2014-15 Undergraduate Timetable

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Course Title Section Day/Time Room Instructor Website
ANT 100Y1Y Introduction to Anthropology L5101 R6-8  CH Kalmar/Lehman/Friesen website
ANT 110H1F Nature: A Cultural Introduction L5101 T6-8  KP108 H. Cunningham  Blackboard
ANT 200Y1Y Introduction to Archaeology L5101 M6-8  ES1050 Chazan/Patton  Blackboard
T0101 T10  LM155
T0201 T11  SS2128
T0301 T12  BF215
T0401 W1  SS2128
T0501 W2  LM157
T0601 W3  BF323
T0701 R1  BF215
T0801 R2  LM155
T5101 M8  BF215
T5201 W5  SS1069
ANT 203Y1Y The Nature of Humans L5101 T6-8  MS3154  Wade/Reid  Blackboard
P0101 W10  AP130
P0201 W11  AP130
P0301 W12  AP130
P0401 W1  AP130
P0501 W2  AP130
P0601 W4  AP130
P5101 W5  AP130
P5201 W6  AP130
ANT 204H1F Anthropology of the Contemporary World L0101 W4-6  ES1050 P. Dave  Blackboard
T0101 R10  RW142
T0201 R11  RW142
T0301 R12  BF215
T0401 R1  RW142
T0501 R2  RW142
T0601 R3  RW142
T0701 R4  BF215
T0801 F10  RW142  CANCELLED
T0901 F11  RW142  CANCELLED
T1001 F12  RW142
T1101 F1  RW142  CANCELLED
T5101 W6  RW142
T5201 W7  RW142
T5301 R5  BF323
ANT 207H1F Core Concepts in Social and Cultural Anthropology L0101 R2-4  PBB250 J. Boddy  Blackboard
T0101 W10  LM155  CANCELLED
T0201 W11  LM157  CANCELLED
T0301 W12  BF323
T0401 W1  LM155
T0501 W2  LM155
T0601 R10  LM155  CANCELLED
T0701 R11  LM155  CANCELLED
T0801 R12  LM155
T0901 R1  UC52
T1001 R4  UC376
ANT 208H1F Medical Anthropology: An Evolutionary Perspective on Human Health L0101 R10-12  OIG162  D. Sellen  Blackboard
T0101 R12  RW142
T0201 R1  SS2128
T0301 R2  LM157
T0401 R3  LM155
T0501 R4  LM157
T0601 F10  LM155
T0701 F11  LM155
T0801 F12  LM155
T0901 F1  LM155
T5101 R5  LM155
ANT 253H1S Language and Society L5101 T6-8  OIG162 M. Danesi
ANT 315H1F Arctic Archaeology L0101 W2-4  SS2108 M. Friesen  Blackboard
ANT 317H1S Archaeology of Eastern North America L0101 W2-4  SS2106 K. Patton
ANT 322H1F Anthropology of Youth Culture L0101 W2-4  ES1050 M. Danesi
ANT 324H1F Tourism and Globalization (formerly ANT 443H) L0101 T4-6  SS1073 J. Stinson  Blackboard
ANT 329H1F Language and Power Structure L0101 T10-12  MP134 H. Luong  Blackboard
T0101 T4  SS2120
T0201 W10  SS621
T0301 W2  UC44
T5101 T5  SS2129
ANT 333Y1Y Living Primate Adaptations L0101 T12-2  LM158 Lehman/Reid  Blackboard
P0101 F12-2  AP130
P0201 F3-5  AP130
ANT 334H1F Human Skeletal Biology L0101 W10-12  SS2108 S. Pfeiffer  Blackboard
P0101 R10-12  AP130
P0201 R1-3  AP130
ANT 335Y1F  Human Evolution L0101 M10-12  SS2106 D. Begun
P0101 M1-4  AP412
P0201 T1-4  AP412
P0301 W1-4  AP412
ANT 336H1F Evolutionary Anthropology Theory L0101 T10-12  SS2127 S. Pfeiffer  Blackboard
ANT 341H1S China in Transition L0101 R12-2  SS1073 W. Sung  Blackboard
ANT 343H1S Social Anthropology of Gender L0101 R2-4  SS2110 C. Little  Blackboard
ANT 348H1F Anthropology of Health L0101 M12-2  SS2106 K. Maxwell  Blackboard
ANT 349H1F Anthropology and New Technologies L5101 T6-8  GB405 A. Widmer  Blackboard
ANT 351H1F Contested Environments L0101 R10-12  SS1085 J. Stinson  Blackboard
ANT 358H1F Medical Anthropology and Social Justice L0101 W10-12  SS1069 L. Sikstrom  Blackboard
ANT 370H1S Introduction to Social Anthropological Theory L0101 W10-12  LM158 H. Wardlow
ANT 372H1S Cultural Property L0101 T10-12  SS2110 C. Krmpotich  Blackboard
ANT 376H1S Anthropology of Animals L5101 W6-8  MS2172 H. Cunningham
ANT 378H1S Gift, Money and Finance L0101 W12-2  SS2106 S. Campbell
ANT 380H1S Craft of Social Cultural Anthropology (formerly ANT 210H) L0101 M3-6  SS2111 S. Satsuka
ANT 410H1F Hunter-Gatherers Past and Present L0101 T2-4  SS1080 K. Patton  Blackboard
