Social Cultural Anthropology

Social-cultural anthropology traditionally dealt with kinship, political economy and other social dimensions of non-literate, non-western and often isolated communities, which could be observed in their totality. Today, many social anthropologists also study “western” culture and such aspects of complex societies as gender, sexuality, peasantry, ethnic minorities, and industrial work groups.

Social-cultural anthropology at the University of Toronto has a critical mass of more than a dozen tenured and tenure-stream faculty, which enables us to offer graduate students a rich array of graduate courses and good support from supervisory committees. As the name “socio-cultural” suggests, our faculty blend approaches from the British school of social anthropology and American cultural anthropology, coming together in a strong emphasis on the importance of sustained fieldwork as a critical element in graduate training. We have faculty who work in the major geographic areas (Latin America, Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, Pacific). Our students are able to draw on the extraordinary resources of a major university (one of the largest in North America), a cosmopolitan city, and a lively set of interdisciplinary programs such as Gender and Transnational Studies, Diaspora Studies, Native Studies, Development Studies, Education and various Area-studies programs, several of which have socio-cultural anthropologists on their faculty cross-appointed with Anthropology. Graduate students select courses in consultation with their committees, and have scope to devise programs of study that suit their individual interests, while benefiting from the experience of being part of a significant graduate cohort.

Social-Cultural Anthropology Faculty

Sandra Bamford – Pacific (Melanesia)

Joshua Barker – Asia (Indonesia)

Janice Boddy – Africa (Sudan)

Maggie Cummings – Melanesia (Vanuatu), North America

Francis Cody – Asia (South Asia)

Hilary Cunningham – North America (USA)

Bianca Dahl – Africa (Botswana)

Girish Daswani – Africa (Ghana), Europe (UK)

Naisargi N. Dave – Asia (India)

Sarah Hillewaert – Kenya, Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean World

Katie Kilroy-Marac – Senegal, Canada, US

Chris Krupa – Latin America (Ecuador)

Michael Lambek – Africa (Madagascar), Europe (Switzerland)

Tania Li – Asia (Indonesia, Southeast Asia)

Krista Maxwell –¬†Canada, Nigeria, urban Britain

Lena Mortensen – Latin America (Honduras)

Andrea Muehlebach – Europe (Italy)

Valentina Napolitano  РLatin America (Mexico), Europe (Italy)

Todd Sanders – Africa (East and South)

Shiho Satsuka – Asia (Japan), North America (Canada)

Jesook Song – Asia (South Korea)

Holly Wardlow – Pacific (Papua New Guinea)

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