Colloquia, Brownbags, and Seminars

photo of Prof. Rebecca Stein speaking at an October 2013 Colloquium

Prof. Rebecca Stein speaking at an October 2013 Colloquium. Photo by Jenn Eensild


The Department of Anthropology hosts colloquia regularly throughout the academic year.

Archaeology Centre

The Archaeology Centre hostsĀ events regularly throughout the academic year.

Development Seminar Series

The Development Seminar is sponsored by the Faculty of Arts & Science. It is co-sponsored by the departments of Anthropology, Geography, Political Science and Sociology. It collaborates and cross-lists relevant events with the Asian Institute, African Studies, Latin American Studies, Transnational and Diaspora Studies, the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, the Law and Development Seminar at the Law School, and York University.

Ethnography Lab Speaker Series

The Ethnography Lab aims to put on a small-scale regular speaker series during the academic year. The events typically take place on Friday afternoons at 5 p.m. in room AP 330 at 19 Russell Street.

The Ethnography Lab also has interest group clusters which are responsible for planning and organizing talks about the facets of ethnographic research and engagement. Please contact the cluster convenor if you would like to propose a topic or offer yourself as a speaker.

Got Anthropology?

Got Anthropology? is a speaker series developed to bring anthropology to a wider audience. Each event is intended to present a Big Question, as well as the many smaller questions that anthropologists use to better understand humans and societies. These larger concepts and questions are presented by a diverse lineup of graduate students, who draw on their own research and experiences to make complicated topics more accessible to the Toronto community. Our goal is to stimulate conversation and debate through great ideas, while breaking down barriers between academia and the public by providing a friendly atmosphere for communication.

Graduate Professionalization Workshop Series

The Graduate Professionalization Workshop series aims to prepare graduate students for anthropological careers both in and outside academia. Workshops held as part of this series cover topics such as: writing grant applications, navigating the academic job-market, presenting and interviewing at professional conferences, academic publishing, and anthropological careers in health, development, museums, and consultancy. Please refer to the department calendar for event details.

UTSC Centre for Ethnography Events

The Centre for Ethnography was established in 2007 to foster and promote ethnographic research and writing at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). The Centre for Ethnography hosts an exciting annual speakers series, international workshops, undergraduate methods and research courses, and an annual competition for a fellowship in ethnographic writing. People carrying out ethnographic fieldwork in the Toronto region may affiliate with the Centre for Ethnography while in Toronto, and are welcome to attend our speakers series and other events.

SCL Discussion Series

The purpose of this series is to gather Anthropology graduate students and faculty with the aim of discussing work-in-progress and gaining a greater understanding of each others ideas. Participants are asked to read the speaker’s paper in advance for this forum of discussion and exchange.