PhD Degrees Conferred

The following is a list of Ph.D. students who have successfully defended their Ph.D. theses in the Department. Graduates of the Department of Anthropology have gone on to academic careers, public service, and other work in all provinces of Canada, the United States, and many other countries. Microfiche copies of Ph.D. theses are available from the National Library of Canada, 390 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0N4 Canada.

Ph.D. Dissertations Defended

Emily Hertzman October 14, 2016 (J. Barker)
Pulang Kampung (Returning Home): Circuits of Mobility from a Chinese Town in Indonesia
Guy Duke
University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley
October 14, 2016 (E. Swenson)
Consuming Identities: Communities and Culinary Practice in the Late Moche Jequetepeque Valley, Peru
Huong Nguyen October 13, 2016 (H.V. Luong)
Disasters, Settlements and the Homeland: Vietnamese American Experiences of White Supremacy in New Orleans

Ph.D. Degrees Conferred

Natalie Symchych September 23, 2016 (S. Pfeiffer)
An Ecogeographi Study of Body Proportion Development in Sadlermiut Inuit of Southampton Island, Nunavut
Behzad Sarmadi September 22, 2016 (J. Barker)
Transformation and Standstill: Iranian Experience of Splintering Urbanism in Dubai
Alyson Stone September 8, 2016 (H. Wardlow/Dr. G. Rodin)
Incurable and Invisible: Living with Advanced Disease in a Canadian Cancer Hospital
Sandra Romain June 14, 2016 (M. Schillaci)
The Delivery of Pharmaceutical Health Care in Nunavut, Canada: Language, Culture and Policy
Michael Reid May 26, 2016 (M. Schillaci)
Infectious Agent Evolution in Bornean Orangutans
Lesley Howse May 18, 2016 (T. M. Friesen)
Eating Beyond Ecology: The Impacts of Hunting Technologies on Archaeofaunas from the Eastern Arctic
Ornella Bertrand May 10, 2016 (M. Silcox)
Virtual Endocasts for Ischyromyidae and Sciuridae: Brain Evolution in Rodentia and a Deeper Understanding of the Ancestral Condition for the Brain of Euarchontoglires
Erica Tennenhouse April 29, 2016 (M. Schillaci)
Unique Lemur Traits: Proximate and Ultimate Perspectives
Arie Molema April 28, 2016 (H. Wardlow/M. Lambek)
Errors of Commission: Canada’s Legacy of Indian Residential Schools
Melissa Edwards April 1, 2016 (E. Parra)
The Genetic Architecture of Iris Colour and Surface Feature Variation in Populations of Diverse Ancestry
Christopher Little
York University
December 14, 2015 (H. Wardlow)
The Precarity of Men: Youth, Masculinity, and Money in a Papua New Guinean Town
Anna Kruglova November 6, 2015 (M. Lambek/I. Kalmar)
Anything Can Happen: Everyday Morality and Social Theory in Russia
Sunyoung Yang
University of Arizona
September 8, 2015 (J. Song)
Korean Internet Freak Community and its Cultural Politics
Laura Sikstrom September 3, 2015 (H. Wardlow)
“He is almost like other children”: An Ethnography of Malawi’s National Pediatric HIV Treatment Programme
Giovanna Parmigiani April 30, 2015  (A. Muehlebach)
We Are Witnesses, Not Victims. The Affective Politics of Representation in the Struggle Against ‘femicide’ in Italy
Grant Jun Otsuki
University of Tsukuba, Japan
September 10, 2015 (S. Satsuka)
Human and Machine in Formation: An Ethnographic Study of Communication and Humanness in a Wearable Technology Laboratory
Lauren Norman
The University of Kansas
August 27, 2015 (T. M. Friesen)
Ethnography, Analogy, and Arctic Archaeofaunas: Assessing the Limits of Zooarchaeological Interpretation
Carmen Nave June 24, 2015 (S. Bamford)
Legacies: Kinship and Change in Kumasi, Ghana
Aaron Kappeler April 27, 2015 (T. Li)
Sowing the State: Nationalism, Sovereignty and Agrarian Politics in Venezuela
Emily Hubbard March 27, 2015 (E. B. Banning)
A Geological Investigation of Storage and Surplus at Tel Tsaf, Israel
Chien-Chang Feng April 24, 2015 (H.V. Luong/ T. Li)
Experiencing the State: The Making of Falangaw Amis Community in Taiwan
L. Elizabeth Doyle August 28, 2015 (S. Pfeiffer)
Populations stress, growth deficit and degenerative joint disease in foragers from South Africa’s Later Stone Age
Michael Callaghan
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in England
June 15, 2015 (D. Sellen/ R. Lee)
Antiretroviral Therapy in Walvis Bay, Namibia
Gregory Braun
Parks Canada
July 17, 2015 (H. Miller)
Ritual, Materiality, and Memory in an Iroquoian Village
Sharon Kelly February 27, 2015 (B. McElhinny/J. Barker)
Reconstructing Social Housing: The Socio-spatial Effects of Welfare State Transformation in Toronto’s Regent Park
Stephen Campbell
Trent University
April 8, 2015 (T. Li)  Contesting Migrant Labour: A Politics of Precarity on the Thai-Myanmar Border
Jarred Heinrich March 31, 2015 (S. Pfeiffer)  Spatial Characterization of Rib Cortical Bone Microstructure and the Effect of Nutritional and Physiological Stresses
Kathleen Rice January 9, 2015 (J. Boddy/H. Wardlow)  “Most of them, they just want someone to under them:” Gender, Generation, and Personhood among the Xhosa
Daniella Jofre August 28, 2014 (V. Napolitano)  Guallatire: Negotiating Aymara Indigeneity and Rights of Ownership in the Lauca Biosphere Reserve, Northern Chile
Kim Valenta
McGill University
August 25, 2014 (S. Lehman)  Primate-Plant Interactions in the Tropical Dry Forests of Northwestern Madagascar
Kori Allan
University of Newcastle
August 13, 2014 (B. McElhinny)  Learning how to “Skill” the Self: Citizenship and Immigrant Integration in Toronto, Canada
Mahiye Seçil Daǧtaș
University of Waterloo
June 25, 2014 (J. Boddy)  Heterogeneous Encounters: Tolerance, Secularism and Religious Difference in Turkey’s Border with Syria.
