ANT100 Essay Assignment

Topics List

The fall essays for 2016-17 were posted on Portal.

For the winter essay, pick one of the following:

  • Social-Cultural-Linguistic Topic A (SCL A)
  • Social-Cultural-Linguistic Topic B (SCL B)

Social-Cultural-Linguistic Anthropology (SCL A)

Discuss the notion of “cultural appropriation,” focusing on the world-wide diffusion of hip hop music and culture, which were developed mainly by African-Americans and still often make reference to the African-American “ghetto.” Argue your case in close connection with the article by Rodriquez and other literature, although you don’t have to agree with it. Use hip hop artists and music, both very recent and older, for examples as appropriate to support your argument.

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Social-Cultural-Linguistic Anthropology (SCL B)

Describe and discuss the notion of “cultural racism,” with detailed attention to Mehdi Semati’s analysis of Islamophobia. Pay particular attention to what Semati says about the development of “brown” as a racial category. Bring in examples from outside the recommended readings, to support and/or challenge Semati’s analysis.

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