Colloquium: Aaron Shugar

Date(s) - 19/10/2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

AP 246


Colloquium Series:

Aaron Shugar, PhD (The State University of New York, Buffalo)

Advances in X-ray Fluorescence Analysis for Art and Archaeology

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) has become a standard analytical technique in the fields of art and archaeological sciences. This ‘non-destructive’, ‘non-invasive’ analytical technique has benefited from technological advances and miniaturization allowing for complex, powerful systems to be made in a handheld form. Early adaptation of handheld XRF lead to publication of erroneous data, but in recent years, a newfound respect for accurate analysis has led to more responsible use. New calibrations are being built for specific projects helping to avoid potential issues and statistical analysis of qualitative data has proven as valuable for detailed interpretation. An introduction to some of the pitfalls of XRF analysis and projects that demonstrate the value of XRF in the fields of art and archaeology will be presented. Examples will show how integrating XRF with other analytical instrumentation can provide a wealth of data, allowing for new interpretations of artifacts. New advances will be explored and some hopeful thoughts for the future will be discussed.


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