political anthropologySouth Africa2016
Hadia Akhtar KhanAkhtar Khan, Hadia
Socio-cultural AnthropologyTania LiRemittances; Value; Class; Gender; Economic AnthropologyPakistan2016
Aleksa AlaicaAlaica, Aleksa
Course Instructor
ArchaeologyEdward SwensonZooarchaeology, Human-Animal Interactions, Power and Politics, Isotope Analysis, Pastoralism, TemporalitiesPeru2013
Kristina AldaAlda, Kristina
Socio-cultural AnthropologyJesook Song, Hilary Cunningham (Scharper)Urban Anthropology; Post-socialism; Architecture; Post-industrial Landscapes; MaterialityCzech Republic2011
Laura BeachBeach, Laura
Sociocultural, MedicalKatie Kilroy-Marac, Krista MaxwellSettler-Colonialism; Indigenous Feminisms; Incarceration; Crime and Deviance; Health and Healing; Law and Legal SystemsCanada2015
Jacob BessenBessen, Jacob
Socio-CulturalValentina Napolitano, Andrea MuehlebachMigration, Hospitality, Catholicism, “the Mediterranean,” Abandonment, Kinship and Neoliberalism, Value Accumulation and ExtractionItaly2019
Rachele Andrea BianchiBianchi, Rachele Andrea
ArchaeologyLiye Xie, Heather MillerArchaeometallurgy; Cultural Interaction; Technological Studies; Bronze Metallurgy; Bronze AgeCentral Asia; North and Northwest China2018
Tessa BonduelleBonduelle, TessaSocio-Cultural AnthropologyAndrea Muehlebach, Monica HellerMigration and Asylum Systems; Social Work; Citizenship; Race and Class; Nationalisms; NeoliberalismFrance2016
Lyota BonyemeBonyeme, Lyota
Social-Cultural AnthropologyJanice BoddyRace & Ethnicity; Diaspora Studies; Migration; Globalisation; Corporeality; Nationalism; Urban Anthro; AestheticsBrazil2015
Wesley BrunsonBrunson, Wesley
Sociocultural AnthropologyNaisargi N. DaveSociality, Spain, Barcelona, Literature, Otherness, Self & the Body, Cities, Memoir, Ethnographic Writing, Creativity, Activist Social Projects, IntimacyCanada, America, Spain2015
Walter CallaghanCallaghan, Walter
Medical AnthropologyKatie Kilroy-MaracPtsd; Mental Health; Gendered Identity; Military Masculinity; Stigma; Moral Injury; Subjective ExperienceCanada2014
Elisabetta CampagnolaCampagnola, Elisabetta
Course Instructor
Socio-cultural anthropologyTodd SandersPolitical anthropology, anthropology of work, transport, ethnography and archival research.Tanzania (mainland), East Africa2014
Kate DecterDecter, Kate
Evolutionary AnthropologyEsteban ParraFirst Nation Health; Aboriginal Health; Human Genetic Variation; Immunogenetics; Metagenomics; Environmental Genomics; First Nation HousingCanada, Indigenous Populations2013
Ferda Nur DemirciDemirci, Ferda NurSocio-cultural AnthropologyAndrea Muehlebach, V. Firat BozcaliIndebtedness; Work and Labor; Development; Political Economy; Capitalism; SubjectivityTurkey2018
Maya El HelouEl Helou, Maya
Social Movements, Queer StudiesAmira Mittermaier, Naisargi N. DaveQueer, Social movements, Feminist, Revolution, Middle EastMiddle East And North Africa2018
Diana El RichaniEl Richani, Diana
Socio-Cultural AnthropologyChristopher KrupaPolitical Violence; Political Prisoners; Anti-Coloniality; International Solidarity; Food SystemsLebanon, Syria, Palestine2020
Nicholas FeinigFeinig, Nicholas
Socio-Cultural AnthropologySandra Bamford, Shiho SatsukaGender; Economy; Labour; KinshipJapan2013
Elisabeth FeltaousFeltaous, Elisabeth
Medical AnthropologyKrista Maxwell, Sarah HillewaertIndigenous Health; Addiction; Subjectivity; Inuit; YouthNunavut2016
Noha FikryFikry, Noha
Sociocultural AnthropologyNaisargi N. Dave, Amira MittermaierFood; Human-Animal Relations; Intimacy; EcologiesEgypt2021
Erika FinestoneFinestone, Erika
Socio-Cultural AnthropologySandra Bamford, Bonnie McElhinnykinship/relationality; Indigenous sovereignty; everyday resistance/resurgence; the child welfare system; settler-colonialism; queer theory; critical race theory; decolonial methodsCanada2014