Asli Zengin
Brandeis University
May 20, 2014 (H. Wardlow/N. Dave)  Sex Under Intimate Siege: Transgender Lives, Law and State Violence in Contemporary Turkey
Karyne Rabey
Midwestern University
May 12, 2014 (D.R. Begun)
Forelimb Muscle and Muscle Attachment Morphology
Erin Bryce
McMaster University
May 7, 2014 (T. Rogers)
Six Feet under the Weather: The Short-Term Relationship between Synoptic Weather and Daily Mortality
Catherine Merritt
University of Dundee
November 22, 2013 (S. Pfeiffer)
The influence on body size on adult skeletal age estimation methods.
David Bilton November 15, 2013 (G. Coupland)
Northern, Central, Diversified, Specialized: The Archaeology of Fishing Adaptations in the Gulft of Georgia (Salish Sea), British Columbia.
Laura Anderson
University of Calgary
November 14, 2013 (D. Sellen)
The Immigrant Experience, Child Feeding and Care: An Examination of The Determinants of Children’s Health and Nutrition in Newcomer Families.
Matthew Walls
University of Calgary
November 8, 2013 (T.M. Friesen)
Frozen Landscapes, Dynamic Technologies: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Inuit Kayaking Enskilment and the Perception of the Environment in Greenland
Lauren Classen September 6, 2013 (D. Sellen/H. Wardlow)
How Health and Development Programming is Reshaping the Past, Present and Future for Rural Youth in Malawi
Laura Bolt
University of Waterloo
August 27, 2013 (S. Lehman/J. Parga)
The Relationship Between Dominance and Vocal Communication in the Male Ring-Tailed Lemur (Lemur catta)
Brendan Griebel July 8, 2013 (T.M. Friesen)
Recharting the Courses of History: Mapping Concepts of Community, Archaeology, and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit in the Canadian Territory of Nunavut. A Thesis in 12 Maps.
Emily Holland
Brandon University
June 17, 2013 (T. Rogers)
Bringing Childhood Health into Focus: Incorporating Survivors into Standard Methods of Investigation
Stephanie Kozakowski
Independence Blue Cross
May 3, 2013 (D. Begun)
3D Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Hylobatid Cranial Ontogeny: Implications for Interpreting the Evolutionary History of Hominoid Cranial Growth
Martha Fanjoy April 24, 2013 (J. Boddy)
“It’s like there’s a string between us”: Transnationalism and the (Re)Creation of Home among Southern Sudanese Canadians
Danielle Macdonald
University of Tulsa
March 22, 2013 (M. Chazan)
Interpreting Variability Through Multiple Methodologies: The Interplay of Form and Function in Epipalaeolithic Microliths.
Eugenia Tsao March 21, 2013 (B. McElhinny/H. Wardlow)
Upping the Anti: Psychiatrization, Survival, and the Politics of Alterity
Adam Allentuck
University College London
January 11, 2013 (E.B. Banning/T.M. Friesen)
Human-Livestock Relations in the Early Bronze Age of the Southern Levant
Jessica Taylor
University of Toronto, Mississauga
November 27, 2012 (S. Bamford/J. Barker)
Write the Book of Your Heart: Career, Passion and Publishing in the Romance Writing Community
Jayne Wilkins
Arizona State University
November 16, 2012 (M. Chazan)
Technological Change in the Early Middle Pleistocene: The Onset of the Middle Stone Age at Kathu Pan 1, Northern Cape, South Africa
Carolan Wood August 10, 2012 (T. Rogers)
The Influence of Growth and Development in the Expression of Human Morphological Variation
Lucille Harris July 6, 2012 (G. Coupland)
Heterarchy and Hierarchy in the Formation and Dissolution of Complex Hunter-Gatherer Communities on the Northern Plateau of Northwestern North America, ca. 2000-300 B.P:, Population, Economy, and Social Organization
Emma Humphrey December 2, 2011 (M. Chazan)
Hunting Specialisation and the Broad Spectrum Revolution in the Early Epipalaeolithic: Gazelle Exploitation at Urkan e-Rubb IIa, Jordan Valley
Bright Drah September 6, 2011 (D. Sellen)
Crisis Foster care in an Age of HIV and AIDS: Experiences of the Queen Mothers of Manya Klo, Ghana
Keriann McGoogan
Pearson Education Canada
July 25, 2011 (S. Lehman)
Edge Effects on the Behaviour and Ecology of Propithecus coquereli in NW Madagascar
Martin T. Bale
Yeungnam University
July 14, 2011 (G. Crawford)
Storage Practices, Intensive Agriculture, and Social Change in Mumun Pottery Period Korea, 2903-2450 Calibrated Years B.P.
