Status Only Appointments

Name, Contact Office Field
Photo of Dr. Brenda Beck Beck, Brenda
Adjunct Professor
south asian folklore
Craig N Cipolla Cipolla, Craig
Associate Curator, North American Archaeology, ROM
(416) 586-5727
Royal Ontario Museum ethnogenesis, comparative colonialism, indigenous consumption, reservation arch. & arch. theory
Crowder, Christian (Adjunct Professor)
Director, Forensic Anthropology
Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences, Houston, Texas
Photo of Prof. Silvia Fornia Forni, Silvia
Curator, World Cultures, ROM
Royal Ontario Museum social anthropology, material culture, art, gender; Africa, Cameroon
Photo of Justin Jennings Jennings, Justin
Curator, World Cultures, ROM
(416) 586-5729
Royal Ontario Museum archaeology; latin america, Peru
Photo of Prof. Lisa Maher Maher, Lisa
Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley prehistoric arch., social complexity, origins of agri., lithic analysis;  near east
Photo of Prof. Marit Munson Munson, Marit
Associate Professor, Trent University
(705) 748-1011 ext. 7503
DNA C218
Trent University
southwest art and archaeology
Photo of Prof. Henry Schwarcz Schwarcz, Henry P.
Professor Emeritus, McMaster University
(905) 525-9140
McMaster University stable isotope geochemistry, geochronology, palaeodiet
Williamson, Ronald F.  (Adjunct Professor)
Chief Archaeologist, Archaeological Services Inc.
(416) 966-1069 x 228
Archaeological Services
528 Bathurst St.
environmental  archaeology; great lakes region
Photo of Prof. Ezra Zubrow Zubrow, Ezra B.W.
Professor, SUNY-Buffalo
(716) 645-2414 x 146
State University of New York at Buffalo human eco. & space, GIS, origin of household & music, geog.  of social policy; north europe and Finnish arctic