Bronwyn FreyFrey, Bronwyn
SocioculturalJoshua Barker, Andrea Muehlebachplatform labour, STS, political economyGermany2016
Takanari FujitaFujita, Takanari
SocioculturalJoshua Barker, Waqas ButtCity; Building(s); Materiality; Architecture; Planning; State; Socialism; More-than-human; Ontological anthropology.Vietnam2018
Connie GagliardiGagliardi, Connie
Socio-CulturalDonna Young, Valentina NapolitanoChristianity and Religious Minorities; Materiality and Visuality; Sainthood and Marianism; Historicity; Affect TheoryIsrael/Palestine2014
Mathew GagneGagne, Mathew
Course Instructor
Socio-CulturalNaisargi N. DaveQueer Anthropology; Science & Technology Studies; New Media & Communications; Postcolonial Cities; Affect Theory; EthicsLebanon2012
Tiziana GalloGallo, Tiziana
ArchaeologyLiye XieLandscape Archaeology; Experimental Arch.; Groundstone Tech.; Lithic Raw Material Sourcing; Petrography; Use-Wear Studies; GISNortheast North America2016
Emily-Camille GilbertGilbert, Emily-CamilleSocio-CulturalHilary Cunningham (Scharper)Medical Anthropology; Urban Anthropology; Poverty and Inequality in Canadian Mixed- Income Communities; Food InsecurityOntario2015
Veronica GrigioGrigio, VeronicaMedical AnthropologyHolly Wardlow, Bianca DahlPublic Health; Interculturalism; Indigeneity; Amazon; HIV/AIDS; Gender; Mental Health; Traditional Medicine; Sovereignty; Science & Tech. Studies; Translation; Post-Colonial Studies; SubjectivityPeruvian Amazon2013
Natalia HandziukHandziuk, Natalia
AnthropologyEdward BanningSubsistence and Exploitation of Foodways; Urbanism; Rural Spaces; Craft Production; Domestic Organization; Regional InteractionJordan, Georgia2016
Miriam Hird-YoungerHird-Younger, Miriam
Course Instructor
Socio-Cultural AnthropologyBianca DahlDevelopment; Participation; Trust; Post-Colonialism; GenderGhana2016
Andrew HolmesHolmes, Andrew
Evolutionary AnthropologyDavid BegunPaleoanthropology; Evolution; Hominoids; Pliopithecoids; Anthropoids; Fossils; PaleontologyEurope2015
Ken HolyokeHolyoke, Ken
Course Instructor
ArchaeologyGary CouplandPrehistoric archaeology, Northeastern North America, Hunter-gatherers, Lithic Quarrying and Sourcing, Human-landscape interactions, Place-making, Wabanaki ethnohistory and ethnographyEastern Canada/Northern New England2017
Courtneay HopperHopper, Courtneay
Course Instructor
Archaeology / Evolutionary AnthropologyGenevieve DewarStable Isotopes; Paleoenvironmental and Dietary Reconstruction; Later Stone Age; Intro. Pastoralism; Migration; Social ChangeSouth Africa2016
Howe Bukowski, Nicholas
Socio-Cultural AnthropologyGirish Daswani, Simon ColemanSoccer, Evangelical Christianity, Pentecostalism, Relationality, Sociality, Movement, Revelation, Atmospheres, Affect, Globalization, English Premier League, Settler-ColonialismBritish Columbia, England, Nigeria2018
Sophia JaworskiJaworski, Sophia
Sociocultural and Medical AnthropologyJesook Song, Katie Kilroy-MaracEveryday Chemicals and Toxins; Environmental Health; Feminist Anthropology; Inhumanisms and New Humanisms; Experimental Methods; Visual Anthropology; CanadaToronto, Canada2015
Gyuzel KamalovaKamalova, Gyuzel
Socio-CulturalCassandra Hartblay, Janelle TaylorDisability; Kazakhstan; Central Asia; Stigma; Institutionalization; Care; Post-SovietKazakhstan, Central Asia2019
Chris KendallKendall, Chris
Evolutionary AnthropologyBence Viola, Michael SchillaciHybridization Genetics; Human Evolution; Primate Evolution; Neanderthals; Ancient DNA2017
Erica KiliusKilius, Erica
Evolutionary AnthropologyDavid SamsonHuman adaptation; evolutionary mismatch; sleep; circadian rhythms; health and disease; circumpolar populationsArctic2018
Klara KomzaKomza, Klara