Zoë Wool
Rice University
May 12, 2011 (I. Kalmar/T. Sanders)
Emergent Ordinaries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center: An Ethnography of Extra/ordinary Encounter
Jaggapan Cadchumsang
Khon Kaen University
May 12, 2011 (M. Levin)
People at the Rim: A Study of Tai Ethnicity and Nationalism in a Thai Border Village
Jennifer Campbell
SUNY Potsdam
January 28, 2011 (H. Miller)
Architecture and Identity: The Occupation, Use, and Reuse of Mughal Caravanserais
Agnes Gozdzik December 3, 2010 (E. Parra)
Vitamin D Metabolites in Young Adults of Diverse Ancestry Living in the Greater Toronto Area
Sheri Gibbings December 2, 2010 (J. Barker/T. Li)
Unseen Powers: Transparency and Conspiracy in a Street Vendor Relocation in Yoguakarta, Indonesia
John Creese
North Dakota State University
November 26, 2010 (D.G. Smith)
Deyughnyonkwarakda – “At the Wood’s Edge”: The Development of the Iroquoian Village in Southern Ontario A.D. 900-1500
Mieke deGelder October 8, 2010 (M. Lambek/T. Sanders)
Reluctant Relations: An Ethnography of “Outreach” in a Post-apartheid City
A. Katherine Patton September 10, 2010 (G. Coupland)
Reconstructing Houses: Early Village Social Organization in Prince Rupert Harbour, British Columbia
Crystal Forrest
Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Government of Ontario
September 10, 2010 (S. Pfeiffer)
Iroquoian Infant Mortality and Juvenile Growth, 1250 to 1700 AD
Anna Polonyi July 16, 2010 (H.V. Luong)
Contradictions of Neoliberal Development Interventions and Market Transition in Northern Lao PDR
Andrew Riddle
Archaeological Services Inc.
June 18, 2010 (T.M. Friesen)
Camping at the Caribou Crossing: Relating Palaeo-Eskimo Lithic Technological Change and Human Mobility Patterns in Southeastern Victoria Island, Nunavut
Irma Molina June 3, 2010 (V. Napolitano)
Indigeneity, Warfare & Representation: The Zapatista Case (1994-2003)
Monir Moniruzzaman
Michigan State University
May 18, 2010 (H. Cunningham)
“Living Cadavers” in Bangladesh: Ethics of the Human Organ Bazaar
Terrence Clark
Canadian Museum of Civilization
December 15, 2009 (G. Coupland)
Rewriting Marpole: The Path to Cultural Complexity in the Gulf of Georgia
Lesley Harrington
University of Alberta
November 6, 2009 (S. Pfeiffer)
Ontogeny of Postcranial Robusticity among Holocene Hunter-gatherers of Southernmost Africa
Janet McLaughlin September 11, 2009 (H. Cunningham)
Trouble in our Fields: Health and Human Rights among Mexican and Caribbean Migrant Farm Workers in Canada
Maureen Murney
September 11, 2009 (M. Lambek)
Mores of Addiction: Alcohol, Femininity, and Social Transformations in Western Ukraine
Michael W. Gregg
St. Francis Xavier University
August 21, 2009 (H. Miller)
Organic Residue Analysis and the First Uses of Pottery in the Ancient Middle East
Karen Ryan June 26, 2009 (T.M. Friesen)
The Significance of Choice in the Late Dorset Technology of Architecture
Lori-Anne Theroux-Benoni
University of Montreal
May 27, 2009 (I. Kalmar)
Manufacturing Conflict? An Ethnographic Study of the News Community in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
Abigail Sone May 1, 2009 (B. McElhinny)
Linguistic and Spatial Practice in a Divided Landscape
Alexandra Sumner January 16, 2009 (M. Chazan)
Learning and Cognition among Middle and Palaeolithic Stone Toolmakers of Egyptian North Africa
Mariam Nargolwalla January 9, 2009 (D. Begun)
Eurasian Middle and Late Miocene Hominoid Paleobiogeography and the Geographic Origins of the Hominanae
Kevin Gibbs
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
September 12, 2008 (E.B. Banning )
Understanding Community: A Comparison of Three Late Neolithic Assemblages from Wadi Ziqlab
Emma Varley
Brandon University
September 2, 2008 (M. Lambek)
Belaboured Lives: An Ethnography of Muslim Women’s Pregnancy and Childbirth Practices in Pakistan’s Embattled, Multi-Sectarian Northern Areas.
Shaylih Muehlmann
University of British Columbia
June 20, 2008 (B.S. McElhinny/J. Sidnell)
Where the River Ends: Environmental Conflict and Contested Identities in the Colorado Delta.
Jaime Ginter
Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
May 9, 2008 (S. Pfeiffer)
A Bioarchaeological Study of Mid-Holocene Communities in the Eastern Cape, South Africa: the Interface between Foraging and Pastoralism.
Jeffrey Bursey May 2, 2008 (D.G. Smith)
Early Archaic/Early Holocene Lithic Technology in Southcentral Ontario, Canada
Leah Walz November 23, 2007 (L. Sawchuk)
Malta, Motherhood and Infant Mortality: Integrating Biological and Socio-Cultural Insight.
Jude Fokwang
Regis University, Denver
November 20, 2007 (M.D. Levin)
Being Young in Old Town: Youth Subjectivities and Associational Life in Bamenda.
Emma Aiken November 2, 2007 (I. Kalmar)
Remembering Zion: Jewish Diasporic Identity on a Canadian University Campus.
Tracy Kivell
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
September 28, 2007 (D. Begun)
Ontogeny of the Hominoid Midcarpal Joint and Implications for the Origin of Human bipedalism
Ha Kim Nguyen June 29, 2007(H.V. Luong)
Domestic Services: Employer-Employee Relationships under Economic Reforms in Urban Vietnam.
