Career Advice and Job Postings

The following links can be very helpful in researching information about jobs, careers and advice:


Where To Get More Information:

  1.   Home page of the AAA, this site provides some very useful information on the skills you develop with a degree in Anthropology as well as some career paths that have been followed by Anthropology majors.  It also states jobs currently being occupied by anthropologists and some generally interesting notes.
  2.   Certainly one of the best sites you’ll find, it offers a lengthy list of organizations that have hired anthropologists as well as the subfield of Anthropology involved.  It also links to several of these organizations.  In addition, the site offers some great advice on general career planning.
  3.   Students interested in Primatology will be spending a lot of time at this site. Full of information you’ll find job titles, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, educational programs, various careers associated with Primatology and links to primate societies just to name a few.  This is certainly one of the best pages out there.
  4. Anyone interested in Archaeology should take a look at this page offering practical advice on jobs, training, education as well as other places to get more information on Archaeology.  There is also an FAQ section devoted specifically to Archaeology.
  5. This page offers links to sites about certain anthropological subfields, namely Biological and Archaeology.
  6. A page with a list of books that might be of interest to Anthropology majors.  It also links to many professional organizations and other sites dealing with careers in Anthropology.
  7. A page on non-academic careers in Physical Anthropology, it includes careers in the private and public sector as well as related occupations.  Useful skills are also mentioned.
  8. This is actually the home page for the Society of Applied Anthropology.  It provides a list of position openings in Anthropology showing the diversity of employment available.  Some insight on the US Environmental Anthropology Project is also offered.
  9. This slide show prepared by students at the University of Florida demonstrates different types of work that Anthropologists are engaged in.