Status Only Appointments

Name, Contact Office Field
Cipolla, Craig
Associate Curator, North American Archaeology, ROM
(416) 586-5727
Royal Ontario Museum ethnogenesis, comparative colonialism, indigenous consumption, reservation arch. & arch. theory
Photo of Prof. Silvia Fornia Forni, Silvia
Curator, World Cultures, ROM
Royal Ontario Museum social anthropology, material culture, art, gender; Africa, Cameroon
Photo of Justin Jennings Jennings, Justin
Curator, World Cultures, ROM
(416) 586-5729
Royal Ontario Museum archaeology; latin america, Peru
Photo of Prof. Lisa Maher Maher, Lisa
Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley prehistoric arch., social complexity, origins of agri., lithic analysis;  near east
Photo of Prof. Marit Munson Munson, Marit
Associate Professor, Trent University
(705) 748-1011 ext. 7503
DNA C218
Trent University
southwest art and archaeology
 Photo of Prof. Andrea O`Reilly O’Reilly, Andrea
Professor, York University
York University  Women’s Studies, Family, Motherhood, Gender issues, Mothers in Popular Culture
Photo of Prof. Ezra Zubrow Zubrow, Ezra B.W.
Professor, SUNY-Buffalo
(716) 645-2414 x 146
State University of New York at Buffalo human eco. & space, GIS, origin of household & music, geog.  of social policy; north europe and Finnish arctic