Site Name: Bosomworth
Borden No.: BaGv-1
County: Simcoe
Township: West Gwillimbury
Culture: Late Iroquoian
Research Date: Fall 1958, Fall 1959

The Bosomworth Site

This four-acre village was located on the farm of Norman Bosomworth, a few miles northwest of the Town of Bradford. This site was the scene of two fall student digs in 1958 and 1959 during which time three middens were excavated. A little creek flows to the north of the site. This creek joins Innisfil Creek and these form part of the headwaters of the Nottawasaga River, which eventually enters Georgian Bay.

Peter Ramsden has suggested that Bosomworth may be a successor of the Beeton site, which was excavated by the Ontario Archaeological Society in the late 1960s and the University of Toronto at Scarborough in 1976. He has also suggested that Bosomworth may be one of the predecessors of the Warminster site.



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Pot sherds in situ 1958 or '59

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