2020-21 Undergraduate Timetable

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Course Title Section Day/Time Room Instructor Delivery Method
ANT 100Y1Y Introduction to Anthropology L5101 R6-8   Patton/Lehman/Kalmar Online Synchronous
ANT 193H1S Making, Using, and Interpreting Stone Tools L0101 R4-6   H. Duke
ANT 194H1F Tragically Unhip: Great Thinkers of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries L0101 T4-6   G. Gillison
Online Synchronous
ANT 199H1F Living on the Water in Toronto L0101 T4-6   B. McElhinny Dual Delivery
ANT 200Y1Y Introduction to Archaeology L0101 M4-6   Chazan/Patton Online Synchronous
    T0101 M10     Online Synchronous
    T0201 M11     Online Synchronous
    T0301 M1     Online Synchronous
    T0401 M2     Online Synchronous
    T0501 M3     Online Synchronous
    T5101 M6     Online Synchronous
ANT 203Y1Y The Nature of Humans L0101     Alaica/Viola Online Asynchronous
    P0101 R10     Online Synchronous
    P0201 R11     Online Synchronous
    P0301 R12     Online Synchronous
    P0401 R2     Online Synchronous
    P0501 R3     Online Synchronous
ANT 204H1S Social Cultural Anthropology and Global Issues L0101 W10-12   A. Allen Online Synchronous
    T0101 W2     Online Synchronous
    T0201 W3     Online Synchronous
    T0301 R11     Online Synchronous
    T0401 R12     Online Synchronous
    T0501 R1     Online Synchronous
    T0601 R3     Online Synchronous
    T0701 R4     Online Synchronous
    T5101 R5     Online Synchronous
ANT 205H1F Medical Anthropology: Sociocultural Perspectives on Illness, Medicine, and Care L0101
    J. Taylor Online Asynchronous
    T0101 W11     Online Synchronous
    Online Synchronous
    Online Synchronous
    Online Synchronous
    Online Synchronous
ANT 207H1F Core Concepts in Social and Cultural Anthropology L0101     S. Williams
Online Asynchronous
    T0101 R4     Online Synchronous
    T0201 R10     Online Synchronous
    T0301 R11     Online Synchronous
    T0401 R12     Online Synchronous
    T5101 R5     Online Synchronous
    T5201 R6     Online Synchronous
ANT 208H1S Medical Anthropology: An Evolutionary Perspective on Human Health L0101 W12-2   R.J. Song
Online Synchronous
    T0101 W3     Online Synchronous
    T0201 W4     Online Synchronous
    T0301 R10     Online Synchronous
    T0401 R11     Online Synchronous
    T0501 R12     Online Synchronous
    T0601 R1     Online Synchronous
    T0701 R2     Online Synchronous
    T0801 R3     Online Synchronous
    Online Synchronous
    T5101 W5     Online Synchronous
    T5201 W6     Online Synchronous
ANT 253H1F Language and Society L5101     D. Clark
Online Asynchronous
JAR 301H1S****
Plagues and Peoples: From Divine Intervention to Public Health L0101
ANT 314H1F Archaeology of the Pacific Northwest L0101 W12-2   G. Coupland
Online Synchronous
ANT 318H1F The Preindustrial City and Urban Social Theory L0101 R10-12   E. Swenson Online Synchronous
ANT 322H1F Anthropology of Youth Culture L0101 R10-12   E. Campagnola
Online Synchronous
ANT 329H1F Language and Power Structure L0101 W10-12   H. Luong Online Synchronous
    T0101 T2     Online Synchronous
    T0201 T3     Online Synchronous
    T0301 T4     Online Synchronous
    T0401 W4     Online Synchronous
ANT 333Y1Y Living Primate Adaptations L0101
  S. Lehman Online Synchronous
    Online Synchronous
    Online Synchronous
ANT 334H1F Human Skeletal Biology L0101
  M. Cameron Online Synchronous
    Online Synchronous
    Online Synchronous
ANT 335Y1F Human Evolution L0101     D. Begun Online Asynchronous
    P0101       Online Asynchronous
    P0201       Online Asynchronous
    P0301       Online Asynchronous
ANT 336H1S Evolutionary Anthropology Theory L0101 M10-12   B. Viola  
ANT 338H1F Molecular Anthropology and Human Evolution L0101 M2-4   B. Viola
Online Synchronous
    T0101 T2     Online Synchronous
    T0201 T3     Online Synchronous
ANT 343H1F Social Anthropology of Gender L0101 W4-6   M. Hird-Younger
Online Synchronous
ANT 345H1F Global Health: Anthropological Perspectives L0101 M4-6   H. Wardlow Online Synchronous
ANT 348H1F
Medical Anthropology: Health, Power and Politics L0101
  K. Maxwell
Online Synchronous
ANT 356H1F
Anthropology of Religion
    G. Gillison