Seiji Kadowaki
Nagoya University Museum
June 15, 2007 (E.B. Banning)
Changing Community Life at a Late Neolithic Farmstead: Built Environments and the use of Space at Tabaqat Al-Buma in Wadi Ziqlab, Northern Jordan.
Darryl Manitowabi
University of Sudbury
June 7, 2007 (K. Sieciechowicz)
From Fish Weirs to Casinos: Negotiating Neoliberalism in Mnjikaning.
Kendra Coulter
University of Windsor
May 18, 2007 (G.A. Smith)
Chameleons, Chimeras and Shape-Shifters: The Production of Neoliberal Government in Ontario.
Kevin Fisher May 4, 2007 (E.B. Banning)
Building Power: Monumental Architecture, Place and Social Interaction in Late Bronze Age Cyprus.
Andrew Deane
University of Kentucky
5 February, 2007 (D. Begun)
Inferring Dietary Behaviour for Miocene Hominoids: A High Resolution Morphometric Approach to Incisal Crown Curvature
Trevor Orchard
University of Toronto Missisauga
November 24, 2006 (G. Coupland)
Otters and Urchins: Continuity and Change in Haida Economy During the Late Holocene and Maritime Fur Trade Periods.
Christopher Watts
University of Waterloo
July 14, 2006 (D. G. Smith)
Pots as Agents: A Phenomenological Approach to Late Woodland Period (CA. AD 900-1300) Pottery Production and Use in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.
Manuel Sevilla April 25, 2006 (K. Sieciechowicz)
“Indios pero no tanto” [Indians not quite Indians.] An Ethnography About Indigenous Identity Among the Yanaconas of Popayan (Colombia).
Sarah Stewart April 21, 2006 (M. Chazan)
Walking in Cyprus: Ancient Landscapes and Modern Bias.
Kymberley Snarr
Laurentian University
April 21, 2006 (F.D. Burton)
Life in a lowland wet forest fragment on the north coast of Honduras: The mantled howlers (Alouatta palliata) of Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge.
Carla Parslow
Golder Associates Ltd
January 27, 2006 (M. Chazan)
Social Interaction in the prehistoric Natufian: Generating and Interactive-agent Model using GIS.
Jie Yang
Simon Fraser University
January 27, 2006 (H.V. Luong)
Ritualized Transition: Language, Gender and Neoliberal Restructuring in China.
Alessandra Miklavcic
St. Mary Hospital, Quebec
January 4, 2006 (Lambek/Luong)
Boarders of Memories, Memories of Boarders. An Ethnographic Investigation of Border Practices in the Julian Region.
Dan Vachon December 9, 2005 (D.H. Turner)
The Serpent, the Work and Lie of the Land.
Donna Young
University of Toronto, Scarborough
September 21, 2005 (M. Lambek)
Maritime Gothic Sensibility: An Ethnography of Memory.
Helen Kurki
University of Victoria
September 6, 2005 (S. Pfeiffer)
Adaptive allometric modeling of the pelvis in small-bodied Later Stone Age (holocene) foragers from southern Africa.
Jill Le Clair
Humber College
September 1, 2005 (M.D. Levin)
The Social Construction of Body Images: Narratives of the Transformations in the Lives of Male and Female Paralympians.
Christian Crowder
New York University Langone Medical Centre
May 20, 2005 (S. Pfeiffer)
Evaluating the use of Quantitative Bone Histology to Estimate Adult Age at Death.
Deidre Rose
University of Guelph
April 15, 2005 (M. Lambek)
Morality Plays: Popular Theatre for AIDS Awareness in the Commonwealth of Dominica.
Robert Lorway
University of Manitoba
March 2, 2005 (R.B. Lee)
“Vulnerable” Desires: Contesting Namibian (homo)Sexuality in the Era of HIV/AIDS.
Lisa Maher
UC Berkeley
December 16, 2004 (E.B. Banning)
The Epipalaeolithic in Context: Palaeolandscapes and Prehistoric Occupation of Wadi Ziqlab, Northern Jordan.
Heather Howard
Michigan State University
September 14, 2004 (R.B. Lee)
Dreamcatchers in the City: an Ethnohistory of Social Action, Gender and Class in native Community Production in Toronto.
Morgan Gerard
Idea Couture Inc.
September 9, 2004 (D.H. Turner)
The Molecules of Ritual: promoting, producing,and performing raves and clubs in Toronto.
Matthew Betts
Canadian Museum of Civilization
June 11, 2004 (T.M. Friesen)
A Multicontextual Approach to Zooarchaeology: Procurement Strategies in the MacKenzie Delta Region, Western Canadian Arctic.
Lesley Gotlib Conn
Sunnybrook Research Institute
June 4, 2004 (K. Sieciechowicz)
Engendering Encounters: Productions of Gender and Sexuality in a Psychiatric Clinic.
Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux May 31, 2004 (R.B. Lee)
Raven Saw: Tradition, Transition, and Transformation in a northern Aboriginal Community.
Katherine Hull May 20, 2004 (M. Latta)
Material Correlates of the Pre-Famine Agro-social Hierarchy: Archaeological Evidence from County Roscommon, Republic of Ireland.
Janet Padiak May 13, 2004 (L. Sawchuk)
Morbidity and the 19th century decline of mortality: An analysis of the military population of Gibraltar 1818-1899.
Jenneth Curtis 21 April, 2004 (M. Latta)
Processes of Cultural Change: Ceramics and interaction across the middle to Late Woodland Transition in South-Central Ontario.
