Madeleine Mant

photo of Madeleine MantMadeleine L. Mant, Ph.D. (McMaster University, 2016)
Lecturer (Limited Term 2016-17), Mississauga Campus

Research keywords: palaeopathology, bioarchaeology, medical history


ANT220H5F Anthropology of Health
ANT3034H5F Advanced Research Seminar: Anthropology of Infectious Disease
ANT338H5S Biological Anthropology Lab Methods
ANT214H5S Anthropology of Nutrition and Food

Research Bio:

Dr. Mant’s research focuses on the integrated study of human skeletal remains and historical documents, with a particular emphasis on how historical health-related events affected the lifestyles and activities of individuals in the past, particularly the poor. She seeks to illuminate the stories of previously underrepresented individuals and explore the benefits and limitations of integrating disparate datasets in bioarchaeology.

Dr. Mant will be teaching/co-teaching three undergraduate courses focusing on the Anthropology of Health and one grad seminar in the Anthropology of Infectious Disease. The grad seminar will focus on the interplay between biology and culture in understanding infectious disease from an anthropological and biosocial perspective.