Michael Lambek to Give Tanner Lecture at University of Michigan

Professor Michael Lambek has been invited to give the Tanner Lecture on Human Values at the University of Michigan on January 31, 2019. The title of his lecture is “Concepts and Persons.”

The Lectures are given in parallel at nine universities in the UK and the USA: Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Berkeley, Michigan and Utah. Previous lecturers include Isabel Allende, Margaret Atwood, Judith Butler, Umberto Eco, Didier Fassin, Michel Foucault, Peter Galison, Clifford Geertz, Michael Ignatieff, Toni Morrison, Salman Rushdie, Marshall Sahlins, Elaine Scarry, Amartya Sen, and Charles Taylor.

“Appointment as a Tanner lecturer is a recognition for uncommon achievement and outstanding abilities in the field of human values.” Read the official description of the appointment of a Tanner Lecturer.