Mentoring Program


Students who have recently chosen to pursue a specialist degree in Anthropology will have the opportunity to be a part of the STEP Forward Mentor-ship Program. The purpose of this initiative is to connect new Anthropology students with upper-year Anthropology students who have experience with the program. Through this mentor-ship initiative, mentees will have an informal way of receiving important advice, guidance, and information as you navigate your degree path. Together, you and your mentor will attend and participate in all experiential workshops sessions that should be a helpful guide and resource for you if you’re interested in gaining a hands-on experience in Anthropology. For Mentors, this is a great opportunity for you to give back to your community as you will be sharing invaluable information and experience with your mentees. It’s also another way for you to get involved on campus and your department. Mentor Training will take place early in the fall semester.

Mentors and mentees will meet both in facilitated sessions at the Experiential Workshops three times a year and in unstructured meetings in the other months of the school year. To apply for this program, please email Aleksa Alaica (at with your name and contact information or see the Student Life Mentorship Resource Centre