UTSC (SCL) job talk

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Date(s) - 18/01/2018
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Tomonori Sugimote, Ph.D Candidate, Anthropology, University of Stanford

“The Politics of Nonrecognition: Urban Indigeneity on Taipei’s Edge”

Based on 19 months of ethnographic research in Taipei, Taiwan, this talk puts forward the concept of “nonrecognition” to understand emerging indigenous-settler state relations in urban Taiwan. Over the last 40 years, Taiwan’s Austronesian indigenous people (yuanzhumin) have migrated to Taipei rapidly and come to stake claims to the city’s space, land, and nature. Because they are not indigenous to Taipei, the Han Chinese-dominated state dismisses and even criminalizes many of their claims. However, my urban indigenous informants’ claim-making endures, despite continuous challenges posed by Han Chinese urbanites and the state. My research suggests that recently the Taiwanese state, faced with urban indigenous people’s endurance, has come to tolerate some of their claims, while not extending formal recognition to them. This talk argues that such a curious relationship of nonrecognition points to the rethinking of the relationship between indigenous subjects, the city, and the state occurring in Taiwan.

Department of Anthropology, UTSC, Social Sciences Building, Center for Ethnography, Room MW296