St. George Undergraduate Faculty

The faculty and instructors listed below teach Undergraduate Courses at the St. George Campus only. For information on UTM and UTSC Anthropology Undergraduate Faculty, please visit the UTM and UTSC websites.


Name, Contact Office Research Keywords Research Region

Photo of Prof. Edward Banning

Banning, Edward B.
(416) 978-2315
AP 518B Archaeology, Middle Eastern prehistory, Neolithic to Early Bronze, archaeological method and theory, archaeological survey Jordan, Levant
Photo of Prof. Joshua Barker Barker, Joshua D.
Associate Professor
(416) 946-3305
AP 228 Social cultural anthropology, violence & power, crime & policing, theories of modernity, anthropology of technology, nationalism, urban studies Indonesia, South East Asia
Cover image, Real Planet of the Apes Begun, David R.
(416) 978-8850
AP 418 (Office),
AP 406 & 414 (Labs)
Paleoanthropology, functional anatomy, systematics, comparative primate anatomy, human origins, paleobiogeography West Eurasia, Africa

Photo of Prof. Janice Boddy

Boddy, Janice
Professor & Chair
(416) 978-1023
AP 232 Social cultural anthropology, gender, embodiment, symbolism, religion, medical anthropology, colonialism Sudan, Africa, Middle East
photo of Kristin Bright Bright, Kristin
Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream)
(416) 946-3595
AP 305 Biomedicine, Islamic medicine, critical public health, gender, sexuality, nationalism, politics of care, aesthetics, digital transformations, social theory South Asia, Middle East, North America
Cameron, Michelle
Assistant Professor

Photo of Prof. Michael Chazan

Chazan, Michael
(416) 971-2684
(416) 978-5865 (Archaeology Centre)
AP 500
AP 138
Paleoarchaeology, lithic analysis, history of archaeology, Near Eastern archaeology Near East, France, South Africa
Clark, Dylan
Sessional Lecturer
Photo of Prof. Gary Coupland Coupland, Gary
(416) 978-2442
AP 540A Archaeology, complex hunter-gatherers Western North America, North West Coast
Photo of Prof. Hilary Cunningham Cunningham, Hilary
Associate Professor
(416) 978-0472 (Main)
LA 306 (Main),       AP 217 Nature and culture; anthropology of animals; urban nature; theories of nature, turn-to-the-nonhuman; critical border studies



