Site Name: Bennett

Borden No.: AiGx-1

County: Halton

Township: Nelson

Culture: Pickering

Research Date: October 1961; Fall 1962

Bennett Site Excavations

The Bennett site is an Early Iroquoian site that was occupied in the mid 13th century. It is located just northwest of the city of Hamilton on a small knoll amongst gently rolling hills. It was excavated by a fall student dig in 1961 and a joint National Museum - University of Toronto - McMaster University excavation in the summer of 1962. The 1962 excavation was directed by J.V. Wright and the field crew included G. MacDonald from the National Museum, W. Noble, M. Spence, U. Linnamae and H. Soucy. J.V. Wright's report on the Bennett site was published by the National Museum of Canada in 1969.

Judy Chute recording post mould patterns 1962