Graduate Faculty

Graduate faculty are appointed at all three campuses, and their campus affiliations are indicated below. Only Core Graduate Faculty can supervise Anthropology Ph.D. students.

Prospective students interested in applying to our Ph.D. or Masters programs are strongly encouraged to directly contact faculty members they are interested in working with prior to beginning the application procedure.

Core Graduate Faculty

Name, Contact Office Research Keywords Research Region
Andrea AllenAllen, Andrea
Assistant Professor, St. George Campus; Anthropology and the Centre for Diaspora & Transnational Studies
JHB, 170 St. George Street, 230Hsocio-cultural anthropology, diaspora and transnationalism, gender and sexuality, race, religion, queer anthropology, violence, subjectivity, and embodimentBrazil, African Diaspora
Sandra BamfordBamford, Sandra
Associate Professor and Chair, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)

*Not currently accepting new graduate student supervisions

(416) 287-7301
MW 386 (Main), AP 209 (St. George)Cultural anthropology, kinship studies, sex and gender, embodiment, the anthropology of science.Papua New Guinea, North America, Europe.
Edward BanningBanning, Edward
Professor, St. George Campus
(416) 978-2315
AP 518B (Main), AP 518 (Lab)Archaeology, Middle Eastern prehistory, Neolithic to Early Bronze, archaeological method and theory, archaeological surveyJordan, Levant
Joshua BarkerBarker, Joshua
Associate Professor, St. George Campus; Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Vice-Provost, Graduate Research and Education
(416) 946-3305
AP 228Socio-Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology; Urban Anthropology; Political Anthropology; Media and Technology: Crime; PolicingIndonesia; Southeast Asia
David BegunBegun, David
Professor, St. George Campus
(416) 978-8850
AP 418, AP 406, AP 414 (Labs)Paleoanthropology, functional anatomy, systematics, comparative primate anatomy, human origins, paleobiogeographyWest Eurasia, Africa
Janice BoddyBoddy, Janice
Professor, Graduate Chair and Chair, St. George Campus; Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC)

*Not currently accepting new graduate student supervisions

(416) 978-1023
AP 232Social cultural anthropology, gender, embodiment, symbolism, religion, medical anthropology, colonialismSudan, Africa, Middle East
V. Firat BozcaliBozcali, V. Firat
Assistant Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)
HSC 394Anthropology of Law, Anthropology of State and Politics, Political Economy, Science and Technology Studies, Borders and Transnational Flows, Legal Evidence and Evidentiary Regimes, Documents and Paperwork, and Infrastructure.Turkey, Iraq, Middle East
Waqas ButtButt, Waqas
Assistant Professor, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)
AP 217Caste, Work and Labor, Waste, Infrastructures, Development, Value, Materiality, Colonial and Post-Colonial CitiesPakistan, South Asia
Michelle CameronCameron, Michelle
Assistant Professor, St. George Campus
AP 528bioarchaeology, human evolution, skeletal biology, adaptation and plasticityAfrica, North America
Michael ChazanChazan, Michael
Professor, St. George Campus
(416) 585-4423 (Main)
(416) 971-1369 (Lab)
AP 500, 232 Northrop Frye Hall (Victoria College), AP 500A (Lab)Paleoarchaeology, lithic analysis, history of archaeologyNear East, France, South Africa
Francis CodyCody, Francis
Associate Professor, 50% UTM Anthropology, 50% Asian Institute (MCIS)
(416) 946-8988 (MCIS)
(905) 569-4295 (UTM)
MCIS 269S (Main), HSC 358Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology, Critical Social Theory, Activism, Media Studies, Postcolonial State, Public Sphere, PoliticsIndia, Tamilnadu
Gary CouplandCoupland, Gary
Professor, St. George Campus

*Not currently accepting new graduate student supervisions

(416) 978-2442
AP 540A (Main), AP 540 (Lab)Archaeology, complex hunter-gatherersWestern North America, North West Coast
Hilary Cunningham (Scharper)Cunningham, Hilary
Associate Professor, St. George Campus

