Archaeologists study the surviving evidence, or material culture, of people’s activities. From the excavation and distribution of artifacts and other cultural residues, archaeologists draw conclusions about the organization of social groups, their adaptations to environments, and their spatial and temporal relations.

At the University of Toronto, archaeology is found in the departments of Anthropology, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, Art, and in the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies and St. Michael’s College. The University also has strong connections with archaeologists at the Royal Ontario Museum.┬áThe St. George campus has an interdisciplinary undergraduate program in archaeology, administered by Anthropology, while at the graduate level Anthropology offers its own program, involving all three campuses. There are also undergraduate courses in archaeology at Mississauga and Scarborough, and many public lectures and special events in archaeology take place on campus. The Archaeology Centre coordinates archaeological activities at the University of Toronto and sponsors lectures, workshops, and visiting fellows. The University of Toronto faculty represent a wide variety of archaeological specialties.


Archaeology Faculty in the Department of Anthropology

E.B. Banning – Near East, Neolithic, early villages, pastoral nomads, ceramics

Michael Chazan – Paleolithic, France, Near East, South Africa, lithic technology

Gary Coupland – Northwest Coast, complex hunter-gatherers, household archaeology

Gary Crawford – Origins of agriculture, archaeobotany, East Asia, Eastern North America

Genevieve Dewar – Development of behavourial modernity during the Stone Age, bioarchaeology, Southern Africa

Max Friesen – Arctic, hunter-gatherers, zooarchaeology

Heather Miller – Complex societies, South Asia, ancient technology

Susan Pfeiffer – Bioarchaeology, origin of modern humans, hunter-gatherers

Edward Swenson – Complex societies, Andes, Latin America, religion & ideology

Bence Viola – Paleoanthropology using morphological, genetic and archaeological approaches in Central / Northern Asia and Central Europe

Liye Xie – Experimental archaeology, use-wear analysis, technological changes, groundstone tools, bone tools, prehistoric land-use strategies, and cultural transmission, China


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