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Third Collaborative Publication Regarding Huron-Wendat Tooth Samples

(From left to right) Susan Pfeiffer (professor of anthropology, U of T), Barbara Harris (councillor at Six Nations of Grand River), Luc Lainé (Huron-Wendat Nation) and Joanne Thomas (consultation point person for Six Nations) at the May 2012 Exhibit Opening of "Uncovering Our Early Past: First Nations in Toronto" (Photo by Jon Horvatin)
(From left to right) Susan Pfeiffer (professor of anthropology, U of T), Barbara Harris (councillor at Six Nations of Grand River), Luc Lainé (Huron-Wendat Nation) and Joanne Thomas (consultation point person for Six Nations) at the May 2012 Exhibit Opening of “Uncovering Our Early Past: First Nations in Toronto” (Photo by Jon Horvatin)

Prof. Susan Pfeiffer  is very pleased to announce the most recent publication arising out of work on the ancestral teeth that were retained with the permission of the Huron-Wendat. Their ancestral remains were repatriated and reburied in September 2013. This is the third collaborative publication, with another manuscript recently submitted and a new project in the works.

Prof. Pfeiffer hopes these papers will effectively demonstrate to a broad readership that the retention of small tissue samples – like individual teeth – can allow descendants to learn about their ancestors through scientific archaeology.

“Maize, fish and deer: Investigating dietary staples among ancestral Huron-Wendat villages, as documented from tooth samples” by Susan Pfeiffer, Judith C. Sealy, Ronald F. Williamson, Suzanne Needs-Howarth, and Louis Lesage has been published by American Antiquity (81.3:515-532) and can be read online here. 

Dylan Shaul Wins Richard B. Lee Award

Congratulations to Anthropology undergraduate student Dylan Shaul for being awarded the 2015 Richard B. Lee Award! This award is given annually to the best undergraduate paper in Critical Anthropology written for a course in the department.

The awards committee felt Dylan’s essay, “The Gift of the Minga: Obligation, Time, and Resistance in the Andes” stood out on the basis of its sophisticated reading of the theory of the gift, and its critical reengagement with that concept in light of Andean ethnography. The essay was written for ANT378H, Gift, Money and Finance.

2015-16 Graduate Professionalization Workshop Schedule

Friday, October 30, 2016

Academic job market professionalization seminar (four-field)
Workshop on navigating academic job market, preparing teaching portfolio, letter writing, CV preparation and interviewing.
10:00am-3:00pm, AP 246, 19 Russell St.

Friday November 13, 2015

Presenting at conferences: AAA and beyond (primarily for SCL, but open to others)
12:00pm-3:00pm, AP 367, 19 Russell St.

Friday, November 26, 2015

Anthropological careers beyond academia: medicine, health and wellbeing (for SCL and EVO)
10:00am-12:00pm, AP 246, 19 Russell St.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Anthropological Careers Beyond Academia (four-field)
Graduate Professionalization Workshop
10:00am-5:00pm, AP 246, 19 Russell St. Register here.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Academic Publishing: Open Access and Print Formats (four-field)
Graduate Professionalization Workshop
10:00am-12:00pm, AP 246, 19 Russell St. Register here.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Presenting at Conferences: Archaeology and Biological Anthropology
Graduate Professionalization Workshop
12:00-2:00pm, AP 246, 19 Russell St. Register here.

The Real Planet of the Apes by David Begun

Cover image, Real Planet of the ApesProf. David Begun has published a new book, The Real Planet of the Apes: A New Story of Human Origins. This accessible book published by Princeton University Press presents startling new insights about our fossil ape ancestors. It alters our understanding of human origins, claiming that it was in Europe, not Africa, where apes evolved the most important hallmarks of our human lineage – such as dexterous hands and larger brains. Learn more or buy the book at

The book has been reviewed by The New York Review of Books. Click here to read the review.

You can also read an excerpt from the book and read Prof. Begun’s December 1, 2015 article in The Scientist about his book here.

Valentina Napolitano Publishes Migrant Hearts

Cover image of Migrant HeartsProf. Valentina Napolitano’s new book published by Fordham University Press examines contemporary migration in the context of a Roman Catholic Church eager to both comprehend and act upon the movements of peoples. Combining extensive fieldwork with lay and religious Latin American migrants in Rome and analysis of the Catholic Church’s historical desires and anxieties around conversion since the period of colonization, Napolitano sketches the dynamics of a return to a faith’s putative center. Check out the book website at

Shiho Satsuka Publishes Nature in Translation

Nature in TranslationCongratulations to Prof. Shiho Satsuka on the publication of her book Nature in Translation: Japanese Tourism Encounters the Canadian Rockies (Duke University Press, 2015).

Nature in Translation is an ethnographic exploration in the cultural politics of the translation of knowledge about nature. Drawing on nearly two years of fieldwork in Banff and a decade of conversations with the guides, Satsuka argues that knowing nature is an unending process of cultural translation, full of tensions, contradictions, and frictions. Ultimately, the translation of nature concerns what counts as human, what kind of society is envisioned, and who is included and excluded in the society as a legitimate subject.

Duke University Press is currently offering a 30% discount. Please visit and enter the coupon code E15SATSU during checkout.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Book Launch Party for Natasha Myer’s Rendering Life Molecular and Shiho Satsuka’s Nature in Translation
Opening event of Technoscience Salon 2015-16 with the annual theme of “Unsettling Practices”
4:00-7:00pm, Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw St.
Reflections by Melissa Atkinson-Graham, Alejandro Paz, Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers, Shiho Satsuka and more.
Register at

Christopher Krupa Publishes New Book

Krupa and Nugent_State Theory and Andean PoliticsProf. Christopher Krupa’s new co-edited (with David Nugent of Emory University) volume, State Theory and Andean Politics: New Approaches to the Study of Rule, has just been published by The University of Pennsylvania Press. Focusing on the everyday, extraofficial, and frequently invisible or partially concealed permutations of rule in the lives of Andean people, the essays in this collection explore the material and cultural processes by which states come to appear as real and tangible parts of everyday life. Includes contributions from ten Andeanist scholars and theoretical engagements from Akhil Gupta and Gyanendra Pandey. Further details at