*Not currently accepting new graduate student supervisions

(416) 978-0472
LA 308 (Larkin Building, Trinity College)Anthropology-Beyond-the-Human; Multispecies Ethnography; Critical Animal Studies; Sentient Landscapes; Land Ethics; Anthropology-as-Art
Bianca DahlDahl, Bianca
Assistant Professor, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)
(416) 208-2699
MW 380 (Main), AP 242 (St. George)Medical and sociocultural anthropology; anthropological demography; HIV & AIDS; children; humanitarianism; human rights; kinship; social stigma; affect/emotionBotswana
Marcel DanesiDanesi, Marcel
Professor, St. George Campus

*ON LEAVE July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021*
*Not currently accepting new graduate student supervisions

(416) 585-4412
Birge Carnegie, Room 26 (Victoria College)Linguistic anthropology, semiotics, youth cultureItaly, France, North America
Girish DaswaniDaswani, Girish
Associate Professor, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)

*ON LEAVE July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021*

(416) 208-2892
MW 374 (Main), AP 348 (St. George)Religion, Diaspora and Transnationalism, Morality and Ethics, Activism and CorruptionGhana
Naisargi N. DaveDave, Naisargi N.
Associate Professor, St. George Campus

(416) 978-6050
AP 206Animal studies, extraordinary ethics, affect & the senses, queer & feminist theory, imagination & expression, death & violence, anthropology & philosophy, friendship & intimacies.India
Genevieve DewarDewar, Genevieve
Associate Professor, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)
(416) 985-0366
Bio-archaeology, marginal environments, hunter-gatherers, origins of modern human Southern Africa
Max FriesenFriesen, Max
Professor, St. George Campus; Chair, Arctic Working Group
(416) 978-4505
AP 400A (Main), AP 400 (Lab)Arctic, Archaeology, Zooarchaeology, Ethnohistory, Community Archaeology, Climate ChangeNorth American Arctic
Tracey GallowayGalloway, Tracey
Associate Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)
(905) 828-5469
HSC354 (Main), HSC419 (Lab), AP 334 (St. George)Indigenous health, circumpolar populations, nutrition transition, food security, chronic disease, child growth, public health policyNorthern Canada
Gillian GillisonGillison, Gillian
Associate Professor, St. George Campus
(416) 978-4006 (Main)
TC 36 (Trinity College)Study of myth and ritual in non-literate societies, religion in the history of Anthropological theory, psychoanalysisOceania
Cassandra HartblayHartblay, Cassandra
Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Centre for Health and Society, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)
Medical and sociocultural anthropology, Disability, Russia and postsocialism, performance ethnography, design, moral life, social difference
Sarah HillewaertHillewaert, Sarah
Associate Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)
HSC 362 (Main), AP 334 (St. George)linguistic responses to globalization and urbanization, language and youth culture, language ideologies and semiotic ideologies, language and religionKenya, Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean World
Ivan KalmarKalmar, Ivan
Professor, St. George Campus
*ON LEAVE July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022*

(416) 585-4419
Northrop Frye Hall 228 (Main), AP 334Populism, Islamophobia, and antisemitism, especially in East Central and Western Europe; representations of Jews and Muslims in western cultural history; race, nation, and religionCentral and Western Europe
Sumayya KassamaliKassamali, Sumayya
Assistant Professor
Sociocultural Anthropology, gender, language, race, labour, migration, neoliberalism, Islam Middle East, Asian and African Diaspora
Katie Kilroy-MaracKilroy-Marac, Katie
Associate Professor, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)

*ON LEAVE January 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021*
*Not currently accepting new graduate student supervisions in 2021-2022

MW 373 (Main), AP 334 (St. George)Memory and history, temporality, cross-cultural and transcultural psychiatry, postcolonial transformations, middle figures, regimes of care/caretaking, experimental ethnography, archive-based art, material culture and object worlds, consumerism and consumption-critical lifestyle movements, order and disorder, houses and housing securitySenegal, Canada, France, US
Christopher KrupaKrupa, Christopher
Associate Professor, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)
Councilor, American Ethnological Society
Co-Editor, Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology

(416) 208-2893
HL 326 (UTSC), 209 (St. George)Violence; Racial Capitalism; (Post)coloniality; State and Para-State Complexes; Political Affect and Embodiment; Plantation Systems; Labour, Debt and Finance; Critical Race Theory; History and Historicity; Primitive AccumulationLatin America, Ecuador
Michael LambekLambek, Michael
Professor and Canada Research Chair, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)

*ON LEAVE January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021*
*Not currently accepting new graduate student supervisions

