V. Firat Bozcali

V. Firat Bozcali

V. Firat Bozcali, Ph.D. (Stanford University, 2017)
Assistant Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)

Office: HSC 394

Research Keywords: Anthropology of Law, Anthropology of State and Politics, Political Economy, Science and Technology Studies, Borders and Transnational Flows, Legal Evidence and Evidentiary Regimes, Documents and Paperwork, and Infrastructure.

Research Region: Turkey, Iraq, Middle East

Research Bio

My research interests lie at the intersection of political and legal anthropology, political economy, transnational flows, and science and technology studies, with a focus on the modern Middle East. I am currently working on a book project. Based on 20 months of ethnographic fieldwork in Van, a predominantly Kurdish-populated province on the Turkish-Iranian border, the book examines how Kurdish smugglers and their lawyers negotiate and rework the official borders of commodity markets through techno-legal practices that range from official paperwork to expert witness processes. Combining a focus on materiality, the dynamics of national and global capitalism, and local regimes of political and moral values, my work shows how techno-legal processes enable unexpected political agencies and subjectivities to unfold.

Major Awards and Grants

2016 Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, Stanford Humanities Center

2013 Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Dissertational Research Grant

2012 National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant in Cultural Anthropology and Law & Social Studies.


2014, “Hukuki-Maddi bir kategori olarak sınır: Türkiye-Iran sınırında kaçakçılık, mahkeme süreçleri ve sınırın ‘resmi’ temsilleri [Border as a legal-material category: Smuggling in the Turkish-Iranian Border, legal processes, and ‘official’ figures of borders]” Toplum ve Bilim, Vol. 131: 135-162.

(co-authored with Sandrine Bertaux) 2013, “Curbing Marriages of Convenience? Female Labor Migrants, Patriarchal Domination, and the 2003 Biopolitical Securitization of Turkish Citizenship” In X. Guillaume & J. Huysmans (Eds.) Citizenship and Security: The Constitution of Political Being, Abingdon, UK and New York: Routledge.

2011, “The Illegal Oil Trade Along Turkey’s Borders,” Middle East Report, Number 261, Vol. 41 No. 4: 24-29.

Graduate Students

Ferda Nur Demirci