Bricoleur Call for Submissions

The Bricoleur

Volume 1: Call for Submissions

The Bricoleur is a new periodical published by graduate students in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto. We publish innovative work from contributors worldwide in an accessible format, bringing anthropological conversations into the public domain. We welcome diverse, multi-media submissions from all sub-fields of the discipline.

The editorial board is now inviting submissions that speak to our inaugural theme: “emergence”. The following questions may be helpful in guiding your submissions, but please feel free to propose other interpretations of this theme:

  • Does your work involve an emerging technology or method?

  • Does your research engage with emerging social formations?

  • Did you encounter novel challenges during your fieldwork work that encouraged you to take your research in a new or unexpected direction?

  • Are unexpected findings emerging from ongoing archaeological excavation?

  • What material grounds allow (or prevent) something to emerge?

  • What are the ethical or political stakes of working with emergent forces, materials, or methods?

  • How can we trace or problematize the etymology of ‘emergence’, or, more simply, what does it mean to ‘emerge’?

  • Is your research on the forefront of emerging theoretical trends in anthropology?

We accept text, photographic, video, and audio submissions. Please send us a 250 word abstract or proposal that outlines what your submission intends to discuss or show. The editorial board reviews all submissions and works with authors and content-creators to establish guidelines for submission length and format. Submissions may be tied to existing research or to theoretical and methodological explorations (including future research directions).

We have a full peer-review process in place for scholarly submissions, but we also welcome submissions that provide commentary on emerging public issues, which will be posted to our blog.

For more information, visit our website,, where you’ll find detailed submission guidelines as well as example submissions.

Unsure if your work fits within this theme?  Wondering if your research can be published on our platform?  Please contact us at