Selected Recent Publications

A selection of Anthropology Faculty Publications can be accessed via TSpace, the University of Toronto’s free and secure research repository established to disseminate and preserve the scholarly record.


Valentina Napolitano. ‘The Globalization of Indifference’: On Pope Francis, Migration and Global Acedia.’ In Religion and the Morality of the Market, edited by Daromir Rudnyckyj and Fillipo Osella. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Valentina Napolitano. On a Political Economy of Political Theology: El Señor los Milagros. In The Anthropology of Catholicism: A Companion Reader (eds) M. Mayblin, K. Norget, V. Napolitano, University of California Press.


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Marcel Danesi. The Semiotics of Emoji: The Rise of Visual Language in the Age of the Internet. Bloomsbury Academic.

Janice Boddy. Engendering change: New information technologies and the dynamics of gender in northern Sudan. In Networks of Knowledge Production in Sudan: Identities, Mobilities, and Technologies, Sondra Hale and Gada Kadoda, eds., Lexington, 2016. Pp. 187-200).

Janice Boddy. The normal and the aberrant in female genital cutting: shifting paradigms. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 6(2): 41-69.

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Michael Lambek. On Contradiction. In David Berliner, ed. Hau Debate: Anthropology and the study of contradictions. Hau: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 6(1): 1-27.

Bianca Dahl. The drama of de-orphaning: Botswana’s old orphans and the rewriting of kinship relationsSocial Dynamics 42(2): 289-303.

Maggie Cummings. “Uncertain Belongings: Relationships, Money, and Returned Migrant Workers in Port Vila, Vanuatu.” Journal of Pacific Studies 36(1): 21-34.

Katie Kilroy-Marac“A Magical Reorientation of the Modern: Professional Organizers and Thingly Care in Contemporary North America.” Cultural Anthropology 33(1): 438-457.

Susan Pfeiffer with J.C. Sealy, R.F. Williamson, S. Needs-Howarth, L. Lesage. Maize, fish and deer: Investigating dietary staples among ancestral Huron-Wendat villages, as documented from tooth samples. American Antiquity 81:3:515-532

Sarah Hillewaert. Whoever leaves their traditions is a slave. Contemporary notions of servitude in an East African town. Africa (Journal of the International African Institute)  86.3: 425-446.

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Max Friesen and Lauren E. Y. Norman. The Pembroke Site: Thule Inuit Migrants on Southern Victoria Island. Arctic 69(1):1-18.

Gillian Gillison. Whatever Happened to the Mother? A New Look at the Old Problem of the Mother’s Brother in Three New Guinea Societies: Gimi, Daribi and Iatmul. Oceania Volume 86, Issue 1: 2-14

Tanya Strivers and Jack Sidnell. Proposals for Activity Collaboration. Research on Language and Social Interaction 49(2): 148-166.

Gary Coupland et al. A Wealth of Beads: Evidence for Material Wealth-Based Inequality in the Salish Sea Region, 4000-3500 Cal B.P. American Antiquity V. 81(2): 294-315.

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Liye Xie et al. Functionality and Morphology: Identifying Si Agricultural Tools from among Hemudu Scapular Implements in Eastern China. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory. DOI: 10.1007/s10816-015-9271-x.

E.B. Banning et al.   Quality Assurance in Archaeological SurveyThe Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory. DOI 10.1007/s10816-016-9274-2.

Bertrand, O.C.F. Amador-Mughal, M.T. Silcox.  Virtual endocasts of Eocene Paramys (Paramyinae): oldest endocranial record for Rodentia and early brain evolution in Euarchontoglires. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 283: 20152316.

Susan Pfeiffer. An exploration of interpersonal violence among Holocene foragers of Southern Africa. International Journal of Paleopathology, 13: 27-38. doi:10.1016/j.ijpp.2016.01.001

Jack Sidnell. A conversation analytic approach to research in early childhood. In Ann Farrell, Sharon Kagan and E. Kay M. Tisdall (eds.)  The Sage Handbook of Early Childhood Research. Sage Publishing. Pp. 255-276.


Girish Daswani. ‘Prophet but not for Profit’: Value and Virtue in Ghanaian Pentecostalism. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. DOI: 10.1111/1467-9655.12336

Tania Li. Governing rural Indonesia: convergence on the project system. Critical Policy Studies. DOI: 10.1080/19460171.2015.1098553

The Real Planet of the Apes book cover

David BegunThe Real Planet of the Apes: A New Story of Human Origins. Princeton University Press.

Valentina Napolitano. Migrant Hearts and the Atlantic Return: transnationalism and the Roman Catholic Church, New York: Fordham University Press.

Julie Teichroeb. 2015. Vervet Monkeys Use Paths Consistent with Context-Specific Spatial Movement Heuristics. Ecology and Evolution (doi:10.1002/ece3.1755)

Michael Lambek.The Ethical Condition book cover The Ethical Condition: Essays on Action, Person, and Value. University of Chicago Press.

Michael Lambek with Veena Das, Didier Fassin, and Webb Keane. Four Lectures on Ethics: Anthropological Perspectives. HAU Books, University of Chicago Press.

Shiho Satsuka. Nature in Translation: Freedom, Subjectivity, and Japanese Tourism Encounters in Canada. Duke University Press.

Edward Swenson. The Materialities of Place Making in the Ancient Andes: a Critical Appraisal of the Ontological Turn in Archaeological Interpretation, Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 22(3): 677-712.

Sarah Hillewaert. Writing with an Accent: Orthographic Practice, Emblems, and Traces on Facebook. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 25(2): 195-214.

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Marcel DanesiPopular Culture: Introductory Perspectives, 3rd ed. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield. Pp. xi, 330.

Daswani, Looking BackGirish Daswani. Looking Back, Moving Forward: Transformation and Ethical Practice in the Ghanaian Church of Pentecost.  University of Toronto Press.

Christopher KrupaState Theory and Andean Politics: New Approaches to the Study of Rule (co-edited with David Nugent). University of Pennsylvania Press.

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Polar Questions in Conversation. Linguistics Vanguard, DOI: 10.1515/lingvan-2014-

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commodification in tourism. Journal of Sociolinguistics 18(4): 539-566.

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Book Cover of Land's EndTania Li. Land’s End: Capitalist Relations on an Indigenous Frontier. Duke University Press. [Book Flyer]

Tania LiFixing Non-market Subjects: Governing Land and Population in the Global South. Foucault Studies, 18: 34-48

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