Site Name: Seed-Barker
Borden No.: AkGv-1
County: York
Township: Vaughan
Culture: Late Iroquoian
Research Date: 1951; summer 1974


Ongoing Work at the Seed-Barker Site

The Seed-Barker site was first excavated by Dr. Ronald B. Orr in 1895. At that time the site was called Little Humber site. The name used today reflects two previous property owners of the site. Excavations took place again in 1925 and, by the University of Toronto, in 1951. These excavations were limited in area. Unfortunately over 3.5 acres of the site were removed in gravel pitting operations in the 1960s. There was no salvage of the site at that time and a great deal of information was irretrievably lost. At the time this work was done there was no heritage legislation to protect the site. Almost two acres of the site remains and the land on which the site is located was purchased by the Metropolitan and Toronto Region Conservation Authority (MTRCA). MTRCA has protected the site and has overseen the excavations conducted there. Archaeologists from the ROM, in conjunction with the MTRCA, returned to excavate in 1975. Since then an archaeological field school has been run almost every year. Robert W.C. Burgar, MTRCA staff archaeologist, has been the project director since 1983. The collection and field notes from the MTRCA excavations are at the ROM.

The ROM has an extensive and fascinating website about the 1997 excavations at the Seed-Barker site. The work for the 1997 season was directed at completing the excavation of longhouses 15 and 16. In particular the work identified the internal details of the houses and helped to define their boundaries.


See also the ROM's website about the Seed-Barker site at: