Heather Miller Appointed Vice-Dean, Teaching & Learning at UTM

Photo of Prof. Heather Miller

Prof. Heather Miller has been appointed Vice-Dean, Teaching & Learning at UTM

Congratulations to Prof. Heather Miller! Effective January 1, 2017, she will be taking on a new role at UTM as the Vice-Dean of Teaching and Learning. She will serve in that position until June 30, 2018. Prof. Miller is currently the Chair of Anthropology at UTM and we wish her great success in her new administrative appointment! Here’s what the UTM Vice-Principal Academic and Dean had to say about Prof. Miller in the formal announcement:

Heather Miller has an admirable reputation as an outstanding teacher with a strong commitment to undergraduate education and an exemplary record of service within the University, serving on governance bodies, acting as graduate coordinator for the tri-campus graduate department, as well as various other committees.  Professor Miller has the capacity to work well with colleagues across the university and insight into both undergraduate and graduate teaching.  Her administrative abilities and collegial and consultative approach will serve the university well.