Jack Sidnell

Photo of Prof. Jack SidnellJack Sidnell, Ph.D. (University of Toronto, 1998)
Professor, Mississauga Campus
(905) 828-3776 (Main)
Office: HSC 360 (Main) and AP 217

Website: http://utoronto.academia.edu/JackSidnell

Research Keywords: Linguistic anthropology, Social interaction; Ethics; Person, Self and Subjectivity.
Research Region: Caribbean; Vietnam; India.


ANT 102 – Introduction to Socio-cultural and Linguistic Anthropology
ANT 207 – Being Human: Classic Thought on Self and Society
ANT 329 – Language and Power Structure
ANT 425 – Language in Anthropological Thought

ANT5144H F – Foundations in Linguistic Anthropology
ANT6055 – Anthropology of Subjectivity and Personhood

Research Bio

Jack Sidnell has conducted field research in the Caribbean, Vietnam, India and North America. The structures of social interaction have been the object of long term study. Other research has focused on the anthropology of knowledge and the ontology of action and he is particualry interested in the possibilities for dialogue between anthropology and philosophy. His current primary research focus is on ethical projects of self (re)-formation, especially at a yoga school in Southern India.

Recent Publications

2016. With Enfield, N.J. Deixis and the Interactional Foundations of Reference. In Y. Huang (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Pragmatics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2016. With Stivers, T. Proposals for Activity Collaboration. Research on Language and Social Interaction 49(2): 148-166.

2016. A conversation analytic approach to research in early childhood. In Ann Farrell, Sharon Kagan and E. Kay M. Tisdall (eds.)  The Sage Handbook of Early Childhood Research. Sage Publishing. Pp. 255-276.

2015. With Enfield, N.J. Language Structure and Social Agency: Confirming Polar Questions in Conversation. Linguistics Vanguard, DOI: 10.1515/lingvan-2014-1008.

Graduate Students

photo of Melody Devries
Melody Devries
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Matthew Medeiros