Bipedalism, Biomechanics, Human Evolution, Foot Evolution, Skeletal Variability, Primate MorphologyBence ViolaEvolutionary Anthropology2017
Louis-Vincent Laperrière-DésorcyLaperrière-Désorcy, Louis-Vincent
ArchaeologyMax FriesenContact Archaeology; Collaborative Archaeology; Zooarchaeology; Ichthyozooarchaeology; Experimental ArchaeologyNorth-Eastern America, Québec2019
Patrick LeeLee, Patrick
Socio-CulturalShiho Satsuka, Lena MortensenPolitics of Knowledge; Settler-Colonialism; Science Studies; Conservation; Anthropology of Tourism; Human Origins and PalaeoanthropologyEast Africa2018
Rachel LevineLevine, Rachel
Course Instructor
Social/Cultural, MedicalHilary Cunningham (Scharper)Human-Animal Relations; Poverty and Social Welfare Systems; Non-Representational Theory and Methodology; Dogs2014
Yang LiuLiu, Yang
Socio-cultural AnthropologyTodd Sanders, Shiho SatsukaAlgorithm; Digital Data; Future; PoliticsNorth America 2019
Yasmine LucasLucas, Yasmine Sociocultural AnthropologyJanice BoddyPersonhood, Kinship, Identity, History, Traces, Affect Theory, NationalismPoland2018
Abdulla MajeedMajeed, Abdulla
Socio-Cultural AnthropologyAlejandro Paz, V. Firat Bozcalipolitical anthropology; displacement; anthropology of state; exile; time and temporality; hope and nostalgia.Middle East; Iraq; Jordan2018
Neda MakiMaki, Neda
Medical AnthropologyTracey GallowayIndigenous health; hospital-based care; health care delivery; addiction and mental health; autism and complex needs; residential schoolsNorthern Canada2019
George MantziosMantzios, George
Social-Cultural AnthropologyNaisargi N. DaveAnthrohistory, infrastructure, Cold War ruins, political aesthetics, defacement, historical redress, modernityGreece2014
Lindi MasurMasur, Lindi
ArchaeologyGary CrawfordFood and Society; Agricultural Production and Consumption; Human-Plant Interactions; PaleoethnobotanyNE North America; Peru2012
Stephanie MayellMayell, Stephanie
Medical AnthropologyBianca DahlSubjectivity, emotion, slavery, necropolitics, labour migrationCaribbean, Canada2016
Hannah MayneMayne, Hannah
Socio-CulturalMichael Lambek, Alejandro PazGender; Ritual; The Body; Public Space; Place and TerritoryIsrael/Palestine2014
Leela McKinnonMcKinnon, Leela
Evolutionary AnthropologyDavid SamsonEvolution of Human Sleep; Genetics of SleepPhenotypes; Social Networks; Evolutionary Mismatch; Health Disparities; Urban-rural Gradient and Industrialization; Indigenous CommunitiesEquatorial regions2018
Fernando Mercado-MalabetMercado-Malabet, Fernando
PrimatologyShawn LehmanPrimate Biogeography, Population Ecology, Landscape Genetics, Conservation ScienceMadagascar2017
Kevin NixonNixon, Kevin
Sociocultural AnthropologyNaisargi N. DaveQueer Anthro.; Transgender; Drag Queens/ Kings; Feminist; LGBTQ; Homonationalism; Multiculturalism; Urban; Performance; Critical Race Psy.North America/Canada2009
Sarah O’SullivanO’Sullivan, Sarah
Course Instructor
Socio-Cultural and Medical AnthropologyBianca DahlHIV/AIDS; Post-conflict Reconstruction; Stigma; Development; Vulnerability; Humanitarianism; Political Violence; SubjectivitiesNorthern Uganda2014
Celeste PangPang, Celeste
Socio-cultural and Medical AnthropologyNaisargi N. Dave, Jesook SongSocio-Cultural Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Aging; Disability; Gender; Ethics; Care; Queer AnthropologyCanada2014
Johanna PokornyPokorny, JohannaSocio-Cultural AnthropologySandra BamfordAnthropology Of Science; Science & Technology Studies; Laboratory LifeNorth America2012
Hannah QuinnQuinn, Hannah
Socio-Cultural AnthropologyHolly Wardlow, Cassandra HartblayDisability; Sexuality; Intimacy; Ethics; Consent; Care; Kinship; Crip Theory; Settler-Colonialism; Feminist Theory; MethodologiesCanada2017
Malcolm S. RamsayRamsay, Malcolm S.
