ANT415Y Instructions for Enrolment

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Course Description:

Faunal archaeo-osteology (also referred to as zooarchaeology) is a sub-discipline of archaeology, specializing in the study of animal bones in order to address issues as diverse as diet, site seasonality, hunting methods, animal domestication, trade and even prehistoric social stratification. This course is intended to introduce students to both the practical skills necessary to identify fragmentary bones, and the rapidly expanding body of method and theory which is available for their interpretation. Class will consist of a variable combination of lectures, demonstrations, lab activities, and seminar discussions. A key component of the course is the identification of a sample of at least 500 bones by each student.

  • Prerequisite: ARH 312Y

Distribution Requirement Status: This is a Social Science or Science course
Breadth Requirement: The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5) + Living Things and Their Environment (4)