Susan Blair
University of New Brunswick
26 March, 2004 (E.B. Banning)
Ancient Wolastoq’kew Landscapes: Settlement and Technology in the Lower Siant John River Valley, Canada.
Magdalena Smolewski 23 January, 2004 (D.H. Turner)
Learning from “The Known”: Historical and cultural factors influencing the position of women in two Australian Aboriginal Societies.
Lisa Anselmi
Buffalo State University
19 September, 2003 (M. Latta)
New Materials, Old Ideas: Native Use of European-Introduced Metals in the Northeast.
Gyoung-Ah Lee
University of Oregon
18 July, 2003 (G. Crawford)
Changes in the Subsistence Systems from the Chulmun to Mumun Periods in Southern Korea: Archaeobotanical Investigation.
Nicola Mooney
University of the Fraser Valley
2 June, 2003 (M. Levin)
Good Families, Good Fortunes: The Workings of Ethnicity, Gender, and Modernity in Jat Sikh Middle Class.
Gediminas Lankauskas
University of Regina
13 May, 2003 (M. Lambek)
Ambivalent Transitions from East to West: Modernity and National Identity at the Post-Soviet Lithuanian Wedding.
Marcy Erskine 10 April, 2003 (L. Sawchuk)
Variability in Adoption of Preventative Health Technology in Rural Northern Malawi.
Charles Coffie 26 November, 2002 (D.H. Turner)
Obosom Tigare of Nsiakrom: A Study of an Indigenous Religious Movement Among the Akan of Ghana.
Bonnie Glencross
Wilfrid Laurier University
5 November, 2002 (L. Sawchuk)
An Approach to the Palaeoepidemiology of Bone Fractures: Methods and Techniques Applied to the Long Bones from the Indian Knoll Skeletal Sample, Kentucky.
Jay Stock
University of Cambridge
16 August, 2002 (S. Pfeiffer)
Climatic and Behavioural Influences on Postcranial Robusticity among Holocene Foragers.
Sherry Fukuzawa 26 April, 2002 (F.J. Melbye)
A Longitudinal Examination of Heritability in the Developing Dental Arcade.
Paul Thibaudeau
Carleton University
25 April, 2002 (M. Latta)
Use-Wear Analysis on Cuprous Materials: Method and Theory.
Pauline Aucoin 11 April, 2002 (M. Lambek)
Gender and the politics of Meaning in Western Viti Levu, Fiji.
Binh Nguyen 25 January, 2002 (H.V. Luong)
The Diversity in Language Socialization:  Gender and social starum in a North Vietnamese village.
Holly Martelle 25 January, 2002 (M. Latta)
Huron Potters and Archaeological Contructs: Researching Ceramic Microstylistics.
D. Craig Willcox
Okinawa International University
11 January, 2002 (S. Nagata)
Interwoven Lives:  Longevity, Culture and Community Care in the Ryuku Islands.
Simone Ghezzi
Università di Milano-Bicocca, Italy
14 November, 2001 (G.A. Smith)
From Peasant misery to Entrepreneurial Wealth. The Making of a Regional Capitalism.
Della Saunders
Grant Development Manager, U of T
26 October, 2001 (G.W. Crawford)
Princess Point Palaoethnobotany.
Chi Huyen Truong 28 September, 2001 (G.A. Smith)
Changing Processes of Social Reproduction in the Northern Vietnamese Countryside: and Ethnographic Study of Dong Vang Village (Red River Delta).
Sabrina Agarwal
UC Berkeley
21 July, 2001 (D.R. Begun/M.D. Grynpas)
The Influence of Age and Sex on Trabecular Architecture and Bone Mineral Density in Three British Historic Populations.
Stella Spak 22 June, 2001 (K. Sieciechowicz)
Canadian Resource Co-management Boards and their Relationship to Indigenous Knowledge:  Two Case Studies.
Mario Castro 8 June, 2001 (F.J. Melbye)
Paleopathology of the Temporal Bone in Chilean Populations.
Claudie Gosselin
23 April, 2001 (J. P. Boddy)
Campaigning Against Excision in Mali:  Global and Local Hierarchies, Hegemony and Knowledge.
Frank Dieterman 2 March, 2001 (G. W. Crawford)
Princess Point:  The Landscape of Place.
Etsuko Kato 5 January, 2001 (I. Kalmar)
Bodies Re-Presenting the Past:  Japanese Women and the Tea Ceremony after World War II.
Alicia Hawkins
Laurentian University
3 November, 2000 (M.R. Kleindienst)
Getting a handle on Tangs: Defining the Dakhleh Unit of the Aterian technocomplex: a Study in Surface Archaeology from Dakhleh Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt.
Lorne Holyoak
Status of Women Canada/Carleton U.
8 September, 2000 (D.H. Turner)
Paio Han: Manzu Shamanism and the Creation of Ethnic Identity.
Warren Olivo
Toronto District School Board
30 June, 2000 (I. Kalmar)
Learning ESL in a Canadian Senior-Public School: An Ethnographic and Sociolinguistic Study.
Antonietta Cerroni March 3, 2000 (F.J. Melbye/ M. D. Grynpas)
The Pathology and Epidemiology of Spontaneous diseases and disorders of the spine in the Rhesus Macaques of Cayo Santiago.
Mark Blackham September 10, 1999 (E.B. Banning)
Constructing Regional Histories:  Time and Transition in the Southern Levant (5500-3500 BC)
Renee Sylvain
University of Guelph
June 28, 1999 (J.P. Boddy/R.B. Lee)
‘We Work to Have Life’: Ju/’hoan Woman, Work and Survival in the Omaheke Region, Namibia
Steven Harrison
Senior Health Policy Advisor, Ontario Medical Association
April 28, 1999 (F.D. Burton)
Factors Affecting the Acquisition of Health Care Services: A Case Study from NingMing County, GuangXi Zhuang Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China.
