Jack Sidnell

Jack Sidnell

Jack Sidnell, Ph.D. (University of Toronto, 1998)
Professor, Mississauga Campus (UTM)

(905) 828-3776
Office: HSC 360 (Main) and AP 217

Research Keywords: Linguistic anthropology, Social interaction; Ethics; Person, Self and Subjectivity

Research Region: Caribbean; Vietnam; India

Website: http://utoronto.academia.edu/JackSidnell

Research Bio

Jack Sidnell has conducted field research in the Caribbean, Vietnam, India and North America. The structures of social interaction have been the object of long term study. Other research has focused on the anthropology of knowledge and the ontology of action. His current research examines interlocutor reference (i.e. reference to speaker and hearer) in Vietnamese across a range of contexts including those involving the socialization of young children and those involving forms of public address (e.g. television and radio). This research poses a set of broad theoretical questions concerning the linguistic mediation of social relations and the consequences of linguistic diversity for social life.


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