Liye Xie

Liye Xie

Liye Xie, Ph.D. (University of Arizona, 2014)
Assistant Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)

(905) 828-3782
Office: HSC 346 (Main), AP 242 (St. George)

Research Keywords: Archaeology, experimental archaeology, use-wear analysis, technological changes, groundstone tools, bone tools, prehistoric land-use strategies, and cultural transmission.

Research Region: China

Research Bio

Dr. Xie is a problem-oriented, interdisciplinary researcher and a lifetime learner. Her research focuses on technological adaptations that underwrote the emergence and intensification of agriculture, sedentism, and social complexity. She employs broad ranges of theories and research strategies in order to explain technological choices by people in the past. She specializes on the acquisition, production,  and consumption of bone and ground/polished stone tools, spanning the incipient Neolithic period to Early Bronze Age in various regions of China. Many of her projects involve use-wear analysis and intensive archaeological experimentation.

With over a decade of experience in studying prehistoric technologies, Dr. Xie’s work demonstrates that activities and conceptions associated with technology are closely tied to almost all aspects of human lives, in prehistory as today. These links range from basic consideration such as resource management and production, to the division of labor, cultural transmission, settlement patterns, and community organization.

Dr. Xie’s next project deals with labor organization and social complexity in relation to large Neolithic earthworks in the Lower Yangzi Basin and Middle Yellow River Valley. It will focus on the concentration of power through recruiting labor and craftspeople in large prehistoric architectural projects.

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Graduate Students

Tiziana Gallo

Prospective Graduate Students

I am interested in supervising students working on ancient technology, prehistoric landscape modification, or Chinese archaeology. Students with experience in conducting archaeological experiments, or who plan to include experimental archaeology in their research, are especially welcomed.