Myriam Zylstra April 9, 1999 (D.R. Begun)
Functional morphology of the hominoid forelimb:  Implications for knuckle-walking and the origin of hominid bipedalism.
Randa Farah
University of Western Ontario
March 8, 1999 (S.B. Philpott)
Popular Memory and Reconstructions of Palestinian Identity Al-Baq’a Refugee Camp, Jordan.
Henry Choong January 29, 1999 (L. Sawchuk)
The Effects of Short-term Localized Changes on the Decline of Tuberculosis Mortality in Gibraltar, 1860-1967.
Lynn Morrison January 29, 1999 (F.D. Burton)
Changing Sexual Behaviour and Women’s Risk for HIV/AIDS in Chiang Mai: The Fourth Wave.
Gaston Gordillo
University of British Columbia
January 29, 1999 (R.B. Lee/G.A. Smith)
The Bush, the Plantations and the “Devils”: Culture and Historical Experience in the Argentinean Chaco.
Nancy Lewis January 27, 1999 (R.B. Lee)
Thai-ed Up, Un-Thai-ed: Toward a Genealogy of Thai Western Relations.
Stacie Burke
University of Manitoba
January 22, 1999 (L. Sawchuk)
A Home, A Husband and Now a Baby: The Implications of Premarital Conception in Gibraltar, 1960-1996.
Elka Weinstein
Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport
January 22, 1999 (R.B. Drewitt)
The Serpent’s Children: The Iconography of the Late Formative Ceramics of Coastal Ecuador.
Emma Smith January 22, 1999 (D.R. Begun)
A Functional Analysis of Molar Morphometrics in Living and Fossil Hominoids Using 2-D Digitized Images.
Anne Vallely
University of Ottawa
January 22, 1999 (M. Lambek)
Women and the Ascetic Ideal in Jainism.
Andrew Martindale
University of British Columbia
December 18, 1998 (G. Coupland)
The River of Mist: Cultural Change in the Tsimshian Past.
Katherine Gruspier
Office of the Chief Coroner, ONT
December 17, 1998 (F.J. Melbye)
Subadult Growth and Health from Ossuary Samples of Prehistoric Southern Ontario Iroquoian Populations.
Robin Oakley
Dalhousie University
December, 11, 1998 (W.P. Carstens)
Aging and the Life Course in Steinkopf, a Rural South African Community.
Heike Schimkat October 6, 1998 (G.A. Smith)
The Experience of Collective Transformation:  The Women’s Centre Sundine in Eastern Germany during Unification.
Frehiwot Tesfaye August 21, 1998 (R.B. Lee)
Food, Security and Peasants’ Survival Strategy:  A Study of a Village in Northern Shewa, Ethiopia
John Triggs
Wilfrid Laurier
May 28, 1998 (E.B. Banning)
Matrix Seriation:  A Relative Dating Technique for Sites with Multilinear Stratigraphic Sequences.
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Contract Research
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Private Sector
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Concordia University
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Trent University
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McGill University
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University of Calgary
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To Hawk or Not to Hawk:  A Study of Street Hawkers in Hong Kong.
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Research, New College
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Mohawk College
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Trent University
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Commercialization and Social Differentiation in a Kalahari Village, Botswana.
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Mount Saint Vincent
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Banking Transformed:  Women’s Work and Technological Change in a Canadian Bank.
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York University
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Motherhood and Wage Labour in London:  Portuguese Migrant Women and the Politics of Gender.
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Towson State University
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Issues of General Theory and Archaeological Practice in the Study of the Perceptible Rise of the Achaemenid‑persian Empire: Logicist Analysis at Godin Tepe (Period II, 800? ‑ 500+ B.C.)
Patrick Mehlman
Beaufort, South Carolina
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Population Ecology of the Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) in the Fir Forests of the Ghomara, Moroccan Rif Mountains.
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University Sain Malaysia
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From Peasant to Farmer?:  “Green Revolution”, Off‑Farm Work, and Social Change in a Kenubu Village, Peninsular Malaysia.
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University of Calgary
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The Political Economy of Squatter Clearance in Hong Kong.
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CUNY, Hunter
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Director, African Studies Association, USA
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Private Sector
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Cultural Heritage Systems Archaeological Consultants, University of Manitoba
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Canadian Museum of Civilization
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Socialism and Rural Development in Mozambique:  The Case of Aldeia Comunal 24 du Julho.
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Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
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Adaptation and Environmental Stress in a Ghanaian Forest Community.
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University of Calgary
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The Development of a Wholly Parametric Use‑Wear Methodology and its Application to Two Selected Samples of Epipaleolithic Chipped Stone Tools from Hayonim Cave, Israel.
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University of Guam
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Toronto Historical Board
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Strategies for Development on Nipissing Indian Reserve No. 10.
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University of Windsor
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Gender, Class and Cultural Politics in Rural Coastal Equador.
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St. Francis Xavier
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Breastfeeding Patterns and Postpartum Fertility in Urban Canadian Women.
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California State University,  Fresno
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Toronto Board of Education
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University of Auckland
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A Study of Technological and Stylistic Variability in Capsian Stone Tool Assemblages.
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IDRC, Ottawa
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Trent University
September 30, 1983 (D.H. Turner)
Structural Basis of Tahltan Indian Society.
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University of Victoria
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Polymorphism of Serum Paraoxon Hydrolysing Activity in A Canadian Jewish Sampling.
