Ault Park

Site Name: Ault Park
Borden No.: BgFr-1
County: Stormont
Township: Cornwall
Culture: Multi-component-Middle Archaic, Laurentian, Archaic, Meadowood, Point Peninsula, Pickering, St. Lawrence Iroquois
Research Date: 1956-1958

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The Flooding of the Ault Park Site 

The Ault Park site was located on the southwestern tip of Sheek Island overlooking the Long Sault Rapids on the St. Lawrence River, eight miles west of Cornwall.  The site was excavated between 1956 and 1958 as a combined project of the University of Toronto and the National Museum of Canada.  Some of the field assistants were: Bruce Drewitt, Richard Pearson, Paul Sweetman, Bruce Trigger and James Wright.  The project was a salvage operation as Sheek Island was flooded by the St. Lawrence Power Project in 1958 and the site was covered with 14 feet of water. 

The St. Lawrence Power Project was a massive joint undertaking between the governments of Ontario and New York.  It involved the construction of a dam between Barnhart Island on the American side and the Canadian mainland, approximately two miles west of Cornwall, Ontario.  Flooding caused by this dam affected a thirty-three mile stretch of the northern shore from Cardinal to Cornwall and partially or completely flooded several villages and islands, including Sheek Island where the Ault Park site was located. 

Research is continuing on the collection from the Ault Park site.  Robert Pihl is currently working on a Ph.D. dissertation about this multi-component site.  


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