Site Name: Benson
Borden No.: BdGr-1
County: Victoria
Township: Bexley
Occupation Date: Middle 1500s
Culture: Late Iroquoian/Protohistoric
Research Date: June 29-Aug, 14, 1951; Oct.-Nov. 1955; 1976

Research at the Benson Site

The Benson Site, located in Victoria County within the Trent River Valley, was excavated by Dr. Emerson and the OAS during the fall of 1951 and again in the fall of 1955. Both times the excavation focused on the testing of several of the village's garbage dumps or middens. The Benson Site was explored again in 1976 and 1977 by Peter Ramsden of McMaster University, as part of a Trent Valley Iroquoian Research project. These later excavations exposed portions of 26 longhouses and much of the palisade, and would be the topic of many of Dr. Ramsden's papers on Huron prehistory.

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