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Gov. of Ontario (Retired)
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Independent Fishermen in the Port Dover Fishing Industry:  A Case Study of Their Productions and Market Relations.
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Brandon University
May 19, 1983 (S. Nagata)
Metis Politics and Metis Politicians:  A New Political Arena in Canada.
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University of Calgary
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Chemical Analysis of Prehistoric Human Bone from Five Temporally Distinct Populations in Southern Ontario.
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Private Sector
April 8, 1983 (W.M. Hurley)
An Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Analysis of Huron Intra‑Community Exchange Systems.
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Computer Programmer
January 31, 1983 (M.R. Kleindienst)
Ceramic Styles and Cultural Interaction in the Early and Middle Chalcolithic of the Central Zagros, Iran.
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University of Alberta
January 28, 1983 (W.N. Irving)The Rat Indian Creek Site and the Late Prehistoric Period in the Interior Northern Yukon.
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Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Quebec
January 21, 1983 (W.N. Irving)
Prehistoire du Mushau Nipi, Nouveau‑Quebec:  Etude du Mode d’adaptation a l’interieur des Terres Hemi‑Articques.
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Canadian Museum of Civilization
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Thule Culture in Western Coronation Gulf, Northwest Territories.
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Medical Research
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Hungry Hall and Late Woodland Populations of the Upper Great Lakes.
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Private Sector
November 17, 1982 (F.J. Melbye)
A Diachronic Study of Dental Palaeopathology and Attritional Status of Prehistoric Ontario Pre‑Iroquois and Iroquois Populations.
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University of Winnipeg
1982 (F.D. Burton)
Comparative analysis of socio‑spatial behaviour in a captive and a noncaptive group of Macaca sylvanus.
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Memorial University
1982 (J.J. Chew)
Towards a dialectology of Cree‑Montagnais‑ Naskapi.
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Private Sector
1982 (F.D. Burton)
Differential Fertility in Macaca sylvanus of Gibraltar.
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1982 (T.F.S. McFeat)
“We are all related here”:  the social relations of land utilization in Wunnummin Lake in Northwestern Ontario.
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University of Alberta
1982 (H.B. Schroeder/R.B. Lee)
The Kua of the Southeastern Kalahari:  a study of the socio‑ecology of dependency.
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Dalhousie University
1981 (F.D. Burton)
Bio‑cultural implications of outport life:  the Anglican Church Parish of Fogo ‑ A Case Study.
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Private Sector
1981 (R.W. Shirley)
Anahim Lake, British Columbia:  A study of Indian/White Interaction in a Western Canadian ranching community.
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Royal Ontario Museum
1981 (W.M. Hurley)
The Middleport Pattern in Ontario Iroquoian Prehistory.
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IVCF, Manila, Philippines
1981 (S. Nagata)
Peasants in the Hills:  A study of the dynamics of social change among the Buhid Swidden Cultivators in the Philippines.
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Northern Studies, McGill
1981 (T.F.S. McFeat)
The impact of the fur trade on eighteenth and nineteenth century Algonquian social organization:  AN ethnographic‑Ethnohistoric study of the Eastern James Bay Cree from 1700‑1800.
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Medical Genetics, University of Calgary
1980 (A. Ray)
Immunoglobulin Allotypes in Jewish populations:  a study of the diversity of Jewish Peoples and the nature of the GM System.
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Medical Genetics, University of Calgary
1980 (A. Ray)
Analysis of qualitative and quantitative inheritance of dermatoglyphic patterns using pedigree data.
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University of British Columbia
1980 (D.H. Turner)
Kinship ideology and language pragmatics among the Managalase of Papua New Guinea.
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Lakehead University
1980 (F.J. Melbye)
Biological relationships of Southern Ontario Woodland Peoples: The Evidence of discontinuous Cranial Morphology.
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University of Victoria
1980 (A. Ray)
Historic demography and population structure of Subarctic Isolates:  Old Crow Village, Yukon Territory.
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McMaster University
1980 (J.J. Chew)
A comparative study of Anem and Lusi.
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New York University
1980 (H.B. Schroeder)
The Upper Palaeolithic occupation of the Perigord:  A topographic approach to subsistence and settlement.
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University of Guelph
1979 (D.H. Turner)
Barai Group Formation.
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Attention structure and social organization in three groups of captive Vervet monkeys (Cercopithecus Aethiops).
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University of Calgary
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An examination of Mid‑Holocene settlement patterns in the Central Zagros Region of Western Iran.
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Univ of Manitoba
1979 (J.J. Chew)
Algonquian historical phonology.
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Archdiocese of Toronto
1979 (S. Nagata)
Authority, conflict and integration: the Catholic charismatic renewal movement and the Roman Catholic Church.
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Chromosome structure and banding organization in human and mammalian cells.
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Hiroshima University
1979 (S. Nagata)
Kinship and economic organization of a Korean Village.
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A Macrophotogrammetrical analysis of Pongid Molar morphology.
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University of Waterloo
1979 (F.D. Burton)
Film analysis as a field technique:  A study of communication in Macaca sylvanus of Gibraltar.
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The anthropometry of distension descriptive indices for the distended abdomen and distended lower leg.
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1978 (D.R. Hughes)
Palaeopathology of archaeological aboriginal populations from southern Ontario and adjacent region.
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Private Sector
1978 (W.P. Carstens)
Ethnicity and occupation:  comparative analysis of the occupational choices of Croatian and Macedonian immigrants to Ontario (Canada).
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Private Sector
1978 (H.B. Schroeder)
A technological and stylistic study of microliths from certain Levantine Epipaleolithic assemblages.
