Max Friesen

Max Friesen

Max Friesen, Ph.D. (McGill University, 1995)
Professor, St. George Campus; Chair, Arctic Working Group

(416) 978-4505
Office: AP 400A (Main), AP 400 (Lab)

Research Keywords: Arctic, Archaeology, Zooarchaeology, Ethnohistory, Community Archaeology, Climate Change

Research Region: North American Arctic

Research Bio

Max Friesen is an archaeologist specializing in the North American Arctic. His research explores how the linkages between social organization, world view, economy, technology, environment, and landscape have shaped northern peoples’ lives over the past 5,000 years. He has performed fieldwork in many locations in the Central and Western Arctic, with particular focus in the Cambridge Bay region of Nunavut and the Mackenzie Delta region of the Northwest Territories. His research is performed in collaboration with northern communities and organizations, and is intended to have a positive impact in the North as well as in academic contexts. A secondary focus is on zooarchaeology, the study of animal bones from archaeological sites. The Anthropology Department at the U of T is an excellent place to perform graduate research, and Max is always interested in hearing from talented prospective graduate students.

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2017  Mason, Owen K. and T. Max Friesen. Out of the Cold: Archaeology on the Arctic Rim of North America. Society for American Archaeology Press, Washington DC.

2016  Friesen, T. Max and Owen K. Mason (editors). The Oxford Handbook of the Prehistoric Arctic. Oxford University Press, New York.

2013  Friesen, T. Max. When Worlds Collide: Hunter-Gatherer World-Systems in the 19th Century Canadian Arctic. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

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Graduate Students

Paulina Scheck

Taylor Thornton