(416) 287-7312 (Main)
MW 284 (Main), AP 314 (St. George)Social and cultural anthropology, hermeneutics, ritual, medical anthropology, ordinary ethics, historicity, person and subjectivityAfrica, Madagascar, Europe
Shawn LehmanLehman, Shawn
Professor, St. George Campus
(416) 978-4003
AP 404A (Main), AP 404 (Lab)Primate evolutionary ecology, Landscape ecology of lemurs and trees, Conservation biogeography of primates.Madagascar, Guyana
Tania LiLi, Tania
University Professor, St. George Campus, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC)
(416) 946-3693
AP 424Economy, development, poverty, land, work,  welfare, agriculture, resources, community, class,  indigeneity, capitalismIndonesia, Southeast Asia, Asia
Hy Van LuongLuong, Hy Van
Professor, St. George Campus

*Not currently accepting new graduate student supervisions

(416) 978-0652
AP 336Language, ideology and political economy, gender and social structureEast and Mainland South East Asia, Vietnam
Krista MaxwellMaxwell, Krista
Assistant Professor, St. George Campus

*Not currently accepting new Ph.D. student supervisions in 2021-22

(416) 946-3324
AP 208Social Cultural Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Anthropology and History; Indigenous Studies; Settler Colonial Studies; Indigenous Law, Sovereignty, Kinship, Health, Healing, and Child Welfare in North AmericaCanada; Treaty #3 Anishinaabe Territory; Wabaseemoong Independent Nations
Bonnie McElhinnyMcElhinny, Bonnie
Professor, St. George Campus; Principal, New College
(416) 978-3297
AP 364A, AP 364 (Lab)Linguistic anthropology; feminist anthropology; gender; socialization; ideology and political economy; stratified reproduction; workUSA, Canada, Philippines
Heather MillerMiller, Heather
Associate Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM); Vice-Dean, Teaching and Learning (UTM)
DV3200Archaeology, prehistory and history complex societies, ancient technology, material culture, social organization, regional inter-connections, agricultureSouth Asia
Amira MittermaierMittermaier, Amira
Professor, Anthropology and the Department for the Study of Religion
(416) 946-3347
JHUMINST 332Anthropology of religion; Islam; theology/anthropology; imagination and the invisible; ethnographic writingEgypt
Lena MortensenMortensen, Lena
Assistant Professor, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)
(416) 208-4812
MW 348 (Main), AP 242heritage, cultural and archaeological tourism, commodification and place-making, politics of culture, representation, ethnography of archaeology, material culture, globalization and developmentCentral America, Honduras
Andrea MuehlebachMuehlebach, Andrea
Associate Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)

(905) 569-4851
HSB 392 (Main), AP 422 (St. George)Socio-cultural anthropology and social theory; anthropologies of welfare, state, and citizenship; neoliberalism, austerity, and labor; political ecology; water; anthropology of natural resources and resource management; human-environment relations; political anthropology; anthropologies of law, rights, citizenship and democracy; commons and commoning.Italy, Germany, France
Valentina NapolitanoNapolitano, Valentina
Professor and Connaught Scholar, St. George Campus
(416) 978-2754
AP 218Political Theology, Personhood, Theopolitics and Critical Catholic Studies, Gender and Affects, Religious Infrastructures and Architecture, Affective Histories, Transnational Migration, Anthropology of Traces.The Vatican, Mexico, Italy, Detroit/Windsor corridor
Nicole NovroskiNovroski, Nicole
Assistant Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)
HSC 406 (Main), HSC 421 (Lab)Forensic Biology, Forensic Genetics, Human Identification, Ancestry, Genotype phenotype relationships, Population Genetics, Missing Persons, Massively Parallel SequencingCanada, worldwide
Esteban ParraParra, Esteban
Professor and Chair, Mississauga Campus (UTM)
(905) 828-3889
HSC 352Biological & Molecular Anthropology; human evolution; genetic variation within and between human populations; human adaptation; genetic architecture of complex traits and diseasesAmericas, East Asia, Europe, South Asia
Alejandro PazPaz, Alejandro
Associate Professor, Scarborough (UTSC) Campus

*ON LEAVE July 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021*
*Not currently accepting new Master’s supervisions for 2021-2022

