Status Only Appointments

Name, Contact Office Research Keywords Research Region
Kristin BrightBright, Kristin
Assistant Professor
Biomedicine, Islamic medicine, critical public health, gender, sexuality, nationalism, politics of care, aesthetics, digital transformations, social theorySouth Asia, Middle East, North America
Cipolla, Craig
Associate Curator, North American Archaeology, ROM
(416) 586-5727
Royal Ontario MuseumEthnogenesis, comparative colonialism, indigenous consumption patterns, reservation archaeology, and archaeological theoryNative North America, New England, the Great Lakes region
Silvia ForniForni, Silvia
Curator, World Cultures, ROM
Royal Ontario MuseumSocial Anthropology; Material Culture; Art; GenderAfrica, Cameroon
Justin JenningsJennings, Justin
Curator, World Cultures, ROM
(416) 586-5729
Royal Ontario MuseumArchaeologyLatin America, Peru
Johansen, Peter
Lisa MaherMaher, Lisa
Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
UC BerkeleyPrehistoric Archaeology, social complexity, origins of agriculture, lithic analysisNear East
Andrea O’ReillyO’Reilly, Andrea
Professor, York University
York UniversityWomen’s Studies, Family, Motherhood, Gender issues, Mothers in Popular Culture
Ezra ZubrowZubrow, Ezra B.W.
Professor, SUNY-Buffalo
(716) 645-2414 x 146
State University of New York at BuffaloHuman ecology and space, GIS, origin of household, origin of music, geography of social policyNorth Europe and Finnish Arctic