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Tania Li Appointed University Professor

Susan Pfeiffer Receives JJ Berry Smith Supervision Award

Victoria Sheldon & Aleksa Alaica receive 2017-18 TA Award

Madison Laurin Wins Richard B. Lee Award

Students of Anthropology: Hazel Stuart and the Indigenous Peoples of Papua New Guinea

Max Friesen & Bence Viola Awarded SSHRC Insight Grants

Mehran Shamit Wins Richard B. Lee Award

Pedagogies for Water Justice Around the Great Lakes

Bricoleur Call for Submissions

Andrea Muehlebach Awarded JHI Fellowship

Heather Miller Appointed Vice-Dean, Teaching & Learning at UTM

Bonnie McElhinny Wins Larkin Award

Gillian Gillison Wins 2016 AAS Article Prize for Oceania Article

Kristin Bright Helps Design Breast Cancer Information Tool

Anna-Louise Crago Receives Governor General’s Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case

Susan Pfeiffer Receives J. Norman Emerson Silver Medal

Prof. Naisargi Dave Named to Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

From hip-hop to handshakes, Prof. Sarah Hillewaert studies youth culture in Kenya

In Memoriam: Shuichi Nagata

ANT399 Bioarchaeology Fieldschool Blog

Third Collaborative Publication Regarding Huron-Wendat Tooth Samples

Tracey Galloway Wins CIHR New Investigator Salary Award

Julie Teichroeb & Bence Viola Win Connaught New Researcher Awards

Team of Archaeologists including Prof. Gary Crawford Discover New Origins for Farmed Rice

Letha Victor Wins H.F. Guggenheim Dissertation Fellowship

Laura Sikstrom Receives Killam Postdoctoral Award

Jacob Nerenberg Awarded JHI Graduate Fellowship

Lisa Small Awarded Prestigious SAA Scholarship

Ornella Bertrand Wins Robert Lynn Carroll Prize


Amber Walker-Bolton Wins Juan Comas Prize

Holly Wardlow Appointed Associate Chair of Health Studies, UTSC

Julia Earle Wins 2015-16 Anthropology TA Award

Three of Shawn Lehman’s Grad Students Receive Environment Awards

ATLAS Funding Awarded for Embracing Virtual Anthropology

Guy Duke Offered Tenure Track Position at U of Texas Rio Grande Valley

DIIF Sends Four Anthropology Students to Kerala on CREST Internships

Anthropology Wins 2016 Northrop Frye Award!

Bence Viola Co-Authors Groundbreaking Study

Did our hominid ancestors leave Africa and return?

Research by Ornella Bertrand, Farrah Amador-Mughal and Mary Silcox Sheds New Light on Brain Evolution

ANT199 Story Archive, Living at the Water’s Edge in Toronto

Dylan Shaul Wins Richard B. Lee Award

Matthew Walls Hired as Assistant Professor at University of Calgary

The Real Planet of the Apes by David Begun

Valentina Napolitano Publishes Migrant Hearts

Alumna Kirsty Duncan Sworn in as Science Minister

Danielle Macdonald Hired as Assistant Professor at the University of Tulsa

David Begun’s Reanalysis of Ape Fossils Puts the Origin of Humanity at 10 Million Years Ago

Darwinius fossil: longer in the tooth than we thought?

Prof. Tania Li Named Royal Society Fellow

New Undergraduate Scholarship in Biological Anthropology

Shiho Satsuka Publishes Nature in Translation

William Hébert Awarded 2015 Trudeau Scholarship

Seth Palmer Awarded Wenner Gren

Maggie Cummings Asks Students to Analyze Selfies

Social Justice Champ Emilie Nicolas Honoured