ANT 411H1F Advanced Archaeological Theory L0101 W12-2  SS1080 K. Patton  Blackboard
ANT 412H1F Historical Archaeology L0101 M2-5  AP130 E. Banning
ANT 419H1S Current Debates in Palaeolithic Archaeology L0101 T2-5  AP130 M. Chazan
ANT 420H1S Archaeology of Inequality L0101 M12-2  SS1078 G. Coupland
ANT 425H1S Language in Anthropological Thought L0101 M10-12  AP124 H. Luong
ANT 426H1S Western Views of the Non-West L0101 T2-4  SS570 I. Kalmar website
ANT 427H1S Language, Ideology and Political Economy L5101 M6-8  SS2101 D. Riskedahl  Blackboard
ANT 432H1F The Evolving Human Skull L0101 W2-5  AP124 J. Newton  Blackboard
ANT 434H1S Health, Diet and Disease in the Past L0101 M10-12  AP130 S. Pfeiffer
P0101 M1-3  AP130
ANT 435H1S Anthropology of Childhood and Childcare L5101 W6-8  SS2101 L. Sikstrom  Blackboard
ANT 438H1S Topics in Emerging Scholarship (Biological Anthropology): Habitat Fragmentation and The Human-Primate Interface L0101 R10-12  UC67 T. Steffens  Blackboard
ANT 440H1F Society in Transition L5101 M6-9  AP124 T. Li  Blackboard
ANT 445H1S Science as Culture and Practice L0101 T4-6  AP124 S. Satsuka
ANT 447H1S Ethnographic Practicum: Metropolis L0101 T12-2  SS1080 J. Barker
ANT 450H1F Nature, Culture and the City L0101 R4-6  KP113 H. Cunningham  Blackboard
ANT 451H1F History of Anthropological Thought: The Search for Human Universals L0101 R2-4  NF008 G. Gillison
ANT 458H1S Settler-Colonialism and Indigenous Health in Canada L0101 M12-2  AP124 K. Maxwell
ANT 460H1S Global Perspectives on Women’s Health L0101 R4-6  SK218 H. Wardlow
ANT 475H1F Reading Ethnography L0101 M10-12  AP124 V. Napolitano  Blackboard
ANT 476H1F Body, Self and Sociality L0101 M2-5  AP124 J. Boddy  Blackboard
ANT 484H1F Special Topics in Social Cultural Anthropology: Class Beyond the Cultural Turn: Theory, History, and Ethnography L0101 T2-4  SS570 Y. Wu
ANT 485H1S Topics in Emerging Scholarship (Society, Culture and Language): Cars in Everyday Life L0101 R10-12  SS570 A. González Jiménez  Blackboard
ANT 486H1F Special Topics: Socio-Cultural Research Seminar: Ethnographies of HIV: Risk, Vulnerability, and Care L5101 W6-8  SS570 H. Wardlow  Blackboard
ANT 497Y1Y Independent Research
ANT 498H1F Independent Research
ANT 498H1S Independent Research
ANT 498H1Y Independent Research
ANT 499H1F Independent Research
ANT 499H1S Independent Research
ANT 499H1Y Independent Research
ARH 305H1F Archaeological Interpretation L0101 M12-2  SS1069 G. Coupland  Blackboard
ARH 309H1S Archaeology, Ethics and the Public L0101 R10-12  SS1069 J. Jennings  Blackboard
ARH 312Y1Y Archaeological Laboratory L0101 R3-6  AP130 K. Patton  Blackboard
ARH 361Y/H1F Field Archaeology L0101 TBA
ARH 495H1F Archaeology Research Practicum
ARH 495H1S Archaeology Research Practicum
HAJ 453H1F* AIDS: A Global Perspective L0101  W4-6 K. Rice
JAL 328H1S** Writing Systems L5101  R6-8 C. Spahr
JAL 353H1S** Conversational Structures L5101 T6-8 J. Sidnell
JAL 401H1F** Field Linguistics L0101 MW4-6 N. Welch
JGA 305H1F*** Environmental and Archaeological Geophysics L5101 M5-8 C. Bank
* This is a joint course between Anthropology and Human Biology.  Please note that it is administered by Human Biology. Please contact Human Biology if you have any questions.
**This is a joint course between Anthropology and Linguistics.  Please note that it is administered by Linguistics. Please contact Linguistics if you have any questions.
 ***This is a joint course between Anthropology and Geology.  Please note that it is administered by Geology. Please contact Geology if you have any questions.
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