Site Name:  Aurora

Borden No.: BaGu-2
County: York
Township: Whitchurch-Stouffville
Culture: Late Iroquoian
Research Date:  April 1947; 1957


"The Old Fort Site"

The Aurora site, also known as the Old Fort, the Old Indian Fort, the Murphy Farm site or the Hill Fort, was excavated in 1947 and in 1957. The 1947 excavation was the first student excavation by the University of Toronto. Students were from the Medical Class of 5T2.

The site is located on a high hilltop on the northwest corner of the old Murphy Farm just east of Vandorf, at the headwaters of the Holland River. European trade goods have been found at this site. Ceramic analysis places this site between the Downsview and McKenzie sites to the south and the Warminster site to the north.

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