Gillian Gillison

Gillian Gillison

Gillian Gillison, Ph.D. (CUNY, 1978)
Associate Professor, St. George Campus
*ON LEAVE January 1-June 30, 2020*

(416) 978-4006 (Main)
Office: TC 36 (Trinity College)

Research Keywords: Study of myth and ritual in non-literate societies, religion in the history of Anthropological theory, psychoanalysis

Research Region: Oceania


1993 Gillian Gillison. Between Culture and Fantasy: A New Guinea Highlands Mythology Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Chapter in Edited Book:
2011. Gillian Gillison “Narcissisme, Animisme et Logique Genocidaire: Rever la Culture Chez les Gimi de la Papouasie-Nouvelle Guinée.” In André Barbier et Myriam Boubli (Eds) L’Oedipe Perspectivs Actuelles. Paris: L’Harmattan.

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals:
2016. Whatever Happened to the Mother? A New Look at the Old Problem of the Mother’s Brother in Three New Guinea Societies: Gimi, Daribi and Iatmul. Oceania Volume 86 Issue 1 (2016): 2-14. Winner of the 2016 Australian Anthropological Society (AAS) Article Prize.

2013. Gillian Gillison “The ‘Dividual Androgyne’ and Me: a Personal Affair.” Oceania Volume 83, Issue 2 (2013):118-129.

2010.  Gillian Gillison “Culture: A Post Concept?” Journal of Interdisciplinary History (MIT), XLI: 1 (Autumn), 243-263.