Professors Emeriti

Name, Contact Office Research Keywords Research Region
Burton, F.D.
Chew, J.J.
Drewitt, B.R.
Kleindienst, M.R.
Martha A. LattaLatta, Martha A.
Associate Professor Emerita (UTSC)
(416) 946-0122
AP 204Archaeology, prehistory and historical materials analysis, computer methodsCanada, Eastern North America, Ontario
Richard B. LeeLee, Richard B.
AP 204Social-cultural anthropology, political economy, ecology, hunters & gatherers, indigenous rights, medical anthropology, AIDSAfrica, North America
Levin, Michael D.
Associate Professor Emeritus
AP 204Social cultural anthropology, ethnicity, nationalism, human rightsWest Africa
Mavalwala, J.
Susan K. PfeifferPfeiffer, Susan K.
Bioarchaeology, palaeopathology, adult age estimation methods, natural selection in past Homo sapiens, evolutionary theory, African foragers & pastoralists, First Nations of the Great Lakes regionSouthern Africa, Northern Kenya, North American Great Lakes
Philpott, S.B.
Ray, A.K.
W.J. SamarinSamarin, W.J.
(416) 978-5547
AP 204
B.A. SigmonSigmon, B.A.
Palaeoanthropology, Human Evolution
Gavin A. SmithSmith, Gavin A.
AP 204Social anthropology, livelihood and political expression, global/local interfaces, political economy and historical realist theoryWest Europe, Latin America
Turner, David H.
(416) 978-6909
Rm. 35 (TC) Angel’s RoostReligion and spirituality, methodologyAustralia, Canadian Arctic