Course Instructor
Evolutionary AnthropologyShawn LehmanPrimate Biogeography; Conservation Biology; Landscape GeneticsMadagascar2016
Sarah RanlettRanlett, Sarah
Course Instructor
ArchaeologyMichael ChazanUpper Palaeolithic Symbolism; Technology of Representation; Rare Mineral Raw Material EconomyWestern Europe (France)2010
Shozab RazaRaza, Shozab
Socio-Cultural AnthropologyTania LiPolitical & Economic Anthropology; Anthropology of Development; Social Theory; Agrarian Political Economy; CapitalismPakistan, South Asia2015
Marianna ReisReis, Marianna
Sociocultural AnthropologyAlejandro Paz, Francis CodyPalestinian citizens of Israel; anthropology of citizenship; urban anthropology; infrastructure; mobilities; urban renewal; bureaucracy; identity and belongingIsrael/Palestine2015
Kaleigh ReyesReyes, Kaleigh
Ecology, Diet, Evolution, Functional MorphologyDavid SamsonPrimatology, Animal Behaviour, and Ornithology in terms of Psittacines.Senegal, Uganda, USA, Canada2019
Sardar SaadiSaadi, Sardar
Sociocultural AnthropologyTania Li, Andrea MuehlebachSocial Justice; Kurdish Movement; Welfare State; Urban Anthropology; Autonomy; Municipality PoliticsTurkey, Kurdistan2014
Scheck, Paulina
ArchaeologyMax FriesenArchaeology of the Contemporary World; Arctic Urbanism; Assemblage Theory; Archaeological Theory; CyborgsCentral Canadian Arctic2015
Keegan SeligSelig, Keegan
Evolutionary AnthropologyMary SilcoxEarly Primates; Palaeoanthropology; Dental Morphology & Topography; Micro-CT; EoceneNorth America2017
Kyle Shaw-MüllerShaw-Müller, Kyle
ArchaeologyEdward SwensonArchaeology of Everyday Life; Domestic Architecture; Political Landscape; Ancient Urbanism; Quantitative Analysis; Spatial AnalysisPeru, Belize2018
Victoria SheldonSheldon, Victoria
Course Instructor
Socio-Cultural and Medical AnthropologyMichael Lambek, Francis CodyPersonhood and Subjectivity; Medical Anthropology; Anthropology and Philosophy; Vitality; Care; EcologyKerala, India2012
Eve SmeltzerSmeltzer, Eve
PrimatologyJulie TeichroebBehavioural Ecology; Leadership and Consensus; Group Decision-Making; Conflicts of InterestUganda2016
Ashley SmithSmith, Ashley
Evolutionary AnthropologyTracy RogersOsteology; Skeletal Histology; Trauma; Forensic Anthropology / ArchaeologyNorth America2014
Nicholas SmithSmith, Nicholas
SCLChristopher KrupaUrban mobilities, Space and place, Affect, Precariousness, humanitarian logicGreece2018
Aakash SolankiSolanki, AakashSocio-CulturalFrancis Cody, Todd SandersSc. & Tech Studies; Anthropologies of Computing; State; Knowledge; Media; Software Studies; Data StudiesIndia, South Asia2017
Samantha SteadStead, Samantha
PrimatologyJulie TeichroebMaternal Physiology; Infant Development; Infant CareUganda2018
Taylor ThorntonThornton, Taylor
ArchaeologyMax FriesenLandscape; Community Archaeology; GIS; Spatial Analysis; Cartography; Remote Sensing & Geophysical ProspectionCanadian Arctic2015
Elliott TilleczekTilleczek, Elliott
Socio-cultural AnthropologyNaisargi N. DaveQueer activism; Queer anthropology; Digital Media; STS; Sensory Ethnography Canada & U.S2018
Janita Van DykVan Dyk, Janita
SocioculturalShiho SatsukaAnthropology of food; Temporality; Alternative food networks; Environment; Ecology and Biodiversity; Climate change; ItalyItaly2017
Jorge Isaac VargasVargas, Jorge Isaac
Socio-cultural AnthropologyValentina Napolitano, Christopher KrupaAnthropology of the state; Visual anthropology; Violence; Disappearances; Violent deaths; Morgue.Mexico / Latin America2020
