ANT100 Essay Assignment

Writing Resources

Reminder: Don't Forget the Quiz & Checklist!

Remember to complete the plagiarism quiz and essay checklist, and to include the confirmation codes from completion of these tasks in your assignment. Failure to do so will result in a grade deduction. Details are available on the Essay Assignment page.

Writing at the University of Toronto

The University provides a dedicated writing help website with many resources. You can use the dropdown index or the search function on the website to find files relevant to your course.

This website also offers resources such as:

Writing Centres

The unviersity also offers one-on-one guidance via writing centres. Writing centres are an invaluable resource for everything from sketching out your thesis to working through a difficult paragraph to proofreading your final essay. Visit the U of T Writing Centres website to learn more.

Writing Plus Workshops

The St. George Campus Writing Centres have partnered with the University of Toronto Libraries, the Career Centre, the Academic Centres, and the Arts and Science Students' Union to offer a campus-wide series of academic skills workshops. These are targeted workshops to help you with everything from essay-writing, presentation preperation, general study skills, and even personal statements. You can find the flyer and webpage below.

English Language Learning (ELL) Program

Information about the English Language Learning program (ELL) is available below. Please especially take note of the Communication Cafe, which meets weekly at four different times and locations for the first five weeks of each term.

In addition, the ELL provides a Reading eWriting Program where you can email your ELL instructor for help in reading, understanding, and writing responses to course material. In fact, all students may benefit from this program, not just English Language Learners.

For more information about this program, please contact the ELL Coordinator Leora Freedman at