Shawn Lehman

Shawn Lehman

Shawn Lehman, Ph.D. (Washington University, St. Louis, 1999)
Associate Professor, St. George Campus

(416) 978-4003
Office: AP 404A (Main), AP 404 (Lab)

Research Keywords: Primate evolutionary ecology, Landscape ecology of lemurs and trees, Conservation biogeography of primates.

Research Region: Madagascar, Guyana


Research Bio

The longitudinal research objective that my students and I pursue is to integrate evolutionary ecology and conservation biogeography to model primate responses to anthropogenic disturbances. The specific aim of our research program is to determine how forest loss, forest fragmentation, and forest edges influence lemur ecology in Madagascar. Most of our research takes place in tropical dry forests in and around Ankarafantsika National Park, in NW Madagascar.


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Graduate Students

T. Jean Arseneau-Robar

Keren Klass

Fernando Malabet

Malcolm S. Ramsay