(416) 208-2891
MW 372 (Main), AP 242Language and Ethnicity, Media and Publics, Translation and MediationIsrael in the Middle East
Tracy RogersRogers, Tracy
Associate Professor, U of T Mississauga (UTM) Campus; Director, Forensic Science Program, UTM
(905) 828-5449
HSB 400Forensic anthology: sex determination, human variation in modern populations, crime scene analysis.
David SamsonSamson, David
Assistant Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)

*Not currently accepting new graduate student supervisions for 2021-2022

(905) 569-4295
HSC 358Human evolution; primates; hunter-gatherers; sleep; cognition
Todd SandersSanders, Todd
Associate Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM); Tri-Campus TA Coordinator

*Not currently accepting new graduate student supervisions in 2021-2022

(905) 828-3778
HSC 390 (Main), AP 334 (St. George)Anthropology of Knowledges; Audit and Accountability; Digital and Algorithmic Governance; Science, Policy and Expertise; Energy and Extractive Industries; Regulatory BureaucraciesEast and Southern Africa, United Kingdom
Philip SapirsteinSapirstein, Philip
Assistant Professor, St. George Campus; Anthropology and Art History Department
AP 138Mediterranean and Near Eastern art and architecture; pottery production; technology; digital archaeologyGreece, Israel, Italy, Turkey
Shiho SatsukaSatsuka, Shiho
Associate Professor, St. George Campus
(416) 978-7787
AP 236politics of knowledge, cultural translation, nature, science, environment, capitalism, work, subjectivity, tourism, translocal interactions, popular culture, genderJapan, Canada, USA
Lawrence SawchukSawchuk, Lawrence
Professor, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)
(416) 287-7347
B 595Biological anthropology, genetic demography, medical anthropology, statistics and computersGibraltar, Eastern Canada
Michael SchillaciSchillaci, Michael
Professor, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)
(416) 287-7328 (Main)
(416) 946-0653
MW 340 (Main)Primate Evolution, Medical Primatology, Bioarchaeology, Public Health
Lauren SchroederSchroeder, Lauren
Assistant Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)
(905) 569-4251
HSC 364Biological Anthropology; palaeoanthropology; hominin variability; evolutionary theory; quantitative genetics
Daniel SellenSellen, Daniel
Distinguished Professor, St. George Campus
(416) 978-8112
AP 350, AP 360 (Lab)Human nutrition, global health, behavioral ecology, evolutionary anthropology, infant and young child feeding practicessub-Saharan Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Lesotho), Guatemala, Mexico, Bangladesh
Jack SidnellSidnell, Jack
Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)
(905) 828-3776
HSC 360 (Main) and AP 217Linguistic anthropology, Social interaction; Ethics; Person, Self and SubjectivityCaribbean; Vietnam; India
Mary SilcoxSilcox, Mary
Professor, Scarborough Campus (UTSC); Vice-Dean, Graduate, UTSC (July 1, 2016-June 30, 2021)
(416) 208-2791 (Main)
(416) 946-0652 (St. George)
MW 388 (Main), AP 242 (St. George)Fossil primates, Paleocene, Eocene, Primate Origins, plesiadapiforms, brain evolution, cladisticsNorth America (Wyoming, Montana)
David G. SmithSmith, David G.
Associate Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)

**ON LEAVE July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021**

(905) 828-3784
NB 211Archaeology, ceramics, agricultural originsNortheast North America
Jesook SongSong, Jesook
Professor, St. George Campus
(416) 946-3587
AP 202Socio cultural anthropologist of contemporary urban transformation and welfare issues including homelessness, youth unemployment, single women’s housing, and psychological health support systemEast Asia, particularly South Korea
Edward SwensonSwenson, Edward
Associate Professor, St. George Campus; Director, Archaeology Centre
(416) 946-5186
AP 504Andes, archaeological method and theory, ritual, religion and ideology, power and violence, emergence of complex society, pre-industrial city, landscape history and place-makingAncient Andes, Mesoamerica, Khmer civilization
Janelle TaylorTaylor, Janelle
Professor, St. George Campus
AP 340medical anthropology; ethnography; biomedicine; care; dementia; aging; medical education; narrative; mixed-methods health researchU.S., North America
Julie TeichroebTeichroeb, Julie
Assistant Professor, Scarborough Campus (UTSC)
(416) 208-2891
MW 372 (Main), AP 348 (St. George)Primate Behavioural Ecology, Evolution of Group Living and Social Organization, Spatial Cognition, Group Movements, Concensus Costs, Social ForagingUganda, Ghana
Bence ViolaViola, Bence
Assistant Professor, St. George Campus
(416) 946-0653
AP 522Palaeoanthropology; Modern Human Origins; Neanderthals; Human Evolution; Ancient DNACentral and Northern Asia, Central Europe
Holly WardlowWardlow, Holly
Professor, St. George Campus
(416) 978-2199
AP 234Medical anthropology, feminist anthropology, international health, gender and sexuality, HIV/AIDSPapua New Guinea
Wool, Zoë H.
Assistant Professor
Mississauga Campus (UTM)
HSC 378Medical Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology, Disability, US Warmaking, Toxicity, Science and Technology Studies, Queer Theory, The Body, The History of Neurology
Liye XieXie, Liye
Associate Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)