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Taiwan Museum
1978 (S. Nagata)
Social organization and socio‑economic change in Northeast Japan.
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York University
1978 (S.B. Philpott)
Why women’s work is never done:  a case study from Flin Flon, Manitoba of domestic labour in industrial capitalist society.
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University of Guelph
1978 (W.P. Carstens)
Sex affiliation among the Omie of Papua New Guinea.
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University of Toronto
1978 (A. Ray)
Fertility differentials among the Sephardic Jews of Gibraltar: Implications for population structure.
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University of Victoria
1978 (T.F.S. McFeat)
A dying of the old man and a putting on of the new: the cybernetics of ritual metanoia in the life of the Hutterian commune.
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An osteological analysis of a Late Thule/Early historic Labrador Eskimo population.
Moses Awogbade
Amadu Bello University,
1977 (T.F.S. McFeat)
Ecology, cattle rearing and forms of organization among the Pastoral Fulani of the Jos Plateau, Nigeria.
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A cultural synthesis of the Yayoi period of Japan.
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University of Alberta
1977 (B.A. Sigmon)
The Huron spine:  a study based on the Kleinburg ossuary vertebrae.
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International Development
1977 (R.B. Lee)
Underdevelopment, migration, and class formation in the Northeast district of Botswana.
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Wilfrid Laurier University
1977 (W.N. Irving)
The Montreal River and the shield archaic.
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University of Toronto
1977 (J.N. Emerson)
The Iroquoian cultures of Huronia:  a study of acculturation through archaeology.
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McMaster University
1977 (F.J. Melbye)
The development and distribution of discontinuous morphological variation of the human infracranial skeleton.
David Stermole
Teaching, Bayview Glen
1979 (J.J. Chew)
Dialectology of a system of Carinthian Slovenian adverbs.
Bernard Von Graeve
Trent University
1977 (R.W. Shirley)
Protective intervention and interethnic relations, a study of domination of the Brazilian frontier.
Laird Christie Wilfrid Laurier University 1976 (S.B. Philpott)
Reserve colonialism and sociocultural change.
Joan Davies
Private Sector
1976 (E.G. Schwimmer)
Ethnic demand hierarchies in the Market Place: economic and social exchange in Kensington Market.
Moses Dumbuya
Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone
1976 (W.P. Carstens)
Industrialization and a company town in Sierra Leone: the Pepel case.
William Finlayson
Museum of Indian Archaeology, London
1976 (A. Mohr)
The Augeen Culture:  A Middle Woodland Manifestation in Southwestern Ontario.
Brian Hayden
Simon Fraser University
1976 (W.N. Irving)
Australian western desert lithic technology:  an ethno‑archaeological study of variability in material culture.
Robin Patrick Healey
Robarts Library Archivist
1976 (S.B. Philpott)
Family and social change in a South Italian Town.
Ivan Kalmar
University of Toronto
1976 (W.J. Samarin)
Case and context in Inuktitut (Eskimo).
Cyril Nwanunobi
University of Nigeria
1976 (W.P. Carstens)
The signigicance of separatist religious movements (indigenous sects) in contemporary Eastern Nigeria.
James Paterson
University of Calgary
1976 (F.D. Burton)
Variations in ecology and adaptation of Ugandan Baboons Papio cynocephalus anubis:  with special reference to forest environments and analog models for early hominids.
Susan Pfeiffer
University of Toronto
1976 (F.J. Melbye)
The skeletal biology of archaic populations of the Great Lakes region.
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Univesity of Manitoba
1976 (S.B. Philpott)
Black adaptive stategies:  coping with poverty in an eastern Caribbean village.
David Stymeist
University of Manitoba
1976 (R.W. Dunning)
The permanent resident -outsider distinction in Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
Sonja Jerkic
Memorial University
1975 (D.R. Hughes)
An analysis of Huron skeletal biology and mortuary practices: the Maurice Ossuary.
George Mortimore 1975 (R.W. Dunning)
The road to Eagle Bay:  structure, process and power in a highly acculturated Ojibwa band.
Mary Elizabeth Park 1975 (K.O. McCuaig)
An anthropometric and radiographic study of the development of individuals with Turner’s syndrome.
Judith Susan Posner York – Atkinson College 1975 (W.P. Carstens/S. Wallman)
Perceptions of physical and mental incompetence in a home for the aged.
Peter Ramsden
McMaster University
1975 (J.N. Emerson)
A refinement of some aspects of Huron ceramic analysis.
Norman Townsend
1975 (W. Weissleder/R.B. Lee)
Limited options contingency and constraint in the economy of the Pokomo of Northeastern Kenya.
Daniel Aycock
University of Lethbridge
1974 (R.B. Lee)
Property, patrons and risk:  the exploitation of human labour in general  evolutionary perspective.
Peter Douglas Elias
Independent research and consulting
1974 (R.W. Shirley)
Metropolis and hinterland in northern Manitoba.
Christopher Meiklejohn
University of Winnipeg
1974 (D.R. Hughes)
The bio‑social basis of Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic man in Western Europe.
Emoke Szathmary University of Manitoba 1974 (T.E. Reed)
Genetic studies on two Ontario Ojibwa Indian communities.
Jerome Cybulski
Canadian Museum of Civilization
1973 (J.E. Anderson)
Skeletal variability in British Columbia coastal populations:  a descriptive and comparative assessment of cranial morphology.
Stephen Gabow
San Francisco State University
1973 (F.D. Burton)
Role analysis and the social structure of a Rhesus Monkey group.
Elizabeth Graham
Wilfrid Laurier University
1973 (R.W. Dunning)
Strategies and souls.
Mathias Guenther
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