Anthropology Student Association

About the ASA

Office: AP 100, 19 Russell St.

Telephone: (416) 946-8493

The Anthropology Students’ Association represents you – an Undergraduate Student at the University of Toronto St. George – in all matters within the Department of Anthropology. We act as your voice for any concerns and questions you may have about U of T’s Anthropology programs and courses. We house valuable resources including a collection of past tests, past course syllabi, first-hand advice on courses and programs, and more (Check out the link on our homepage entitled “Past Tests and Course Syllabi”)! We also sell a variety of merchandise and services including T-Shirts, coffee, printing/scanning/copying/faxing services, and locker rentals (See the link on our homepage entitled “Sales, Merchandise, and Locker Rentals”).

In addition to providing academic services the ASA is here to make sure your university experience is enjoyable and fun! We host events such as movie nights, bake sales, lecture series, pub nights, and more! Our services are not limited to only Undergraduate Students, and anyone interested in the Anthropology Community is welcomed to get involved with us!

Anthropology Undergraduate Journal

The Anthropology Undergraduate Journal (AUJ)  is a source for undergraduate research at the University of Toronto. The AUJ, a subsidiary of the ASA, aims to showcase the exceptional contributions of University of Toronto St. George undergraduate students to the academic discipline of Anthropology. Led and chosen by the Editor-In-Chief – who is democratically elected annually to the ASA Executive Council – the AUJ Editing Team edits, selects, and assigns recommendations to academic articles voluntarily submitted by University of Toronto St. George undergraduate students in the disciplines of Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Linguistic-Sociocultural Anthropology, and Interdisciplinary Anthropology. The journal is published once a year. Information on how to submit an article can be found on the ASA website.

Getting Involved with the ASA – Register as a Member Today!

The ASA welcomes anyone interested in us and Anthropology in general to become an ASA Member! This includes all undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, faculty, and anyone else interested in the ASA!

Membership is divided into Core-Membership and General-Membership. Core-Membership is the title bestowed upon ASA Members who are full-time or part-time U of T St. George Undergraduate Students enrolled in at least one (1) Subject POSt currently or formally offered by the Department of Anthropology. General-Membership is the title bestowed upon all ASA Members who do not fulfill the requirements to receive Core-Membership status.

Both Core-Members and General-Members are welcomed to attend any and all ASA Events and qualify for receiving free drinks at ASA pub nights as well as the chance to win awesome free prizes!

Core-Members are eligible to hold office as an Executive on the ASA Executive Council, and are also eligible to apply for Minister Positions (see the link on our homepage entitled “Minister Positions” for more information)!

To become an ASA Member, you must register yourself with the ASA by submitting an email to with the following 7 pieces of information:

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. Status (select which best applies to you from the following list)

U of T St. George Undergraduate Student

Non-U of T St. George Undergraduate Student [Specify which University or College]

U of T St. George Graduate Student

Non-U of T St. George Graduate Student [Specify which University]

U of T St. George Faculty

Non-U of T St. George Faculty

U of T Alumni

Other [elaborate]

4. Year of Study (as determined by number of achieved credits expected as of the beginning of the 2017 Fall semester) [Applicable only to U of T Undergraduate Students]

1st year = 0 – 4.0 credits

2nd year = 4.5 – 8.5 credits

3rd year = 9.0 – 13.5 credits

4th year = 14.0 or more credits

5. All CURRENTLY enrolled Subject POSts as displayed on ROSI

(Applicable only to non first-year U of T Undergraduate

Students) [Include if they are Specialist, Major, Minor, or ‘Other’ programs]

6. Would you like to be added to our Facebook group? Yes or no?

7. Email address

Registration will allow us to have more information on our Members so that we may determine actions driven towards better service to our Members as well as the Anthropology Student Body as a whole.

The ASA is very serious about preserving the privacy of our Members. Though no deeply personal information will be asked of you, the ASA regardless will not disclose any information to third parties or unauthorized individuals, or use the information in any way unconnected to the general affairs of the ASA.

We hope you take the time to register with us and help us in building a stronger and more communicative Anthropology Community by becoming an ASA Member. Remember that registration helps us the ASA to better service all of you in the coming years, and qualifies you – an ASA Member – for awesome benefits and prizes!

Be a part of our growing Community and register today!