Devin WardWard, Devin
Evolutionary AnthropologyBence Viola, Mary SilcoxSkeletal Biology; Growth & Development; Bony Labyrinth; Phenotypic Plasticity; Developmental Instability; Lombard Italy; Bioarchaeology; Human OsteologyItaly2016
Sarah WilliamsWilliams, Sarah
Course Instructor
Medical AnthropologyJanice Boddy, Holly WardlowIndigenous Rights; Women’s Rights; Maternal Health; MexicoMexico2014
Joseph WilsonWilson, Joseph
Linguistic and SemioticSandra BamfordCritical Metaphor Analysis;Science Studies; Discourse Analysis; Artificial Intelligence; Institutional EthnographyOntario2019
Jessica WollmannWollmann, Jessica
Evolutionary AnthropologyMichelle Cameron, Bence ViolaBiomechanics, Skeletal biology, Human paleobiology, OsteologyNorth America2019
Emma YasuiYasui, EmmaArchaeologyGary CrawfordLithic Technology; Starch; Use-Wear; Jomon Period; Human-Environment Interactions; HokkaidoJapan2011
Antony ZelenkaZelenka, Antony
Sociocultural anthropologyShiho SatsukaIndigeneity; science studies; sovereignty & development; environmental governance; traditional ecological knowledge; infrastructure; toxicity; sensory studiesQuebec, Japan2018

Masters Students

Name, Contact Field Supervisor(s) Research Keywords Research Region Year Entered Program
Cristina A.R. McCoyA.R. McCoy, Cristina
ArchaeologyEdward BanningCultural Resource Management; Descendant Communities; Political Economics; Ethnography; Settler-Colonialism; Statecraft and Policy; Materiality: Indigenous Rights; Place-Making; Layered OntologiesOntario, Canada2019
Noor AbbasAbbas, Noor
Evolutionary AnthropologyDavid SamsonEvolution of Sleep, Sleep architecture, REM sleep, Dreams, Social Network AnalysisCanada2020
Fatema AliAli, Fatema
Medical AnthroplogyJanice Boddy, Cassandra Hartblay Chronic Disease; Diabetes; Racism; Women’s Health; Virtual Healthcare; COVID-19 Pandemic; Applied Anthropology; Public Health PolicyToronto2019
Karyn AndersonAnderson, Karyn
Evolutionary AnthropologyJulie TeichroebPrimatology; Sexual Selection; Parental Investment; Natal Attraction; Infant CareUganda2019
Tyla BekeBeke, TylaArchaeologyEdward BanningNear Eastern Arch.; Arch. Method; Stratigraphy; Neolithic Era; Ain GhazalJordan2016
Darci BelmoreBelmore, Darci
Evolutionary and Medical AnthropologyTracey GallowayIndigenous Health; Public Health Policy; Health Services Access; Transportation; Climate ChangeNorthern Canada2019
Tomoya BoehmBoehm, TomoyaSociocultural AnthropologyAndrea MuehlebachOrganizational Hierarchy, Social movements, Protests, Civil Rights, Development, Political EconomyChina2020
Katie BrentBrent, Katie
Evolutionary AnthropologyMichelle CameronBiomechanics; Bioarchaeology; Skeletal Biology; Human Osteology; Medical Imaging Research North America2020
Tyler CantwellCantwell, Tyler
ArchaeologyGary CrawfordPaleoethnobotany, Archaeobotany, East Asia, Jomon, Satsumon, Hokkaido, Human Environment, ResilienceJapan2019
Carly ChecholikChecholik, Carly
Evolutionary & Medical AnthropologyTracey GallowayFood Security; Double Burden of Malnutrition; Indigenous Health; Public Health Policy; Applied AnthropologyCanada, Northern Ontario2019
Tristan Frappier-BrintonFrappier-Brinton, Tristan
Evolutionary AnthropologyShawn LehmanLemur Conservation; Ecology; Forest FiresMadagascar2019
Yousef SafarSafar, Yousef
Medical AnthropologyCassandra HartblayDisability; Public Health; Medicine; Institutionalization Ontario2020