*ON LEAVE July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021*

(905) 828-3782
HSC 346 (Main), AP 242 (St. George)Archaeology, experimental archaeology, microwear analysis, technological changes, groundstone tools, bone tools, earthen construction, urbanization, cultural transmission.China

Associate Members, Status Only & Cross Appointments

Cross Appointments, Status Only Appointments and Adjunct Faculty may sit on Ph.D. student committees, but they cannot be sole supervisors. Prospective students interested in working with a Cross Appointment should consider applying through that faculty member’s home department. In some cases, co-supervision may be arranged.

Associate Graduate Faculty can only advise Masters students.

Name, Contact Office Research Keywords Research Region
Gretchen BakkeBakke, Gretchen (Status Only Appointment)
Assistant Professor, U of T; Guest professor, Humboldt University, Berlin
Social and Technological Change, Energy and Environment, Human-Machine Interactions, Men and Masculinity, Anthropology of Science and Technology, Anthropology of Art and Aesthetics, Infrastructure, Bureaucracy Former Soviet Union, Ex-Yugoslavia, Europe, North America
Kristin BrightBright, Kristin (Status Only Appointment)
Assistant Professor, Middlebury College
Biomedicine, Islamic medicine, critical public health, gender, sexuality, nationalism, politics of care, aesthetics, digital transformations, social theorySouth Asia, Middle East, North America
Craig CipollaCipolla, Craig (Status Only Appointment)
Associate Curator, North American Archaeology, ROM
(416) 586-5727
Royal Ontario MuseumEthnogenesis, comparative colonialism, indigenous consumption patterns, reservation archaeology, and archaeological theoryNative North America, New England, the Great Lakes region
Simon ColemanColeman, Simon (Cross Appointment)
Professor, Centre for the Study of Religion/Jackman Humanities Institute
(416) 978-4788
JHB, 170 St. George StreetEvangelical and charismatic Christianities, creation science, pilgrimage, chaplaincies and intersections between religious, political, and medical discourses, ritual, language, aesthetics, material cultureSweden, UK, Nigeria
Maggie CummingsCummings, Maggie (Associate Member)
Lecturer, Teaching Stream, UTSC
*ON LEAVE January 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021*