Danesi Danesi, Marcel
(416) 585-4412
Birge Carnegie, Rm. 26 (VC)  Linguistic anthropology, semiotics, youth culture Italy, France, North America
Photo of Prof. Naisargi Dave Dave, Naisargi N. 
Associate Professor
(416) 978-6050
AP 206 Activism, affect, sexuality and gender, ethics, social emergences, queer anthropology, intimacy, animal-human relationships, postcolonial cities India
Duffy, Paul
Sessional Lecturer
Photo of Prof. Silvia Fornia Forni, Silvia
Associate Curator, World Cultures
Royal Ontario Museum Social Anthro., Material Culture, art, gender.  Africa, Cameroon
Photo of Max Friesen Friesen, T Max
Professor & Graduate Coordinator; Chair, Arctic Working Group
(416) 978-4505
AP 400A Arctic, Inuit, Inuvialuit, Thule, Palaeoeskimo, Dorset, Archaeology, Zooarchaeology, Ethnohistory, Community Archaeology North American Arctic
Between Culture and Fantasy Book Cover Gillison, Gillian
Associate Professor
(416) 978-8250
Larkin 312(Trinity College) Study of myth and ritual in non-literate societies, religion in the history of Anthropological theory, psychoanalysis Oceania
Photo of Justin Jennings Jennings, Justin
Associate Curator, World Cultures
(416) 586-5729
Royal Ontario Museum Latin America, Peru
Kalmar, Ivan
(416) 585-4419 (Main)
NF 228 (Main),
AP 334
Islamophobia, especially in East Central and Western Europe; representations of Jews and Muslims in western cultural history; race, nation, and religion Europe
Krmpotich, Cara Krmpotich, Cara
Assistant Professor
BL 631, 140 St. George St. Faculty of Information Museum studies, repatriation, collections management, Indigenous peoples/source communities, material culture, virtual colonization
Photo of Prof. Shawn Lehman Lehman, Shawn M
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator
(416) 978-4003
AP 404A Primatology, conservation biology, biogeography, evolutionary ecology Madagascar
Levine, Rachel
Course Instructor
Photo of Prof. Tania Li Li, Tania M
Professor, Canada Research Chair
(416) 946-3693
AP 424 Economic anthropology, development and gender, theory, cultural studies South East Asia
Photo of Prof. Hy Van Luong Luong, Hy Van
(416) 978-0652 (AP)
AP 336 Language, ideology and political economy, gender and social structure East and Mainland South East Asia, Vietnam
Photo of Prof. Krista Maxwell Maxwell, Krista
Assistant Professor
(416) 946-3324
AP 208 Social cultural and medical anthropology, anthropology and history, settler colonialism, indigenous health and healing, child welfare Canada, Nigeria, urban Britain
b_mcelhinney McElhinny, Bonnie S.
Associate Professor
(416) 978-3297
AP 364A Linguistic anthropology, feminist anthropology, gender, socialization, ideology and political economy, stratified reproduction, work USA, Canada, Philippines
Photo of Prof. Amira Mittermaier Mittermaier, Amira
Associate Professor
(416) 946-3347
JHUMINST 332 Social cultural anthropology, religion, dreams and prophecy, Islam Egypt
  Napolitano, Valentina
(416) 978-2754
AP 218 Critical Catholic Studies, Transnational Migration, Gender and Affects, Religious Infrastructures, Affective Histories, Anthropology of Traces Detroit/Windsor Borderland, Mexico, the Vatican, Italy
Photo of Katherine Patton Patton, Katherine
Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream)
(416) 946-3589
AP 304 Zooarchaeology, shellfish analysis, household and settlement archaeology, the place of archaeology in public discourse Canadian Maritime provinces and Northern Northwest Coast of North America
Photo of Ted Sammons Sammons, Ted
Assistant Professor
AP 422 Africana studies, capitalism, development, diaspora and transnationalism, ethics, neoliberalism, popular music, slavery and abolition, small farming Jamaica, Caribbean, African diaspora
Nature in Translation Satsuka, Shiho
Associate Professor
(416) 978-7787
AP 236 Globalization, capitalism, work, subjectivity, environment, nature, science, knowledge production, cultural translation, tourism, popular culture, gender Japan, North America
Photo of Prof. Daniel Sellen Sellen, Daniel W.
Professor, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Global Health; Director, The Joannah and Brian Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition; Senior Resident Scholar, SickKids Centre for Global Child Health
(416) 978-8112
AP 350 Evolutionary biology, nutritional ecology, and global health consequences of young child feeding and care practices. Sub-Sahara Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Lesotho); Guatemala, Mexico, Bangladesh
Song, Living on Your Own Song, Jesook
(416) 946-3587
AP 202 Socio cultural anthropologist of contemporary urban transformation and welfare issues including homelessness, youth unemployment, single women’s housing, and psychological health support system East Asia, particularly South Korea
Stewart, Sally
Sessional Lecturer
Photo of Wen-Ching Sung Sung, Wen-Ching
Assistant Professor, Institute for the History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
(416) 946-7072
VC 308 Medical anthropology, science, bioscience and biotechnology, traditional medicine China, Taiwan, North America
Photo of Prof. Edward Swenson Swenson, Edward
Associate Professor; Director, Archaeology Centre
(416) 946-5186
AP 504 Andes, archaeological method and theory, ritual, religion and ideology, power and violence, emergence of complex society, pre-industrial city, landscape history and place-making Ancient Andes, Mesoamerica, Khmer civilization
Viola Viola, Bence
Assistant Professor
(416) 946-0653
AP 522 Palaeoanthropology, modern human origins, Neanderthals, human evolution, ancient DNA Central and Northern Asia, Central Europe
Visan, Laura
Sessional Lecturer
Photo of Prof. Holly Wardlow Wardlow, Holly
Professor;  Associate Chair, Health Studies, UTSC
(416) 978-2199
AP 234 Medical anthropology, feminist anthropology, international health, gender and sexuality, HIV/AIDS Papua New Guinea