Thompson Artifacts


Juvenile vessel and pipe stem



Stone celt



Worked deer phalanx and bone awl



Painted ceramic sherd


Both red paint and stripes of black paint have been found on ceramics from Ontario sites (see the Ault Park artifacts page for information about red paint on ceramics). Black stripes of paint have been reported very rarely. The curator of this exhibit has seen black stripes of paint on ceramics from the MacLeod site (mid 1400's) in Oshawa and the Thompson site in Scarborough shown here. J.V. Wright in his 1966 book, mentioned that there were sherds that had been recovered from Middle Ontario Iroquois, Glen Meyer sites in southwestern Ontario with a single vertical stripe of black paint on them. He also mentioned that identical sherds had been seen on Middle Ontario Iroquois stage sites east of Toronto and a single specimen was found on the Miller site of the Pickering branch.

More study is necessary into this rare aspect of Ontario ceramics.