Online Asynchronous
ANT 366H1Y Anthropology of Activism and Social Justice L0101 R12-2   J. Song
Online Synchronous
ANT 370H1S Introduction to Social Anthropological Theory L0101 T4-6   P. Dave
ANT 374H1S
Rethinking Development or the Improvement of the World
  T. Li
Online Synchronous
ANT 376H1F Anthropology of Animals L0101     H. Cunningham Online Asynchronous
ANT 378H1S Gift, Money and Finance L0101 R10-12   J. Song  
ANT 380H1S Craft of Social Cultural Anthropology
L0101 M1-4   S. Satsuka
ANT 384H1F
Special Topics in Society, Culture and Language: Border and Borderlands: Anthropological Perspectives
  V. Napolitano
Online Synchronous
ANT 386H1S
Global Catholicism: Anthropological Approaches L5101
  V. Napolitano
ANT 388H1S
Anthropologists and Indigenous Peoples in North America L0101
  K. Maxwell
ANT 410H1S Hunter-Gatherers Past and Present L0101 R12-2   P. Jolicoeur
ANT 411H1S Advanced Archaeological Theory L0101 M2-4   C. Cipolla
ANT 412H1F Historical Archaeology L0101 M2-4   T. Banning
Online Synchronous
ANT 416H1F Cancelled
Archaeology of Ritual and Identity L0101
  E. Swenson
Online Synchronous
ANT 425H1F Language in Anthropological Thought L0101 W2-4   H. Luong Online Synchronous
ANT 434H1S Health, Diet and Disease in the Past L0101 W10-12   C. Hopper
ANT 435H1S Anthropology of Childhood and Childcare L0101 R2-4   A. Alaica
ANT 438H1F Topics in Emerging Scholarship (Evolutionary Anthropology): Biological Interactions Between Humans and Non-Human Animals
L0101 R4-6   M. Ramsay
Online Synchronous
ANT 441H1S
Love, Sex and Marriage L0101
  V. Sheldon
ANT 450H1F Multispecies Cities
L5101     H. Cunningham Online Asynchronous
ANT 455H1S Ethnographic Approaches to the Middle East and North Africa L0101 W10-12   S. Kassamali
ANT 459H1S Multispecies Ethnography L5101 T6-8   H. Cunningham  
ANT 460H1S Global Perspectives on Women’s Health L0101 W4-6   H. Wardlow
ANT 472H1S
Japan in Global Context: Anthropological Perspectives L0101
  S. Satsuka
ANT 473H1F Cancelled Ethnographic Practicum: The University L0101 W10-1   T. Li Online Synchronous
ANT 484H1S Special Topics in Social Cultural Anthropology: Ethnography of Africa
L0101 T10-12   S. Forni
ANT 485H1F Topics in Emerging Scholarship (Society, Culture and Language): The Anthropology of Textiles and Clothing
L0101 T4-6   Desmarais/Williams
Online Synchronous
ANT 497Y1Y Independent Research          
ANT 498H1F Independent Research          
ANT 498H1S Independent Research          
ANT 498H1Y Independent Research          
ANT 499H1F Independent Research          
ANT 499H1S Independent Research          
ANT 499H1Y Independent Research          
ARH 305H1F Archaeological Interpretation L0101 W2-4   P. Sapirstein
Online Synchronous
ARH 309H1S Archaeology, Ethics and the Public L0101 T10-12   J. Jennings  
ARH 312Y1Y Archaeological Laboratory L0101 T2-5   T. Banning Online Synchronous
ARH 360H1S
Prehistory of the Near East L0101
  M. Chazan
ARH 361Y/H1F Field Archaeology L0101        
ARH 494H1S
Topics in Emerging Scholarship (Archaeology): Cultural Resource Management and Professional Archaeology in North America L0101
R10-12   K. Holyoke  
ARH 495H1F Archaeology Research Practicum          
ARH 495H1S Archaeology Research Practicum          
HAJ 453H1F* AIDS: A Global Perspective L0101 M3-5   Mbulaheni/Yi Dual Delivery
JAL 401H1S** Field Linguistics L5101 MW6-8   S. Oliveira de Lima Dual Delivery
JGA 305H1F*** Environmental and Archaeological Geophysics L0101 T2-5   C. Bank Dual Delivery
* This is a joint course between Anthropology and Human Biology.  Please note that it is administered by Human Biology. Please contact Human Biology if you have any questions.
**This is a joint course between Anthropology and Linguistics.  Please note that it is administered by Linguistics. Please contact Linguistics if you have any questions.
 ***This is a joint course between Anthropology and Earth Sciences.  Please note that it is administered by Earth Sciences. Please contact Earth Sciences if you have any questions.
****This is a joint course between Anthropology and Religion.  Please note that it is administered by Anthropology. Please contact Anthropology if you have any questions.
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