Summer 2016 Undergraduate Timetable

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Course Title Section Day/Time Room Instructor Website
ANT 100Y1Y Introduction to Anthropology L5101 MW6-8  BL205 Lehman/Clark  through Blackboard
T5101 M8  AP302
T5201 W5  AP302
ANT 200Y1Y Introduction to Archaeology L5101 TR6-8  LM158 M. Gregg  through Blackboard
ANT 204H1F Anthropology of the Contemporary World L0101 TR10-12  SS1085 S. Yang  through Blackboard
T0101 T12 SS562
T0201 T1 SS562
T0301 R12 SS562
ANT 207H1S Core Concepts in Social and Cultural Anthropology L0101 MW10-12  SS1085 J. Taylor  through Blackboard
T0101 M12  SS1084
T0201 M1  SS1084
T0301 W12  SS2111
ANT 253H1S Language and Society L0101 TR2-4  BA1180 M. Danesi  through Blackboard
ANT 330Y1S Paleoanthropology Field School L0101 TBA D. Begun
ANT 343H1S Social Anthropology of Gender L5101 TR6-8  SS2106 K. Nixon  through Blackboard
ANT 346H1F Anthropology of Food L5101 MW6-8  SS1083 D. Clark  through Blackboard
ANT 348H1S Medical Anthropology: Social Cultural Perspectives (Anthropology of Health) L0101 M2-4, R10-12  LM155 K. Maxwell
ANT 351H1F Contested Environments L0101 TR2-4  SS1083 C. Gonzalez  through Blackboard
ARH 306Y1F Archaeological Field Methods L0101 MTWRF9-5  AP130 Duffy/Stewart
ANT 497Y1Y Independent Research
ANT 498H1F Independent Research
ANT 499H1S Independent Research
Last Updated: June 21, 2016