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Max Friesen’s Project to Preserve Traditional Knowledge

In late July, a group of 10 people with ties to Bathurst Inlet travelled there to collect oral history stories, traditional knowledge, myths, legends, and Inuinnaqtun phrases. This is part of a five-year traditional knowledge preservation project spearheaded by the Kitikmeot Heritage Society and Professor Max Friesen.

Read the full article in the CBC News.

Diverse Exchanges: Osaka Respect Summer School in Multicultural Studies

Earlier this spring, the Osaka University RESPECT (Revitalizing And Enriching Society Through Pluralism, Equity And Cultural Transformation) Summer School in Multicultural Studies was held in Toronto, sponsored by the Asian Institute at the Munk School of Global Affairs and the Department of Anthropology.

This year, the fifth and final year, twelve graduate students came for the intensive week-long program from April 26th to May 4th. While the program evolved over the five years, its core focus was on teaching the visiting students the possibilities, challenges, and realities of multiculturalism as a national policy in Canada and an everyday practice of living in Toronto. It was divided into three core clusters combining seminars and field trips around the city. The program culminated each year in a joint-graduate student workshop, which brought together presentations from the Osaka University graduate students with students from the University of Toronto. While the program in Toronto has come to an end, there are plans for Osaka University to invite UofT students in 2019.

Read the full report.

2018-19 Anthropology Graduate dates and deadlines

September 17, 2018 Independent Reading Course requests for Fall 2018 due in ANT Graduate Office – details at:
September 19, 2018 2019-20 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) application deadline – notice circulated via Graduate Student listserv on July 6, 2018
September 21, 2018 Department Program Statements due in Anthropology Graduate Office – further details are described at
October 2, 2018 2019-20  NSERC CGS and PGS Doctoral Competition doctoral applications department deadline – please refer to SGS Award announcement circulated August 27, 2018 through the Graduate Student List Serve.
TBA 2019-20 Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships deadline – 
October 9, 2018 2019-20 SSHRC Doctoral Scholarships department deadline – please refer to the SGS Award Announcement circulated through the Graduate Student List Serve on August 28, 2018
December 1, 2018

2019-20 Canada Graduate Scholarships- Master’s Program (CGS M):CIHR – Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships NSERC – Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships SSHRC – Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships—-

Students should refer to the CGS M application instructions currently housed on NSERC’s website for details on how to complete their application. Applicants must complete and submit the online application using the Research Portal. Additionally the Canadian Common CV (CCV) must be completed and the confirmation number uploaded into the CGS M application on Research Portal.

 TBA Ontario Women’s Scholars

SELECT LANGUAGES  Formerly Study Elsewhere of Less Commonly Taught Languages for Research Purposes

January 11, 2019 Graduate course grades to be submitted by instructors of Anthropology Graduate Courses. Most grades are submitted through E-marks with the exception of Independent Study courses grades, which are submitted directly to the ANT Graduate Office, in paper copy.
January 14, 2019 Independent Reading Course requests for Winter 2019 due in ANT Graduate Office – details at:
January 26, 2019 2019-20 Ontario Graduate Scholarship award department deadline 
TBA Anthropology research and conference funds for 2019-20
 March 15, 2019

Scholarships Awarded by the Faculty of Arts and Science Student Awards Committee –

Note that to be considered for the Vivienne Poy Chancellor’s Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences, applicants should complete and submit the application to Natalia Krencil by March 1, 2019


2019-20 SGS University-Wide Awards

 May 10, 2019 Graduate course grades to be submitted by instructors of Anthropology Graduate Courses. Most grades are submitted through E-marks with the exception of Independent Study courses grades, which are submitted directly to the ANT Graduate Office, in paper copy.
TBA Subsequent appointments – deadline to respond to department regarding intent to take up subsequent appointment
TBA Substitution funding application deadline – please see details regarding substitution funding on our website about Teaching Assistantships –
 TBA Doctoral Completion Award application deadline

Susan Pfeiffer Receives JJ Berry Smith Supervision Award

We are thrilled to announce Dr. Susan Pfeiffer is the recipient of the JJ Berry Smith Supervision Award. Susan has taught in the Department of Anthropology since 1999. During that time, she has supervised 12 PhD and 21 Master’s students. A “strong advocate for graduate students,” Susan has been praised for being an academic “known for her integrity” whose own work with human remains and the sensitive intersections between history and identity affirm “her commitment to the interwoven concerns of both science and humanism.” In the words of twelve former students, “Susan has had a profound impact on her advisees by fostering a strong, collaborative, and challenging academic community; setting high standards and pushing [her students] to address important questions; and demonstrating impeccable ethics in a field fraught with political implications.”

Recipients received a JJ Berry Smith Supervisory Award Certificate, their name on a plaque housed at the School of Graduate Studies, as well as a SGS Conference or Travel Grant to be awarded by the recipient to support a current doctoral student.

Congratulations, Susan!

Victoria Sheldon & Aleksa Alaica receive 2017-18 TA Award

Congratulations to Victoria Sheldon and Aleksa Alaica, whose nominations for the 2017-18 departmental TA Award were both successful.

In recognition of her contributions to the STEP program, Aleksa helped undergraduate students pursue their academic and career goals, connecting them with professional archaeologists and anthropologists.

Victoria designed realizable goals, provided superior feedback on essays and assignments, and nurtured enthusiasm to try new things in the classroom. She achieved high standards while being a TA in an astonishing six courses.

Students of Anthropology: Hazel Stuart and the Indigenous Peoples of Papua New Guinea


A new artifact display was unveiled at the Department of Anthropology building on the St. George Campus this month. Students of Anthropology: Hazel Stuart and the Indigenous Peoples of Papua New Guinea, located on the third floor of building, presents a selection of artifacts and travel ephemera recently donated to the Department by Hazel Stuart. Stuart, at the time a recent anthropology graduate of the University of Western Ontario, volunteered at a Papua New Guinea high school from 1973 to 1975. She donated her collection to the University of Toronto for it to be used by students and publicly displayed.

The display explores the social, economic, and spiritual climates of Papua New Guinea in the 1970s, as well as the process of collecting and the work of anthropologists, through the Indigenous cultural objects and travel ephemera collected by Stuart with assistance from her friend Donna Chowder.

The display was curated and constructed by graduate students Madison Stirling and Emily Welsh of the University of Toronto’s Master of Museum Studies Program in collaboration with the Department of Anthropology. The project was funded by the Faculty of Information and the Department of Anthropology.

Madison Laurin Wins Richard B. Lee Award

Congratulations to Madison Laurin, the 2017 recipient of the Richard B. Lee award for her essay, “The Everyday Study of Resource Politics,” written for ANT 486H1S: Special Topics: Socio-Cultural Research Seminar: Politics of Resources: Accumulation, Agency and Nature under Contemporary Capitalism. The Awards Committee appreciated the critical review of the pertinent literature, and the ethnographic case-studies (Ontario, Hawai’i and Standing Rock) demonstrated the politics of refusal demands consideration in interpreting indigenous responses to corporate policies and resource extraction. The Committee also commended the clear and engaging writing style.

Max Friesen & Bence Viola Awarded SSHRC Insight Grants

Richard B. Lee Named to Order of Canada

Irv and Richard at SAfA in Toronto June 2012

Richard B Lee (right) with Irv DeVore at the Kalahari Reflections Event held at U of T in June 2012. Photo is courtesy Alison Brooks.

Congratulations to Prof. Emeritus Richard B. Lee! He was recently named as an Officer of the Order of Canada in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of science. For a list of the other 100 appointees, see