Julia Gamble

photo of Julia GambleJulia A. Gamble, Ph.D. (University of Manitoba, 2014)
Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream), St. George Campus
(416) 946-3320
Office: AP 340

Research Keywords: Bioarchaeology; dental anthropology; palaeopathology; palaeoepidemiology; palaeodemography; life course analysis

Research region: Denmark; United Kingdom

Research Bio

Dr. Gamble’s research focus is in bioarchaeology, with emphasis on dental enamel defects considered on a microscopic level. Her research takes a life course approach to the consideration of early life growth and development in relation to later life experiences. She thus combines microscopic examination techniques with the macroscopic consideration of skeletal remains.

As a bioarchaeologist, Dr. Gamble incorporates a broad basis of evidence to inform her research into the experiences of the populations under study. Her main regions of interest are Great Britain and Northern Europe, with her current research being conducted on medieval Danish populations. These latter populations span the 12th to the mid-16th centuries and thus reflect populations undergoing a series of significant environmental changes, including periods of famine and plague. Her research thus also involves the broader consideration of temporal and regional patterns as reflected through palaeodemography and palaeoepidemiology.

Throughout her research, Dr. Gamble incorporates perspectives drawn from modern experimental and clinical literatures, considering the developmental origins of health and disease theory and the impact of mechanisms such as epigenetics.