Site Name: Thompson
Borden No.: AkGt-20
County: York
Township: Scarborough
Culture: Middle Ontario Iroquoian
Research Date: Oct. 1956


The Thompson site is located on the north bank of Highland Creek in Scarborough. It was excavated by a fall student excavation in 1956. The site is from the Middleport period of the Middle Ontario Iroquoian time period. In her study of Middleport sites, M. Kapches (1981) puts the Thompson site as the earliest site in the Markham region. Later Middleport sites in the area include the Elliot site and the Robb site, both of which were excavated by the Ontario Archaeological Society.


 Staff on site 1965

Left to Right:  T.F. McIlwraith, ?, R.C. Dailey, J.N. Emerson