Anthropology Student Association

Sales, Merchandise and Rentals!

The ASA sells a variety of merchandise and resources to help us upkeep our services and to fund ASA events. Help support the ASA by taking a look at what we have to offer below: T-Shirts, Locker Rentals, Coffee, and Printing/Scanning/Faxing Services! All purchases come with a free archaeology-themed button pin! To make a purchase either swing by our Office (AP 100) or contact us at to reserve an item. The ASA will reserve all items for seven (7) days only.

See for pictures and details on items and services.


NOTE – We have extended pre-orders for our new T-Shirts until September 24 th , 2012. This year we have a great deal on T-Shirts which will allow you customize your shirt in a variety of ways including T-Shirt colour, size, collar style, and men’s and women’s T-Shirt fits. Best part… only $15 a T-Shirt!!! The T-Shirts are also very high quality 100% cotton shirts. They are very comfortable, fit great, and last a very long time even after many washes (they are very similar to American Apparel shirts).

An example photo of the T-Shirt (if you ordered it in black with a crew-cut collar style and in Men’s fit) can be found on our Official Facebook Page at in the “files” section. Please note that this photo is an example, and that T-Shirts will be available in a variety of colours and styles. Also, please note that the insignia will be straightened out to be in line with the text (which will be changed to something less “block-like” as well).

If you would like to pre-order a T-Shirt then please send an email to with the following below information. T-Shirts will be available for pick-up from the ASA Office (AP 100, 19 Russell St.) within the next two weeks. You can pay the ASA the amount owed for T-Shirts upon picking them up. The ASA will be doing T-Shirt orders on a “scout’s honour” basis, so if you don’t plan on buying a T-Shirt, then please don’t order one. A variety of extra T-Shirts will be available for purchase throughout the school year, but your purchase will be limited to our available selection.

Please provide the following information to order a T-Shirt:

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. T-Shirt Size (REMEMBER! The T-Shirts are 100% cotton and will shrink significantly after washing):

a. Small

b. Medium

c. Large

d. Extra Large

e. 2XL

4. Collar Style:

a. Crew-Cut (Normal)

b. V-Cut

5. T-Shirt Fit/Style:

a. Men’s (Unisex)

b. Women’s

6. T-Shirt Colour:

a. Royal Blue

b. Light Blue

c. Kelly Green

d. Teal

e. Gold

f. White

g. Black

h. Red

i. Navy Blue

j. Ash Grey

k. Other, please specify (we will verify with the T-Shirt company that your requested colour is available)

All T-Shirts should be picked up from the ASA Office by October 31st. After this date your ordered T-Shirt will be added to general stock for anyone to purchase. If you are unable to pick up your T-Shirt by this date, please contact us and we will accommodate for you.

We hope that everyone is pleased with our T-Shirt design and remember that all funds accumulated from purchases will be used to host bigger and better ASA events for you, the ASA members. So help support the ASA and yourself as an ASA Member by purchasing one of these great high quality T-Shirts for the amazing low price of $15.