Tracy Rogers

Photo of Prof. Tracy RogersTracy Rogers, Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University, 2000)
Associate Professor, U of T Mississauga (UTM) Campus; Director, Forensic Science Program, UTM
On Leave January 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017
(905) 828-5449
Office: HSB 400


Research Keywords: Forensic anthology: sex determination, human variation in modern populations, crime scene analysis.

Research Bio

Dr. Tracy Rogers is Director of the Forensic Science Program at UTM and a Forensic Anthropologist who has been involved in case work since 1998.  She is currently a consultant to the Ontario Forensic Pathology Service, and has also worked on cases in Manitoba, and B.C., most notably as the primary Forensic Anthropologist during the investigation of serial killer Robert Pickton in 2002-03. She has been qualified as an expert witness in the B.C. Supreme Court, the Court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba, and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Tracy’s research interests involve the identification of unknown skeletal remains, including: methods of estimating the age-at-death of an individual from the skeleton; skeletal sex determination; skeletal techniques for assessing the ancestry/biogeographical origin of the deceased; and positive identification of unidentified human remains. Related topics include factors influencing skeletal health, the study of juvenile skeletons, and trauma analysis. She also researches the application of new technologies to the documentation and analysis of outdoor crime scenes and clandestine graves, including 3D methods of capturing data that are both geospecific and quantifiable.

Recent Publications

In Press  Rogers, TL. Skeletal Age Estimation. In D. Ubelaker and S. Blau (Eds) World Archaeological Congress Handbook: Handbook of Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology 2nd Edition. San Francisco: Left Coast Press.

2011  Calce SE and TL Rogers. Evaluation of age estimation technique:  testing traits of the acetabulum to estimate age at death in adult males. Journal of  Forensic Science,56(2):3021.

2010  Watamaniuk L and TL Rogers.Positive Identification of Human Remains based on Thoracic Vertebral Margin Morphology.  Journal of Forensic Science, 55(5):11621170.

2010  Besana J and TL Rogers.  Positive Identification of Human Remains Using the Frontal Sinuses.  Journal of Forensic Science, 55(3):58489.

2009  Rogers, TL.  Sex determination of adolescent skeletons using the distal humerus.  American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 140(1):1438.

2009  Jaggers, K and TL Rogers.  The effects of soil environment on Postmortem Interval:  A Macroscopic Analysis.  Journal of Forensic Science, 54(6):121722.

2009  Pakosh, CM and TL Rogers.  Soft Tissue Decomposition of Submerged, Dismembered Pig Limbs Enclosed in Plastic Bags.  Journal of Forensic Science, 54(6):122328.

2009  Huculak, MA and TL Rogers.  Reconstructing the Sequence of Events Surrounding Body Disposition Based on Color Staining of Bone.  Journal of Forensic Science, 54(5):97984.

Graduate Students

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