Holly Wardlow

Holly Wardlow

Holly Wardlow, Ph.D., MPH (Emory University, 2000)
Professor, St. George Campus

(416) 978-2199
Office: AP 234

Research Keywords: Medical anthropology, feminist anthropology, international health, gender and sexuality, HIV/AIDS

Research Region: Papua New Guinea

Research Bio

Dr. Wardlow is currently finishing one project and beginning another. The first is a collaborative project funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, “Love, Marriage and HIV/AIDS: A Multi-Site Study of Gender and HIV Risk.” This is a five-country comparative ethnographic study of married women’s risk for HIV in five countries: Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Nigeria, Uganda, and Vietnam.  Dr. Warlow’s colleagues on this project are Jennifer Hirsch (Columbia University), Daniel Smith (Brown University), Shanti Parikh (Washington University in St. Louis), and Harriet Phinney (University of Washington). For more information see www.mailman.hs.columbia.edu/sms/cgsh/lmhiv1.html

The second project, funded by SSHRC, is “The Moral Politics of ‘Reliable Personhood’ and the Social Life of Antiretroviral Therapy Policy in Papua New Guinea.” Dr. Warlow’s plan is to investigate Papua New Guinea’s ART program from three different social locations:

(1) the policy arena, where national and international actors work together, although sometimes at odds with each other, to create and implement goals, procedures, and rules for making ART available to patients;

(2) the clinical arena, where nurses and doctors are put in the position of gatekeepers, not only monitoring patients’ well-being on ART, but also deciding which HIV- positive patients gain access to ART, and

(3) the lived experience of patients who are on ART, particularly how they incorporate the antiretroviral regimen into their daily lives and how they manage potential conflicts between “patient-hood” and personhood–that is, the difficulties encountered in trying to meet expectations of being good, reliable patients while also being enmeshed in the obligations and pleasures of daily life.


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Graduate Students

Anna-Louise Crago

Veronica Grigio

Hannah Quinn

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