(416) 208-2699 (UTSC)
AP 217Social cultural anthropology, genders, sexualities, embodiment, morality, consumption, popular culture, race, modernitiesMelanesia
Silvia ForniForni, Silvia (Status Only Appointment)
Curator, World Cultures, ROM
Royal Ontario MuseumSocial Anthropology; Material Culture; Art; GenderAfrica, Cameroon
Lesley Gotlib ConnGotlib Conn, Lesley (Adjunct Professor, Status Only Appointment)
Associate Scientist, Sunnybrook Research Institute
416-480-6100, ext. 85263
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, 2075 Bayview Ave, Room K3W 01Qualitative Research and Ethnography; Medical Anthropology; Health Services Research; Trauma and Surgery
Nacira Guénif-SouilamasGuénif-Souilamas, Nacira (Status Only Appointment)
Associate Professor, Status Only; Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, University Paris 8
Timothy HarrisonHarrison, Timothy (Cross Appointment)
Professor and Chair, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
(416) 978-6600
BF 418Complex Societies, Near Eastern Archaeology, Bronze & Iron Age Civilizations, Urbanism, Ethnicity, Exchange Networks, Ceramic Analysis, Archaeological Method/Theory
Monica HellerHeller, Monica (Cross Appointment)
Professor, Social Justice Education, OISE
(416) 978-1987
CREFO, 6th Fl, OISE, AP 223Sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, anthropology of education, bi/multilingualismFrancophone Canada
Beatrice JaureguiJauregui, Beatrice (Cross Appointment)
Associate Professor, Criminology & Sociolegal Studies
Political and legal anthropology, police, military, security, violence, gender, South AsiaIndia
Justin JenningsJennings, Justin (Status Only Appointment)
Curator, World Cultures, ROM
(416) 586-5729
Royal Ontario MuseumArchaeologyLatin America, Peru
Johansen, Peter (Status Only Appointment)
Assistant Professor, McGill University
Pamela KlassenKlassen, Pamela (Cross Appointment)
Professor and Chair, Centre for the Study of Religion
(416) 585-4573
222 Northrop Frye HallSocial cultural anthropology, Christianity, women & religion, biomedicineNorth America
Carl KnappettKnappett, Carl (Cross Appointment)
Professor and Chair, Art History
(416) 978-5002
SS 6036, AP 536Aegean prehistory; Minoan pottery; network analysis in archaeology; theories of material culture and materiality
Lisa MaherMaher, Lisa (Status Only Appointment)
Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
UC BerkeleyPrehistoric Archaeology, social complexity, origins of agriculture, lithic analysisNear East
Anne MeneleyMeneley, Anne (Associate Member)
Professor, Trent University
Middle East, Arabia Peninsula, Italy, religion and world view, Islam, embodiment, gender, consumption, ethnographic methods, and histories of anthropology.
Nada MoumtazMoumtaz, Nada (Cross Appointment)
Assistant Professor, Department for the Study of Religion
Jackman Humanities Building, Room 315, 170 St. George StreetAnthropology of Islam; Religion and law; Religion and economy
Laura Emdal NavneNavne, Laura Emdal (Adjunct Professor)
Researcher, The Danish Center for Social Science Research
Kevin Lewis O’NeillO’Neill, Kevin Lewis (Cross Appointment)
Professor, Department for the Study of Religion; Director, Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies
(416) 978-7050
JHUMINST 301Neo-Pentecostal Christianity, Cities and Citizenship, Genocide and Violence, Gender and Masculinities, NeoliberalismLatin America
Katherine PattonPatton, Katherine (Associate Member)
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
(416) 946-3589
AP 304Zooarchaeology, shellfish analysis, household and settlement archaeology, the place of archaeology in public discourseCanadian Maritime provinces and Northern Northwest Coast of North America
Ted SammonsSammons, Ted (Cross Appointment)
Assistant Professor, Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2022)
Africana studies, capitalism, development, diaspora and transnationalism, ethics, neoliberalism, popular music, slavery and abolition, small farmingJamaica, Caribbean, African diaspora
Elizabeth F. SandersSanders, Elizabeth F. (Cross Appointment)
Assistant Professor
Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Social & Behavioural Health Sciences Division
Climate change, energy, and public health; science, expertise and public policy; accountability; interdisciplinarity; reproducibility; open science and open government
Ronald F. WilliamsonWilliamson, Ronald F. (Adjunct Professor)
Chief Archaeologist, Archaeological Services
(416) 966-1069 x 228
Archaeological Services, 528 Bathurst St.Environmental ArchaeologyGreat Lakes region
Yiching WuWu, Yiching (Cross Appointment)
Associate Professor, East Asian Studies
(416) 946-5110
Robarts Library #14133 (14th Fl)Historical anthropology, critical social theory, populism and social protest, modern Chinese history, Chinese socialism and postsocialism, and politics of historical knowledgeChina
Donna YoungYoung, Donna (Associate Member)
Assistant Professor, UTSC

*Not currently accepting new graduate student supervisions

(416) 208-2650
MW 282Anthropology of Religion and Pilgrimage; Anthropology of Academic Processes; Ethnography of Memory
Ezra ZubrowZubrow, Ezra B.W. (Status Only Appointment)
Professor, SUNY-Buffalo
(716) 645-2414 x 146
State University of New York at BuffaloHuman ecology and space, GIS, origin of household, origin of music, geography of social policyNorth Europe and Finnish Arctic