Dylan Gordon

Name: Dylan GordonPhoto of grad student Dylan Gordon
Supervisors: Shiho Satsuka and Naisargi Dave
Degree: PhD Candidate, Socio-Cultural Anthropology
Research: Dylan studies the Canadian wild food trade through long-term participant observation. In the forests of northern Canada, he’s lived and worked with rural and First Nations harvesters of non-timber forest products (NTFPs), like morel mushrooms and wild blueberries. In Canadian urban centres, he’s studied the people who distribute, market and consume these items as wild, foraged foods.

He is presently writing up the results in his doctoral thesis, a literary ethnography that brings to life the hidden world of wild mushroom and plant pickers. At its core are the puzzling contradictions and conjunctions at play in the trade, as the culture of the resource workers engaged in this unique form of extractive industry meets the green-conscious, anti-industrial mores of the urban consumers who enjoy the results.

Follow his wild food PhD research on Twitter @KnowWildFood, or read more on his website at www.dylangordon.ca.

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