Tracey Galloway

Photo of Tracey GallowayTracey Galloway, PhD (McMaster University, 2008)
Assistant Professor, Mississauga Campus
(905) 828-5469
Main Office: HSC354
Lab: HSC419
St. George Office: AP 334

Research Keywords: Indigenous health, circumpolar populations, nutrition transition, food security, chronic disease, child growth, public health policy

Research Region: Northern Canada

Research Bio

The focus of my research program is the assessment of chronic disease risk and the reduction of the impact of chronic disease through applied and health policy research to reduce health inequities and promote health system improvement in northern Indigenous populations. Assessment research examines patterns of child growth and nutrition; prevalence of overweight and obesity; and incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases such diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease and cancer in Indigenous populations. Related methodological research examines the use of international reference standards for growth and obesity assessment in Indigenous populations. Applied research investigates the impact of community-based nutrition, physical activity and hunter-education programs on health patterns among Inuit children and youth. Health policy research examines the impact of federal health and food subsidy policy in northern Indigenous communities with the goals of increasing community access to federal health programs and reducing food insecurity.

I am currently Principal Investigator on two CIHR-funded studies: “The impact of proposed change in federal health funding policy on health programs operating in Yukon First Nations communities” (CIHR Bridge Fund No. 134071, $100,000 over 1 year); and “A qualitative study of the experience of cancer and death from cancer among Inuit residents of Nunavut” (CIHR Operating Grant No. 133655, $405,000 over 3 years). I am co-investigator on the multi-year project “Achieving healthy weights among Nunavut children and youth” (Public Health Agency of Canada, Innovation Strategy, Gwen Healey PI).


Recent Publications

Galloway T, Johnson-Down L, Egeland GM. (Accepted). Socioeconomic and cultural correlates of diet quality in the Canadian Arctic: Results from the 2007-8 Inuit Health Survey. Can J Diet Pract Res, 25 pages.

Galloway T. 2014. Commentary: Is the Nutrition North Canada retail subsidy program meeting the goal of making nutritious and perishable food more accessible and affordable in the North? Can J Public Health 105(5):e395-e397.

Galloway T, Moffat T. 2013. “Not neutral ground”: Exploring school as a site for childhood obesity intervention and prevention programs. In Reconstructing Obesity: The Meaning of Measures and the Measure of Meanings, Anthropology of Food and Nutrition Series: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Obesity Research, Vol. 2, McCullough M, Harding J (Eds), pp. 169-98. New York: Berghahn.

Galloway T, Young K, Bjerregaard P. 2012. Anthropometry in the circumpolar Inuit. In Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical Measures of Human Form in Health and Disease, Preedy VR (Ed.), 2543-2560. Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

Galloway T, Niclasen BVL, Muckle G, Egeland GM, Young K. 2012. Growth measures among preschool-age Inuit children living in Canada and Greenland. Scandinavian J Public Health 40:712-7.

Galloway T, Blackett H, Chatwood S, Jeppessen C, Kandola K, Bjerregaard P. 2012. Obesity studies in the circumpolar Inuit: A scoping review. Int J Circumpolar Health 71:18698.

Galloway T, Chateau-Degat ML, Egeland GM, Young TK. 2011. Does sitting height affect estimates of obesity prevalence among Canadian Inuit? Results from the 2007-8 Inuit Health Survey. Am J Human Biol 23:655–63.

Galloway T, Young TK, Egeland GM. 2010. Emerging obesity among preschool-aged Canadian Inuit children: results from the Nunavut Inuit Child Health Survey. Int J Circumpolar Health 69(2):151-7.

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